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“Had the best nights sleep for ages. You rock!” Tom G, USA

Today our busy lives are full of daily pressures, deadlines, hassles and demands, which result in us becoming stressed.

Unfortunately for very many of us this stressed state is with us constantly every day.

For most people a small amount of stress can actually help motivate and help us to perform better under a little pressure; operating in a form of ’emergency mode’.

However, being in this stressed emergency mode for longer periods, can have serious effects on your physical and emotional health.

Your nervous system responds to all of these pressures and demands by releasing stress hormones which include adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones result in your body going into emergency mode and your heart pounds faster, your blood pressure rises, muscles tighten, you breathe quicker and your senses sharpen as you prepare to fight or flee from the problem.

This all sounds fine as this stress state, when working normally will ‘kick in’ when needed and can literally save your life by protecting you from a dangerous situation or to keep you focussed during a difficult meeting.

However, continuous stress will have the opposite affect and can be very detrimental to your physical health, your relationships, your efficiency, and your moods and behaviors.

For example, you might be at work and a colleague makes a simple request for some information from you. Under normal circumstances this wouldn’t be a problem. But if you are suffering from excessive stress, this simple request could easily tip you over the edge and your response could be very unfavourable!

Uncontrollable stress can affect you in so many ways:

Inability to make decisions, lack of concentration, constant worrying, negative views, anxiety, short temper, poor memory, distant appearance, aggressive behaviour for no reason, overreacting to situations, feeling overwhelmed and isolated, depression and unhappiness.

Nothing seems to go right and the pressure piles on.

You may have very disturbed sleep patterns, feeling tired all the time. Aches and pains may develop; you may get diarrhoea or constipation, rapid heart beat and chest pains, an ongoing cold, dizziness, nausea and lack of libido. You may have an unhealthy reliance on alcohol, drugs or cigarettes and overeating junk ‘comfort’ food.

Prolonged stress could result in losing your job, relationship breakdowns and/or these additional health problems:

This suggests that many people have developed illnesses and health conditions because of harmful stress in their lives.  (See note ** at bottom of page)

Do you find that your symptoms flare up or get worse when you feel stressed or anxious?

So, clearly it’s vitally important to control how you react to stressful situations and do all you can keep stress at bay.

Help is ‘on hand’ though ….. literally from your own hands.

Everyone, and I really mean everyone, has the ability to give Reiki Healing. I will ‘trigger’ that ability in you – simply, easily and effectively.

No special skills are required, just a willingness and desire to want to help heal yourself, other people and/or animals.

This easy course is available to anyone anywhere in the world and means that you can now benefit from the wonderful gift of Reiki healing at minimal cost and are ideal for people who only want to work on themselves, with their own stressed family and friends or their pets. * (See note at bottom of page)

For many people my distance learning courses are a much preferred learning choice for a number of important reasons:

Reiki is a very simple healing therapy both to learn and then to carry out. Unlike traditional learning or study there is absolutely no need to spend months or even years learning lots of theory, submitting essays, reports or papers and there are certainly no exams involved. “Phew” I hear you cry..!!

What is key are the powerful Reiki ‘attunements’ that you will receive from me at a distance. These attunements will trigger your natural in- build ability to give Reiki healing and once I’ve triggered your new skills this gift, the ‘Gift of Healing’, will remain with you forever. It is that powerful.

As this course relates to, and awards you, the qualification Reiki Level 1 (also known as Reiki First Degree) your manual covers the requirements of the course syllabus including giving hands-on Reiki to people and self-healing using Reiki.

It also includes a special extra modules on how you can cope with stress, which aren’t normally taught on a standard Reiki Level 1 training course.

See the section below on ‘What’s in the manual’ to read about all the good stuff that’s included.

You will receive this comprehensive package of benefits.

You will be able to download your detailed course manual straight away so that you can commence learning all about Reiki at a time and pace that suits you.

The manual is tailored specifically to helping reduce stress. It covers giving Reiki to people and to yourself. There are many color photographs showing you exactly where the hand positions are located so that you can give effective Reiki treatments. The manuals are very easy to follow so you will quickly become confident at giving Reiki.

The manual will prove invaluable to you as your personal guide whilst you are learning and will be a useful reference for you in the future.

You will find lots of information on:

…… and much more advice, information and guidance to help you be a confident Reiki giver, either to yourself or someone else.

The attunements are a short ‘process’ which I carry out from a distance and will enable the ‘Reiki to work’ for you. In fact you will receive four such powerful attunements from me during this ‘process’.

