What Happens When You Ignore A Pisces Man? (6 Things)

Are you planning to ignore your Pisces crush in the hope that he chases you harder? 

Perhaps you’re wondering how he’ll respond to this? 

If so, keep reading because this guide reveals how Pisces men tend to react when a woman they like ignores them. 

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Still, if you prefer to ignore your Pisces crush, you can learn more about what is likely to happen below.

Things That Could Happen When You Ignore A Pisces Man


A Pisces man is someone that is a complicated being with several personality traits that can either react positively to being ignored or sometimes negatively. You will have to decide on what you think your man most likely will do, knowing what his key character traits are like. 

There are three main reactions you will see from a Pisces man who is being ignored. 

He Could Chase You

Perhaps one of the best reactions that you can see if you avoid your Pisces man would be for him to chase you more. This can happen as there is much truth in the saying ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ and this can be particularly true of a Pisces man. 

This is down to their sensitive and attentive nature. They will want to please their girlfriend or wife above all else, and if they get the impression that their behavior has fallen far short of this, then they will do their best to turn it around. 

Ignoring a Pisces man is a great way sometimes of therefore alerting him to when their behavior has fallen short of the mark. 

He Could Distance Himself From You

The problem with ignoring a Pisces man at times is the fact that his sensitive nature can mean the tactic totally backfires. It can, therefore, have the result that as opposed to chasing you and trying to better his actions in the future, he simply puts more distance between the two of you instead. 

This can be tough for you both to bear. If you feel therefore that your Pisces man is someone who is prone to being overly sensitive in all manner of situations, then ignoring him may not be the best tactic for you to follow. 

You could find that you actually end up pushing him away as opposed to strengthening the bond between you and that is something you may not want. However, sometimes, you may feel like you have no other choice but to ignore your Pisces partner as their actions have given you no alternative. 

He Could Suffer From Mood Swings

He Could Suffer From Mood Swings

Another reaction that your Pisces could have in reaction to you ignoring him is being incredibly moody. This can be hurtful and infuriating when you are the one ignoring him in response to some poor decision on his part. 

However, do bear it in mind before you decide to start ignoring him. The reason being is that it could end up causing your relationship more harm than good if he is prone to mood swings. His moodiness could not only hurt you even more deeply than you are already, but it could also make him wonder whether this is something he wants in his life. A Pisces man may well be moody, but he does not want something in his life that makes his moods even worse. 

A Pisces Man In Love

When a Pisces is in love, you can be sure of his feelings for you if he displays a certain few personality traits towards you – even if he has not told you that you are the one yet or utter the L-word. 


A Pisces is a person who is nothing if not romantic. When he is attracted to a woman and he is dating her, a Pisces will take a woman to candlelit dinners, picnics in the park and shower her with gifts. A Pisces is traditional therefore when it comes to showing his affection at the beginning of a relationship and this trait only gets stronger as he falls in love. If you are with a Pisces you should, therefore, expect him to always be on point with birthday presents, remember anniversaries and never fail to show up to an important event in your life. 


In addition to being incredibly romantic, a Pisces is a very attentive partner. When he is in love with you, you can expect him to almost know your every thought before you even do. Sometimes, some women may find this too much, but remember that he is attentive with the best intentions at heart – he only wants to make you happy. 



Sadly, while a Pisces man can be incredibly confident in many areas of his life, you may find that your Pisces is insecure once he has fallen in love with you. This is down to his sensitive nature and his inability at times to control his emotions. 

He can, therefore, take any argument that you have as an attack on him as Pisces guys, in general, have a tendency to take things too personally. It is good to be aware of this characteristic so that you can deal with it head-on, but also be aware that it means that it can alert you to the fact that he is in love with you. Knowing that he loves you can make some of his strong reactions that much more palatable. 

The Bottom Line

The large variation in what could happen if you were to ignore a Pisces man can be intimidating at first. That’s not to say that it is not a good tactic to take if you want to get his attention and change things in your relationship. If you are not happy with the status quo of what is going on between the two of you, or if he has treated you badly, ignoring him is always an option to follow. 

However, If you do not like to risk it, given that there is such a variance in the reaction that ignoring a Pisces can create, the other option is to talk to him directly. Communicating with a Pisces face to face can be a fantastic way to get across what is worrying you and causing you anxiety – as it can be in any relationship

Plus what’s great about talking to your Pisces man directly is that you get an answer to your troubles almost instantly. While it may not be the answer you want to hear, it is still a much more beneficial way of moving a relationship on in a proactive manner. 

Talking to a boyfriend or husband about something you’re not happy within a relationship is always hard – but sometimes it is the method that gets the best results in a much quicker timeframe than other tactics. 

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