Will I Ever Get Married? (17 Ways to Know)

Knowing whether you will ever get married is a question that many people ask themselves a lot of the time as they are unsure as to how their future will look. Getting married is a big decision to make and can bring a lot of happiness to a person’s life – but it can also put a lot of pressure on people to find the one. Plus it sadly does not always automatically follow that when you get married, you will always be happy. Unfortunately, no one can be sure whether their marriage will last and not end in divorce – despite the very best of intentions. 

Here in this article, we look at how to know if you will ever get married. Some ways of knowing are for when you are single, whilst others are reasons that you may think about if you are already with someone you refer to as the one. 

1. You are happy in yourself


One of the main ways you know whether you will ever get married is if you are currently very happy in yourself. The reason being that you will never meet that special someone and fall in love if you don’t love yourself to start with. It is imperative that you have the self-confidence to ensure that you end up in a healthy and well-balanced relationship. If you don’t love yourself, you can’t expect someone else to love you in the respectful way that you deserve. This is why, when you are happy in yourself, you know that you are far more likely to get married in the future. 

2. You want to get married

Perhaps one of the single biggest reasons to know whether you will ever get married or not is if you want to walk down the aisle with someone. If you don’t, then the likelihood of you ending up with someone in a marriage is much more diminished than if you do want to get married in the future. Marriage is not for everyone and so if you are asking will I ever get married or when will I get married, you may be surprised to know that if you don’t want to get married in the first instance, the chances are you won’t get married in future. 

3. You believe in marriage

Another one of the key ways to know if you will ever get married is whether you believe in marriage in the first place. Much like wanting to get married, you need to believe in the idea of marriage for it even to be an option for you. If you don’t believe in it, even if you meet someone special and you think of them as the one, you may not want to get married as you don’t think it is the only way to be happy in life. Difficulties may arise if your partner believes in marriage, yet you don’t. This may be a difference of opinion that you need to talk through at length so that you can both be happy in your relationship. 

4. You are in a loving relationship already

Of course, one of the main things you need when you are wondering if you ever will get married is someone you are in a loving relationship with. Marriage relies on two people who want the same thing, and if you are still single you still need to find the one if you want to walk down the aisle. If you are in a loving relationship already, you are at a good place to think about marriage and whether you feel like it is something that you want to do with the one you are with, or whether you think it is something you can imagine doing with someone else you meet in future. 

5. You do not have trust issues

The key to a successful marriage is trust between two people. However, to get to the stage of marriage or simply being in a place where you are capable of being in a committed relationship with someone, you also need to not have trust problems. When trust problems are present, relationships do now have a balance or a feeling of a calm sanctuary. When you are with someone you love, you need to trust them above all others and be happy to be vulnerable in front of them without fear of judgment. If you feel you want to get married but know that you have issues trusting people, it can be a good idea to work through those problems so that you are in the best place possible to find the one you want to marry. 

6. You want to start a family

Another way of knowing whether you will ever walk up the aisle can be if you want to start a family. Starting a family and setting up a family unit with a person is one of the biggest drivers behind why people walk down the aisle. If you have found that person already that you can imagine having children with, that’s fantastic,m. However, if you are still single, but know you want to start a family at least you know you are capable of seeing yourself in a committed relationship that is needed to have children. 

You want to start a family

7. You make long term plans with your partner

If you are already in a loving relationship with someone, you may know that you will get hitched if you both make plans with each other that are way into the future. People only ever stay in relationships in a meaningful way if they can see a future with a person that they are with. If neither you nor your partner wants to make long term plans with each other – be they starting a family, moving in together, or simply shaping a future where you are still both together, it could be that you are better placed just to be friends. 

8. You and your partner are on the same page

It is absolutely essential if you are in a relationship with someone that you feel like is the one, that you are both on the same page if you want to marry one another. It is actually incredibly common for two people who love each other to want different things – particularly when it comes to marriage. This can be because someone believes in it, whilst the other person doesn’t. But being on the same page also means wanting the same things for your future – be they you both wanting successful careers, a family or to live in a certain place. These are all important things that need to be similar or the same for a long term relationship to be capable of saying I do. 

9. You no longer just want to date

Knowing whether you will get hitched or not is also dependent on how you feel about dating at the moment. If you are at the stage in your life where you find dating exciting and fun and you don’t see that changing at all in the future, then you may not get married as you may find that dating answers all your needs. However, if you no longer want to date, or you can foresee the fact that you no longer want to date, then you may find that getting married is something that you are likely to do in the future as it looks like you would like to be in a committed relationship at some point. 

