How Do Scorpios Act When No Longer Interested? (12 Signs) 

Are you worried that your Scorpio man is losing interest in you?

Perhaps he has been acting differently, but you can’t tell whether it’s genuine disinterest or paranoia on your part? 

If so, read on. This guide reveals the 12 most common clues that a Scorpio man has lost interest in a woman. 

However, before I reveal these clues, it’s important that you read the next few sentences carefully. 

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Below, our Scorpio-focused guide will reveal how desperately you need to regain his affection.

When A Scorpio Man Is Not Interested In The Relationship Anymore 


1. He Becomes Rude 

The Scorpio man is the most intense lover of all Zodiac sign men in the universe. Once he is in love with you, he treats you in the most romantic and tender way possible. Just like how the north and south poles of a magnet attract each other, the same way the heart of a Scorpio man is glued to that of his partner. 

But when this man loses interest in you, he tends to give you little or no attention. Each time you try to initiate a conversation with him, he will snub you and when you try to force him, he becomes rude in character.  

Take note of how he speaks to you or even replies to you during a conversation. If you notice his voice is high, and the language he uses is harsh, just know it’s the end of the relationship. 

2. He Gives You Distance 

This is one of the most obvious ways to confirm that a Scorpio guy has lost interest in you. When he doesn’t feel comfortable around you anymore, he starts giving flimsy excuses why he can’t come around to visit you. 

Even when you try to visit him he claims he is busy. A Scorpio man is ready to back out of any plans with you without caring what it will cost him. He gives you just little out of his time and that’s all.  

The point is when he is not interested in you again, he will never run out of excuses just to avoid being in contact with you. And when this is noticed, start getting ready for a new relationship with another guy. 

3. Intimacy Is Lost From His Path

When a Scorpio man is in love with you, he makes sure the relationship is filled with physical intimacy.  There are a lot of ways by which intimacy can be shown in a relationship, but the best way for a Scorpio man is through sex. 

For a Scorpio man, he believes his emotional feelings are seen when he has sex with his girlfriend or anyone whom he has an intimate relationship with. 

When a Scorpio guy is no longer interested, he loses his sexual and sensual attraction towards you also. Probably someone else now fills your position as his sex partner. To him, he isn’t cheating on you. He is only trying to give you a sign that your time with him has expired. So, you need to leave!

4. He Doesn’t Care Anymore

Of all Zodiac signs, the Scorpio man is the most caring. They are always ready to listen to whatever you have to say to him, with a hold on every word. Hence, your relationship will always have attention

When a Scorpio man loses interest in a relationship, he doesn’t pay attention anymore. Even his physical appearance becomes disgusting to you. Scorpios are known to always care about how they look when they are with their partners but when he is ready to cut you off from his mind, he can appear like someone who sleeps underneath a hedge. 

5. He Becomes Cold Towards You

Obviously, if he doesn’t want, or like your company anymore, he tries to detach himself from you. His emotional feelings towards you are all gone. 

You can confirm this when his responses are short during conversations. And as he does this, things will be becoming worse because the interests are reducing gradually. Once you notice this act,  know it’s one of the signs a Scorpio man gives when he is no longer interested. 

6. He Neither Pick Your Calls Nor Replies Your Texts 

This is another sign a Scorpio man is not interested in you anymore. He feels it’s boredom chatting with you via phone calls or text messages. Hence, rejecting your calls and replying to your messages reluctantly are the best ways to show you he wants to cut you off from himself. 

If you notice this behavior in your Scorpio man, just know he doesn’t want to be with you anymore and the time to end the relationship has come. 

7. He Is No Longer Excited When He Sees You 

Each time Scorpios see their partners, they are usually overwhelmed with excitement. This can be seen in their look and behavior. Once he is around you, he is always desired or passionate to know more about you as well as your quirks. Everything about you is worth learning for the water sign Zodiac man. If you don’t notice this kind of thing in him, then he is not interested anymore. 

