The act of creating an artifact on paper is a methodology recommended by the great Carl Gustav Jung on activating imagination by letting your subconscious mind speak through time and practice. The mysterious aspects of life is mostly captured in art, films, music and many other creative outlets. Creativity combine with psychotherapy analysis can aid the process of solving break ups, disappointments, betrayal and burden.
In dealing with a narcissistic person in a relationship is like having terminal cancer in the mind and soul. They will hide in secrets their emotions, lie and sneak around with third parties creating these disgusting energies of menage de trois behind your back but using passive aggressive narcissism to rub it gradually in your eyes with very deceptive techniques. Drawing out in slow motion the flow of content and form will release a pictorial that with practice and time will give the artist messages in form of symbols. At least more than you will get from narcissist bullshit.
This approach to artist and model have been used in modern art by Picasso, Bacon,Modigliani to express sadness, pain and resolution of letting it go my sublimating it to the artifact . We can do the same just by approaching a piece of paper with a humble pencil and letting yourself flow, it is something to recon with especially in dim times. Pus one never knows where the next Picasso may blossom. #picasso #francisbacon #narcissism #drawing #thirdparties #breakups #movingon #seeingtruth #betrayal #burden #disappointments #psychoanalysis #CarlJung

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