10. You don’t just want a wedding day

Marriage is so much more than just one day where you get dressed up in a pretty white dress or tux and walk down the aisle before having a wonderful party in front of your family and friends. It’s about a loving relationship where you and your other half support each other in any way you can in a trusting and caring way. If you already know this, and it is actually that part of the marriage that you want, then you are likely to have a wedding in the future. However, if it is just the wedding that you are after, then it may well be getting married is not quite for you yet. 

11. You want to take the next step with your partner

When you are with a significant other, then one question you should ask yourself when looking at the possibility of getting married is whether you want to take that next step with your partner. If the answer is yes, then you are evidently very happy and committed to each other. However, if you find when you ask yourself that you don’t want to take things further with them, then perhaps getting married to that person is not quite the right thing for you both. This doesn’t mean that saying I do is totally off the cards for you in the future, it just may not be the thing for you right now. 

12. You don’t want to be single anymore

At some point in people’s lives, they are actually very happy to be single. Being single can be a lot of fun and it affords a person a lot of freedom. You can do what you want when you want and you don’t have to think about what your actions do for your relationship and whether they will affect your partner or not. However, for some people, there comes a time when this is not as fulfilling for them as it once was. Instead, they want to be in a committed relationship as they no longer want to be single. This is a good indication that you will definitely be getting married at some point in the future. 

13. You know what you want in a partner

When looking into the idea of getting married, one of the ways of knowing if it will happen for you is whether you know what you want in a life partner or not. If you do know what you want, then you are a good step towards finding the one you want to spend your future with. 

14. You know how your partner feels about you

Along with trust, knowing implicitly how your partner feels about you is a good way of knowing if you are both in a place where you can see yourselves saying I do to one another. This is important as not only does it help put you on that aforementioned same page, it also means that you can help work on how much you trust one another. Trust between two people is critical if you want to think about walking down the aisle together. 

You know how your partner feels about you

15. You can’t imagine a future without a significant other

Of course, one of the most obvious signals that you are ready to say I do with your other half is if you can’t imagine your future without him or her. This means that you want to ensure that they stay an important part of your future forever and so will come into your thoughts if you ever want to move jobs, careers, or move town, state or country. It also means that if you don’t think they would get on board with your wants for jobs or where to live, you would change your mind and do as they want to please them. 

16. You don’t just want meaningless sex

One of the best things about being single is the fact that you get to meet lots of different people and if you want to, you can have lots of sex – with no strings attached if both parties are happy with that arrangement. However, for some, it gets to a point or an age where they don’t want just to date with the intention of having as much sex as possible. Instead, you will want sex to mean something with an important man or woman. When you get to that stage, it means that you are of a mindset that will put you in a good place to find someone that you want to marry. 

17. You’re with someone who makes you happy

Perhaps one of the most important and key things to have in a relationship is being with someone that makes you incredibly happy. If you are ready to say I do to each other, it is essential that you are both happy in each other’s company and that you bring out the best in each other. By no means does this mean your relationship will never have arguments, in fact, it is important that you know how to argue constructively. But if you are with someone where you are friends and mutually make each other smile, then you are on the right track to walking down the aisle together. 


What are the odds that I will get married?

While there are statistics that can help create odds of getting married for a person, numbers like this are not always helpful to use. When it comes to marriage and finding the one person you love, getting married is down to the two people involved and the timing being right for them both. 

What happens if you never get married?

So many people are scared of never getting married, however, it is not something to be afraid of. If you never get married, you will simply have a life where you can concentrate on yourself and your friends. Remember that you can always put yourself first.

How do you know if you’ll never get married?

It is hard to know for certain if you’ll never get married as you can never say you will never fall in love with a person. However, if you close yourself off to the possibility of marriage, you will much diminish your chances of it ever happening due to the pessimistic opinion you have of yourself. 

At what age will I marry?

Unless you are part of an arranged marriage, it is impossible to say definitively at what age you will marry. You will not know whether you will meet a person you want to marry and nor will you know if the person you meet will want to get married at a particular age. 

How many first marriages end in divorce?

It is thought that the divorce rate of first marriages is about 50%. This means that one in two people will see the breakdown of the marriage of the person that they first married in their lives. It is thought that the rate is dropping, however. 

Will I Ever Get Married – Summary

In conclusion, it is important to remember that to marry someone, you need to ensure that you are mentally in the right place to do so. If you are with a significant partner already, you will need to both want to marry and know how each other feels. If you are single, you need to want to say goodbye to your single ways which can be easier said than done. Either way, if marrying someone is high on your list of priorities, you need to be optimistic that it will happen for you because you are worthy of loving and being in a respectful relationship.  

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