8. He Retaliates 

This might seem funny and immature but then, Scorpio men are known for their vengeful character.  They hold grudges against anyone including their partners. A Scorpio male won’t retaliate when he is still in love with his partner but when he found there is a need for it to happen he would. 

And one way for him to bring the behavior on is when he has lost interest in you. He will make sure every single thing you’ve done to wrong him in the past is reciprocated. He may say he has forgiven you but he has not forgotten. 

If this is what you are experiencing, just find someone else because this guy is not interested anymore. 

9. He Flirts With Other Girls 

Scorpio men may flirt with other girls if they are not interested in you anymore. They don’t really like to spend much of their time with someone whom they don’t see any possibility in. If you are in love with a man like this, don’t feel like it’s normal or he is trying to get you jealous, he is trying to send you a sign so you get to know he is not interested in the relationship.

Although, Scorpios like to play mind games a lot but just note that if your Scorpio man is not interested, he isn’t. Especially when it comes to someone he is in love with. He shows his true color. 

10. He Is Busy With His Phone While You Are Talking To Him

This is one of the signs that a Scorpio man is not interested anymore. On the norm, Scorpio man will give his full attention to anyone. When it gets to someone he is in love with, every detail he gets from conversing with the person is noted. If he starts acting aloof from time to time towards you, know he doesn’t like you again. 

Another way he tries to send a signal he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you anymore is by paying attention to his phone just to show you it’s over between the both of you.

11. He Is No Longer Certain About Anything 

To make sure you get the message that a Scorpio man is out of the relationship, he usually gives uncertain responses to his partner or anyone with who he is intimate with. The response seems to be like he is frustrated and doesn’t want stress

When you notice it, just note the man is not interested anymore. All you have to do is to leave him and find someone else.

12. He Tries To Make You Jealous 

When Scorpios are not interested in the relationship again, they will get you jealous. If they are on a phone call with someone, they try to mention females’ names. You may start feeling jealous when you see this but don’t be, it’s one of the signs the man has lost interest in the relationship.

Other Signs A Scorpio Man Has Lost Interest 

As we all know, everyone acts one way or the other when they are not interested in their partner anymore, but regardless of which gender does this, I’m concerned about Scorpios in this article. The other signs of a Scorpio losing interest in you are: 

  • He is less passionate about your relationship since there is no physical anymore.
  • He won’t give you an audience when you talk about his family.
  • He comes out with reasons why he needs to end the relationship with you.
  • No future plans with you. 
  • He does not want to get involved in anything you are into. 
  • He is always with friends. 
  • He prepares lies when you ask him to give you reasons for doing something.


How Do You Know When A Scorpio Is Done With You?

To confirm that a Scorpio is done with you, he would start showing those signs I’ve listed above. He may choose any of them at any time he likes. He can be rude at this time and so other times he disappears. No specific sign is expected of him.

Do Scorpios Fall In Love Easily? 

There have been a lot of people asking me this question these days just to confirm if water sign Zodiac, a Scorpio, falls in love easily. Well, my answer is no, Scorpios don’t fall in love easily. You can see them showing their flirtatious attitude but it doesn’t mean he is in love.

How Do I Get My Scorpio Back? 

To get your Scorpio partner back, you need to know why he left you before. If it was your mistake, which is often one of the reasons Scorpios leave their partner, you need to apologize and make an amendment.

What Does It Mean When A Scorpio Man Keeps Coming Back?

Scorpio men are naturally passionate. When they are in a relationship with you, a lot is expected of you. When you don’t give them all they need, they try to look for someone else. If the person does not satisfy their need they come back to you just because you could provide a little. 


So how do Scorpios act when no longer interested? I hope this article has provided you with enough detail for you to understand how Scorpios act in a relationship they don’t have interest in anymore. 

So what is your next plan? To stay and observe a little or to leave? Well, please try to make a research about this guy before you decide so you don’t get hurt.

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