When Your Roommate Starts Dating Ft. Anushka Sharma, Rashmeet Kaur | Hasley India

What if you and your best friend are sharing a room at a flat and your flatmate’s boyfriend decides to move in with you both.

Will you welcome the boyfriend with all your heart or throw him out of your personal space?

Flatmate ke boyfriend se hoga pyaar ya war!

Channel Head: Ankit Madaan

Usmaan Khan
Rashmeet Kaur
Anushka Sharma
Rishabh Puri

Directed by:
Shubham Bajpai

Assistant Director

Script Writer:
Shubham Bajpai

Pradeep Goswami

Post Production Head:
Rohit Chadha

Assistant Editor:
Jatin Madan

Line Producer:
Kamal Nindavatya

Jatin Gupta

Vijay Kumar

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