Will My Blind Date See Past My Wheelchair? | DATING DIFFERENT


NILA MORTON is a 22-year-old singleton currently living in Greenville, South Carolina. Nila was born with Ullrich, a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy, and does not let her condition affect her day-to-day life. Nila told Truly: “I’m a very active disabled woman, I don’t allow my disability to define me or hold me back. It just causes limitations and some challenges, but you know, I’m going to just keep going.” Nila is yet to find the ‘one’ and is excited to go on a blind date. “Dating hasn’t been the best. But I do know that because of me being in a wheelchair, I will say that it causes a lot of men to feel insecure. It’s just, it’s just a life thing.” Nila is looking for a man who is open minded, has a good sense of humor and who she can have a really good time with. “I do like them nice and tall, not problematic and nicely built!” Will Nila find the man of her dreams?

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Videographer: Michael Catron
Producers: Dav Rich and James Thorne
Editor: Reuben Yarwood

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