Why I Love Shit Tests and How I Pass Them — Todd V Dating

But before we get started, here’s my official definition of a shit test:

A shit test is when a girl is being emotionally reactive to you but hasn’t made a decision whether she likes you yet, so she’s testing to see if you really are THAT guy. 

By the end of this article, you’ll know how to pass shit tests with ease…and actually be THAT guy.


shit test or insult

A shit test is NOT a rejection or an insult. A girl telling you “You’re ugly and you smell bad” is not a shit test. That’s just a flat-out insult.

“Fuck off, get lost!” is also not a shit test. That’s an insulting rejection.

What a shit test IS is a girl saying something to you with the intention of putting you in an unhelpful frame with the whole purpose of seeing how you’ll respond.

She’s giving you shit to well, test you.

Make sense? Good, let’s move on.


Yep, a girl giving you shit tests is actually a really good thing. It means that she’s being emotionally reactive to you.

You’re on her radar as a POSSIBLY attractive guy. A guy she sees as POSSIBLY high value.

Another older term for a shit test is a ‘congruence test‘. It’s essentially a test from the girl to see if you’re going to live up to what you’ve promised, so she can see if you’re the real deal.

In a manner of speaking, the easiest way to let a girl know that you’re an alpha male would be to say: “Hey girl, I’m an attractive alpha male.”

The problem with that method is EVERY guy is essentially saying that to her, so she can’t really trust that approach. There’s too much dishonesty in that form of communication.

Moreover, it’s very easy to say a pickup line and act confidently in the face of no bad response. Guys with bad game the world over attempt to do this all the time.

But remember that old Mike Tyson line, “Everybody’s got a plan until they get punched in the face”? It’s a bit like that. It’s much harder to have those confident, alpha qualities when a girl throws shit at you.

Especially when that shit throwing hits a little too close to home and strikes you on some core emotional level.

This is why most guys fail shit tests by the way. They’re too painful.

This is all the more reason why passing a shit test can be so powerful.

If you pass the shit test, then you’ve just confirmed to her that you are the real deal. You’re an actual, bonafide, high value male who can pass her tests without sweating. And she’s going to actively start showing you real signs that she’s attracted.

On the other hand, if you fail the shit test, then you’ve confirmed that you were just faking it. And that’s pretty much the end of that.

When a girl gives you a shit test I want you to view it as two things:

1) A compliment – because she’s emotionally reactive to you.

2) An opportunity – because if you pass the shit test then her attraction to you is going to go way up.

shit test why they are good


Funny enough, a lot of guys that start out trying to get better with women don’t even get shit tests.

That’s because they aren’t even on the girl’s radar. This is a BIG problem.

If you keeping getting “It was nice to meet you”, that means you’re being tolerated.

She didn’t feel the need to give you a hard time because you’re not even in the category of guys that she’d consider sleeping with. It would be a waste of time shit-testing you.

Just like you wouldn’t go out of your way to tease a homeless man. Yeah, in theory you could. But what would be the point? It’s just mean and a waste of time.

As guys become more attractive to girls, they actually get more shit tests because they are now at least a sexual threat, and girls are more emotionally reactive to them.

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