We will agree a date and time for the attunement process. This will allow you to be conscious that I’m ‘triggering’ your Reiki energy flow. For some people it can be a very moving, special and enjoyable experience. I’m always aware of time differences around the world and so will ensure that the time agreed for the attunements is sensible for both of us!

The attunements in this Home Study course are to Level 1 or First Degree Reiki

You will also receive a specially designed certificate signed by me and confirming that you are able to give hands on Reiki to people and animals. This is something you can be proud of and you will want to display your certificates on the wall.

Your second certificate confirms that you’ve had guidance on how to use Reiki techniques to help lower stress in yourself, and other people.

Enrolment on one of my Home Study Courses isn’t the end of our relationship.

The manual that accompanies each course has been carefully written by me and includes plenty of photographs showing you how to give Reiki healing.

However, I firmly believe that it is not sufficient just to send you the manual and leave you on your own. I want you to be a confident with your Reiki so that you can help yourself, through self healing, and help those around you.

You won’t do this if something is holding you back.

So, I also provide you with free, ongoing support and advice by e-mail as part of your enrolment fee.

To sum up each Home Study Course includes

•Detailed manual with colour photographs showing you how to give Reiki healing and much more

• Four personal remote attunements from me to trigger your natural in-built abilities

• Certificates in your name confirming you can give hands-on Reiki

• On-going support when needed via email.

The special ‘gift of healing’ which will remain with you forever

Firstly I want to demystify Reiki. I want to dispel a common belief that only ‘special gifted’ people are able to give Reiki. Not True. I’m no different to you. Everyone has the ability to give Reiki to themselves or to others. Some people who work with Reiki can be a bit, er ‘weird’. Now there’s nothing wrong with ‘weird’ but it can put some people off. Well I’m as ‘normal’ as they come (whatever normal is!). I eat meat, drink wine and a family man. I wear ‘normal’ clothes, talk ‘normally, and have a ‘normal’ outlook on life.

Secondly, I want as many other people as possible to benefit from Reiki as I know that Reiki has the capacity to help those who harness its healing qualities. I don’t want Reiki to remain exclusive, just for the ‘chosen’ ones”!

I want as many people around the world as possible to be able to share and enjoy the benefits of Reiki.

You will pay in your own currency at checkout!

Simply click on one of the enrol buttons on this page to join the course.

Once payment is processed you will be able to download your comprehensive manual and then I will liaise with you to agree a suitable day and time for your powerful distance attunements.

If you wish you can sit quietly at the agreed time for 30 minutes, relax and enjoy the special attunement process.

I need you to also email me the following:

1) Full names, email addresses and postal addresses of all who wants to enrol

2) A photograph of each person on the course (head and shoulders is fine). Individual photos please not in a group or with your animals

(I only need the above details including photographs for the attunement process to make sure I’m attuning the correct person. They are not for any other purpose).

From then on you will be able to give Reiki healing to yourself and to others whenever you want to ….. forever.

It’s as simple as that!

Any questions? If you have any questions simply contact me

Click on the button below to enrol on the Reiki for Stress Home Study Course

*Please note that if you want to work commercially you will most likely need to have ‘person to person’ attunements in order to comply with most insurers stipulations and it is usually expected that you will also have been attuned to both Reiki Level 1 and 2. Some Countries and a few States in the USA require you to hold a license in order to practice in Reiki. You are advised to check this out locally before proceeding.

** Anyone suffering from stress related symptoms is advised to see their doctor or qualified medical advisor for a diagnosis.

Whilst Reiki can be used alongside all prescribed veterinary treatments all sick and injured pets should be seen by a suitably qualified veterinarian

*** Plus taxes local to you

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Anyone suffering from stress or stress related illnesses

Anyone whose loved one is suffering from stress

Anyone suffering from an existing health condition that flares up when they are stressed

Anyone who wants to gain the ‘gift of healing’

Is studying getting you down?

Does life have to be such a struggle?

Learn how to help lower your own stress

and help ease the Stress suffered by a loved one

Your Reiki Qualification certificate

Your Additional Certificate

” Thanks again for the remote attunement! I am reading the manual now.  During the attunement I didn’t feel anything until about 10:35am, then I felt tingling on the top of my head. Not long after this there was a tingling feeling in my arms. ”    Charles, Louisiana, USA

It’s time to stop Stress taking over your life

Let’s work together to beat your Stress

Happiness is ….. a Stress-free life

How to Cope With Stress – A Free Guide

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Click here to get Reiki for Stress Home Study Course – Rob Fellows Reiki at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Reiki for Stress Home Study Course – Rob Fellows Reiki is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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