How to Make a Leo Man Fall In Love (5 Simple Steps)

Are you wondering how to make a Leo man fall in love?

Perhaps you’ve got your eye on a specific Leo who hasn’t made a move yet?

Or maybe you’re in a relationship and you want to take things to the next level?

Either way, you’re in the right place. This article lists 5 surefire ways to make a Leo fall in love with you.

However, before we dive into these, it’s important that you listen to this story. 

I used to always be the woman fighting to make men fall in love with me.

I spent most of my twenties pining after guys who didn’t want me – or in relationships with emotionally distant men.

It felt like I’d never find a man who loved me for me…

But I want to tell you how everything changed!

It all started when I discovered a powerful aspect of male psychology which had a huge impact on how men feel about the women in their lives. 

It’s called the ‘Hero Instinct’ – a primal line of thinking which is held by nearly all men. Once activated, it makes men feel incredibly empowered and purposeful. Naturally, men are drawn closer to women who make them feel this way.

Once I learned how to activate this psychological trigger, it became so much easier to create strong emotional bonds with men (to learn how I did it, read my personal story). 

This is such an easy skill to master, once you know how. 

If you’re hoping to make a lasting impression on a man, I’d urge you to learn more about how I discovered the power of the ‘Hero’s Instinct’. Of course, it could be that this Leo is already interested in you. The five behaviors below are the biggest hints that this is true.   

How to make a Leo man fall in love


As you probably know, a Leo man will have a birthday between July 23 and August 22nd and the Leo man in your life may likely be single. Perhaps you already know that Leo’s are known bachelors, always looking for the next exciting person or event to captivate him! This means a challenge for you. There are a few steps that you can take to get his attention.

1. Be light and breezy

When you speak to a Leo man you might find yourself naturally buoyed by their positive personality. Even if they are talking about something sad, they have a natural innate energy that bubbles out of them, and Leo men are usually comfortable being a dominant force in any social setting.

The very best way to initially attract a Leo is to find yourself by his side, being light and breezy. Your conversation should be just enough to leave him wanting more, and should certainly not be pitched in a way to darken the mood. Sarcasm and sharp wit are sometimes appreciated, but if you want to make a Leo man fall in love, you’d do better being charming and funny.

2. Be happy in a group

Leos love a party atmosphere and a feeling of togetherness, just like a pride of lions, Leos are naturally joyful and keen to be the center of attention and playing games and socialising are a thrill for this charismatic sign. If you’ve already met your Leo man and introduced yourself, then you need to show that you are happy in a group. This could include starting a game, dancing at the party or introducing people to him. He will be fascinated with your social prowess.

As a pack animal, your Leo man will likely have a group of friends he shares his time with. A Leo that likes you be really keen to show off his skills, so perhaps a trip to the race track or anywhere where he can be seen as the leader of the pack will be on his agenda if he really wants to impress. Make sure that you are giving hi plenty of praise and admiring looks and of course, a genuine compliment never goes amiss with a Leo, so look out for ways to reward him when he sets out to impress you in this way!

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If you are an introvert, you don’t have to put yourself out too much away from your own comfort zone to make a Leo man fall in love with you. You can easily integrate into his pack  by being friendly with his closest friends. Learn about them, try and make in jokes and become close to them, without making him jealous. Reserve special jokes and looks for him and show him that he is the one you want.

A Leo man has a strong bond with his friends, instead of other signs that have. Strong value on family, so them telling him ‘Man, that girl was so fun will speak volumes to your suitability for him long after the event has finished. Your aim is for the Leo man to be able to envision you slotting right into his life at his side.

3. Dress to impress

A Leo man prides himself on being the leader in the pack and wants the very best. How he is seen is important to him and any embarrassment would kill romance dead.  This trait tends to lead to a desire for his ideal woman to be well turned out, clean and physically desirable.  Try and ensure that you look your best when you meet your Leo man and remember that for this cat like sign, the ears, neck and face are sensitive zones and bright colors are best. This could mean drawing attention to your neck with a beautiful vibrant scarf, applying perfume in the perfect areas and showing off manicured nails.

When it comes to his own dress sense, be sure to remark on it. A Leo man is likely to spend time creating his look and whilst more interested in the vibe of the conversation and having a good time than being a show pony, this is a great way to start a conversation.

