Red Pill Dating – Replacing One Abusive Religion With Another Re: The33secrets

Red pill and dating. The answer to unhappiness, or just replacing one religion of abuse with another religion of abuse? The red pill is common with young men who have been shortchanged by society when it comes to romantic relationships and overall sexual education.

Young men who were taught by a poisonously sex-averse culture that sex is something to feel ashamed of and that they should save themselves for the ONE special woman who is waiting for them out there somewhere in a Disney-movie like reality.

Young men who were betrayed by their fathers’ inability to show them how to survive. How to meet women. How to build businesses and make money.

Young men who were taught from birth to fear the authority and government, who slowly grew to realize that it’s all just a circus act built to steal their money.

Young men, raised in a dogmatic religious society, utterly incapable of dealing with reality without a spiritual authority figure. And yet – men who feel estranged from the archaic religions of old, still while unable to embrace atheism or call themselves “non-religious.”

These men, suddenly left on their own merits are now facing the world angry, betrayed and frustrated, are DESPERATE for new dogma and authority figures.

And thus comes the red pill, a cult-ideology to help young men cope with modern life. Unfortunately, while the red pill seems to be doing a fine job sweeping society’s shortcomings under the rug, the smell of bullshit is undeniably still there.

Today we’re watching this video by the red pill dating coach The33Secrets. In his video, he explains how dating is different when you have accepted the red pill mindset.

As you may have expected, I have something to say on the topic.

The33Secrets original video:

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