The33Secrets: Cringe PickUp Artist Who Believes Women Shouldn’t Vote


Welcome to my channel where I mock and ridicule the ridiculousness that exist in Red Pill communities via YouTube and wherever else they reside. None of my videos endorse, praise, or glorify these men’s and women’s (yes, women) content. What are these groups? They include the Manosphere, Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW), Introspective Black Men for Reform (IBMOR), Save Yourself Black Men (SYSBM), Incels, Men’s Rights Activists (MRA), Pick-Up Artists (PUA), Pick-mes, and others.

In this video, I show various clips of Pickup Artist The33Secrets AKA Alpha Male Secrets telling obvious lies, exaggerations, and fringe ideas.

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Music: Fresh Lift by Shane Ivers –

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