The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Dating with Matthew Hussey and Lewis Howes


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Matthew Hussey is a sought-after dating coach and NYT best-selling author who is a breath of fresh air in the dating advice scene.

Matt and I met a couple years ago around a TV show that he was a matchmaker on and I was impressed not only by his dating savvy but by his business savvy as well. He is now a regular on the Today Show and hosts live events that close to 100,000 women have attended. And his YouTube videos where he gives dating advice are amazing (I watch them myself).

He came by my studio and we had an awesome conversation (which could have gone on for hours) about the best ways to actually meet someone you are interested in. He also gave great advice about keeping the desire in your existing relationship. Beyond his tips, however, Matt dove into the other reasons we struggle to meet the partner of our dreams – and it has a lot to do with entitlement.

I loved this conversation and can’t wait to have Matt back on the show.No matter where you are in your love life, prepare to get expert coaching from Matthew Hussey in Episode 189.
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