10 Relationship Killers No Couple Should Ignore

Relationships are hard work. It seems there are more reasons that a relationship will fail than succeed. However, there are plenty of successful relationships, so it’s not impossible to make it work. No one is perfect, so that no relationship will be perfect. One of the critical things to do in a relationship is to

10 Money Saving Tips to Stop Impulse Spending

Financial problems cause emotional suffering and lots of turmoil in your life. When you have a spending habit that is out of control, it can cause anxiety, depression, and even relationship issues. Impulse spending is the worst type because it’s as powerful a drug and just as addictive. You may become a serial shopper or

Cosmic Views for September 2020

September is traditionally a return to our routine: to work, school, and projects that need to move forward. The cosmic views for September 2020, however, are different from other years. Unfortunately, none of that is certain, with Covid-19 still not under control. You are being asked to get out of your routine and find new

12 Signs Your Partner Is Killing Your Self-Esteem

12 Signs Your Partner Is Killing Your Self-Esteem

  Your relationship seemed so right, but now you’re having doubts. You feel like your partner isn’t 100% behind you. They are preying upon your insecurity, making you feel vulnerable. Could your partner be killing your self-esteem? If you’re feeling like this is happening to you, it may be time to step back and evaluate