Why Does My Boyfriend Ignore Me? (The Ultimate Truth)

Is your boyfriend ignoring your texts, calls or even sometimes blanking you when you’re together?

Have some dramatic shifts in his behavior alerted your suspicions or made you fear for your relationship? 

Perhaps you’re starting to get the feeling that he’s messing around with another woman?

If you do feel this way, it’s best to take proactive steps to discover what’s going on when you’re not around. 

Sudden behavioral changes are a common telltale sign of guilt.

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To assist you further, we’ve listed some of the most common reasons why a man might turn cold and start ignoring his significant other. 

He Wants Some Space


Everyone wants to be alone at one time or another. We can’t always be surrounded by other people. He might just want to take some time to recharge and take it easy.

Think about how you feel if you spend too much time with someone else. It can be overwhelming. It can be easy to get tired of someone.

This isn’t to say that you’re too much for him to handle. Everybody just needs a break sometimes. If your boyfriend is taking a break from talking to you, it’s a good time for you to take a break too. Then, when you talk again, you will both be in better shape.

After you and your boyfriend start talking again, it should be much better. You might even feel refreshed or recharged!

Little breaks can be very helpful in keeping your relationship in a good place. Try to take small breaks from each other, even if it’s just for a few hours here and there.

​He’s Nervous

If you just started dating the guy, he might be nervous about the relationship altogether. It could be new territory for him and he’s just figuring things out.

He also might be worried because of how your relationship is progressing. Maybe it’s shifting from a casual relationship to a more committed one.

For some people, a serious relationship can be scary. He could have never been in this position before. He may not know what to expect or might have heard only bad things about long-term relationships.

He could be ignoring you because he isn’t sure if he’s ready to commit yet. This could be his way of buying time and slowing things down.

Relationships can be a huge deal to some people, especially when they become more serious. It’s essential to be understanding of his feelings and take it slow if you need to.

If he’s the right guy for you, he will choose you. He just needs time to work through his feelings and get over his fears. All you can do is support him and give him the space he needs.

He Doesn’t Know How to Communicate


As humans, we don’t always communicate and interact with one another in the best possible ways. Things can be taken the wrong way, or they may be left unsaid altogether.

There could have been a miscommunication between you and your boyfriend. Perhaps he took something you said the wrong way. This could be due to your words, tone, or body language.

He also may not be able to communicate that he’s unhappy or that he wants to take a break from talking for the day. This is even more likely if he’s upset with you.

Once your boyfriend stops ignoring you, you can try working on your communication with each other. Try not to lecture him on what he’s done wrong, but work together as a team. Communication can always be improved, especially in a relationship.

There’s a slight chance that your boyfriend also doesn’t understand that you want to keep up with him via texting throughout the day. If he’s new to dating, he may not understand why you might want to text or hang out so much.

He’s Mad at You

We all make our boyfriends upset from time to time. It’s a normal part of every relationship.

It would be best if your boyfriend told you that you made him mad so that the two of you could resolve the problem together.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Instead, your boyfriend might be ignoring you as a way to show you he is mad.

As you can probably see, there are many different reasons that your boyfriend could be ignoring you. Ignoring you because he’s mad doesn’t seem like the most effective way to communicate his feelings.

Hopefully, after he has time to think it over, he will talk to you so that you can work it out together.

He’s Upset About Something

Your boyfriend may be upset, but it may not involve you. Maybe he’s having family issues and doesn’t want to talk about them.

One major contributor to this is that guys often don’t show their emotions. This means that he could be hiding his feelings in order to show you that he’s strong.

There is a common stigma that guys who show that they’re sad or hurt are weak. Your boyfriend may feel the same way

He might just be ignoring you so that he can process these emotions without feeling like he’s being weak.

If you suspect that he’s upset, you should try your best to give him some space. He needs time to think and come up with a way to handle the situation.

Once he begins talking to you again, be ready to help him. You should be prepared to give him space if he needs to figure anything else out too.

You Just Had a Fight

​This video talks about what it means when your boyfriend ignores you, especially after a fight:

Fights can hit people harder than we often realize. Some people don’t react to conflict well, which leads to long-term anger and frustration.

If the two of you had a pretty nasty fight, it’s totally normal for your boyfriend to be ignoring you. You might feel like ignoring him too.

It’s also worth noting that we say things we don’t mean when we’re fighting. You—or he—could have yelled something pretty offensive. This was likely a result of your emotions getting out of control, but he doesn’t know that.

Even if you meant what you said, he might still be pretty angry or hurt. If you upset him like this, he may not want to talk to you for a little while.

If you think that you said something you shouldn’t have, you should apologize. Don’t expect him to respond to your text or voicemail immediately. If you apologize, he will at least know that you are sorry.

From there, he can make a decision whether to talk to you soon. Plus, he will also be able to work through his emotions knowing that you didn’t mean what you said.

There’s a Problem That He Hasn’t Told You About

Things go on behind the scenes of relationships all the time. Your boyfriend could have a problem in his personal life or in your relationship.

If he’s dealing with a bunch of different emotions, he may not want to talk about them. He could be ignoring you while he processes them.

If the issue is related to the relationship, you should know. He might be keeping the entire issue or parts of it to himself though.

He might also be ignoring you while he comes up with a way to fix something he’s done. Unfortunately, you may not have a clue about what is actually going on.

Your boyfriend should only need a little bit of time to come up with a way to talk to you about the problem. It could take a while, depending on how serious of an issue it is. You’ll likely just have to be patient.

​He’s Jealous

​He’s Jealous

Guys often display their jealousy by ignoring you. It’s just one of the ways that they feel that they should show these emotions.

Try to think of the most recent time that your boyfriend could have been jealous of something you did.

For example, he might be jealous because you’ve been spending more time with your girl friends. Maybe you started texting another guy, who is just a friend.

There could be something very small that happened that you didn’t even realize. He could have picked up on something minor or made assumptions.

It’s important that you make your boyfriend feel better about his jealous feelings, even if ignoring you wasn’t the best choice. Just be there for him and help with any of his concerns once he starts talking to you again.

To fix the problem, you can also try to spend more time with your boyfriend or include him when you’re hanging out with your friends on occasion.


There are plenty of reasons that your boyfriend could be ignoring you. It could be because of an argument you had or because he simply wants some space.

If you have any questions, be sure to leave them in the comment section below!

If your boyfriend is ignoring you, you should:

  • ​Give him some space.
  • ​Think about why he could be ignoring you.
  • ​Avoid texting him too much and making him upset.
  • ​Be patient and wait for him to respond.

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