4. Show affection

A Leo man tends to love the finer things in life and not only loves to give presents and gifts but also enjoys affection and close contact. Of course, you know the boundaries that are appropriate for this man, but showing that you too like to give and receive physical touch can be a great signifier for him. Gentle fingers on him when you brush past, moving an eyelash from his face or even sweeping your own hair back to show your neck all indicate your interest in getting to know him on a more intimate level. If you are dating, then don’t fear the PDA! Subtle, romantic gestures help him feel loved and in return, able to show love.

5. Be interested

Of course, any sign needs to be listened to in a conversation, but many Leo men do seem to attract women who are simply interested in the allure of being with the big character that every woman wants and every man wants to hang out with. To move a Leo away from lust you have to separate yourself from the pack and show that you have a deep interest in him and his real self. The closer you can move him to topics such as his family, dreams and hopes, the better. Try stay away from conversations around failures and lessons learned, as whilst another sign might find this a deep reason to connect with you and meet up again. a Leo man may simply fin it a drain and leave him with a negative impression of you.

It’s also a great tip to ask him for advice. What lion wouldn’t want to provide? A Leo man often gravitates towards jobs where he can work as a leader in some capacity, or within a team. If there is a way you can ask him for advice and guidance in this area, he not only creates a bond with you, but you also help him to open up.

This is also great for a date and can really help you get under the skin of your Leo man!

6. Keep up the challenge

For a Leo man, everything is a challenge and nothing is unattainable. That vibrant energy is captivating and you may be ready to simply be ‘whisked away’ by this Leo man, but make him work for your love and you’ll have him eating out the palm of your hand in the long run. Flattery and seduction are heaps of fun for him, but don’t rush too quick and don’t play the damsel in distress. A Leo man is headstrong but also wants someone who isn’t too emotional. Don’t fall into the trap of being one dimensional just to grab his attention for the night. If you can show that you are self-assured and confident and that having him is good but not your reason for being, you can really see him sit up and take notice for the long term, and that’s when you will see the real benefits of being in love with a Leo man – the loyalty, dedication and affection shown will be worth all the efforts put in to get his attention.

Do you agree with all the characteristics of Leo men here? What about your Leo, are you making progress in your efforts to help him see how amazing you are.

You will no doubt become someone very special to this lion but, but getting there with a Leo isn’t always as easy as connecting with someone from another sign unless you play the game!

Take a look at our other articles about Leo signs and see what you can find. Please do also share this article with someone you know who would love to know how to snare that Leo in their life, it would also be great to hear your views down below!


How Do You Make A Leo Man Miss You?

If you are trying to make a Leo man miss you then make sure you reveal your inner positivity. Allow him to chase you rather than the other way around, distance will make him miss you even more. It is also important to build an emotional connection with this guy as this is what he will miss most if you are not around anymore. 

How Do U Know If A Leo Man Likes U?

Leo’s love intimacy and affection. If he is really affectionate, intimate and always touches you then it is obvious that this Leo man likes you. If he always touches your hand or your hair when you are talking to each other then this is a sure sign that this Leo guy likes you. Pay attention to how he acts around you if you want to tell how he feels about you. 

How Do You Seduce A Leo Man Over Text?

If you are trying to seduce a Leo guy over text then make sure to show him your positive side. Even over text it is important to build an emotional connection with him as this is what he craves most. Send him intimate and cute texts to seduce him and your Leo guy will begin to fall deeply for you. Try this if you are trying to seduce a Leo man over text. 

How Do You Tell If A Leo Man Is Falling For You?

If a Leo man is falling in love with you he will likely show you his positive energy. He will also be really affectionate with you. Leo guys crave physical touch, affection and intimacy. If he is acting in this way around you and is touching your hand while you talk or brushing your leg then this is a sure sign that he is falling deeply in love with you. 

What Are Leo Males Attracted To?

Leo males are attracted to positive women. Leo’s also crave affection and intimacy with a woman. So if you are trying to attract a Leo guy, make sure to show him your positive energy and be affectionate with him. Don’t chase this Leo too much as he will likely not find this attracted, be patient and let him chase you instead. 

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