Red flags to watch out for when dating & what to look for in a spouse

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Thanks for watching yall! We know there is not a “one size fits all” standard when it comes to finding a spouse. But we do hope this encourages you when it comes to things you should consider valuing or think about! Also beware of these redflags hahah

I think in parallel to Tuesday’s encouragement, and the podcasts this week and even the topic of this video I just want to drive the point home that we can’t just rely on our emotions. THEY ARE WILD! Up and down, happy and sad, hopeful and depressed, relaxed and stressed. Our emotions also make us think and do some weird things as well. But let’s take control of them. When it comes to looking for a spouse, let’s enjoy the emotional connection, but don’t let them be your only decided factor and point of references for how to navigate your relationship. You are SO MUCH MORE than your emotions. You have control over them, don’t let them control you.

We love yall!
Chad & Tori


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