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Are You Ready To Look Naturally Skinsational? “Love The Way You Look Again!” Don’t Let Age Steal Away Your Youthful Looks.

Is there a person on the face of the earth that doesn’t want to get rid of their wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin? Put your wallet away, save your hard earned money and use better, more effective anti-aging treatments that you make yourself!

The Naturally Skinsational eBook shares the simple secrets that will teach you how to use the potent rejuvenating properties of common all natural ingredients to effectively rejuvenate your skin. Did you know that the emerging science of “neutraceuticals” is taking the anti-aging market by storm? Well, do you know that these miraculous rejuvenating neutraceuticals are simply natural substances that have powerful anti-aging properties? (Psst. . . and they are all right in your very own kitchen cupboard.)

You can put the power of Mother Nature to work on your aging skin symptoms for just pennies.  Without question, it is 100% certain you will get much better results using the simple natural facial secrets revealed in this first of a kind anti-aging skin care recipe ebook than by using that fancy wrinkle cream that has been sitting around for months in that upscale department store.

Because the potency of natural ingredients decreases very rapidly even when chemical additives and stabilizers are used to prolong the shelf life. Start treating those wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin for just a few cents a day with astonishingly simple and effective natural recipes that work amazingly well.

Hi, I’m Sue Dolan, the author of Naturally Skinsational. I’m so excited to share the simple secrets of using the power of nature to help you effectively treat all your aging skin concerns. People constantly ask me why is making your own natural skin care treatments so beneficial?

At 54 years young, I love the way natural anti-aging skin care recipes promotes beautiful, healthier, younger looking skin. You can make effective, all natural rejuvenating treatments yourself for. . .just a few cents! Using fresh, natural ingredients in skin care recipes is a quick and easy way to achieve wonderful results. And you might not realize it, but you already have natural ingredients with powerful anti-aging properties waiting for you right on the shelves of your refrigerator and kitchen cabinets or in the vase of flowers on your dining table and even in the little fresh herb garden you started on your window sill. You can easily put the rejuvenating power of these natural ingredients to work on treating your aging skin concerns right away.

Your skin will be amazingly younger, healthier and more vibrant!

The healing and nourishing properties of nature will bring your skin alive again with a vibrant and ageless look that most commercial products just can’t hope achieve.Give it a try and see for yourself!

Sue Dolan, M.Ed., is a researcher and instructor on anti-aging skin care and facial rejuvenation for the Skin Care Resource Center and an expert author on aging skin concerns.Sue has been featured in Real Simple Magazine along with her anti-aging skin care strategies for “Inspiring Beauty”.

As Featured in the article on”Inspiring Beauty” in. . .

Take a look at what the media, including More Magazine, the Boston Globe, Daily Item,, and Item Live have to say about this first of its kind natural anti-aging skin care recipe ebook: (To read all Media Reviews click here)

Reporter Robin Kaminski, writer for the Daily Item says:

Naturally Skinsational. . . “…provides consumers with an effective, reasonably-priced and natural alternative to treat the needs of aging skin in contrast to the often expensive retail products with commercial grade ingredients available on store shelves.”

Consider all the benefits of making your own skin treatments using all natural recipes:

Make Your Own! You don’t even need any special skills or know how to cook.Why wait? Get Naturally Skinsational today. . .

No doubt after examining the endless selection of skin products on store shelves you wonder if the one you choose will actually work at all to rejuvenate your skin. You wonder if perhaps selecting a super antioxidant vitamin C infused cream would be the best one suited for your skin type.

How about squeezing an orange, grapefruit, lemon or lime instead?

After all they are fresh, rich in vitamin C, have powerful antioxidants that not only repair but protect the skin.   All at the peak of their potency. Well, it’s quite true that vitamin C provides the skin with valuable antioxidants that not only help repair but to protect the skin from future damage.  BUT, if the vitamin C is not at the peak of its potency it unfortunately will have little or no effect. You see, vitamin C has a very short shelf life and rapidly loses its potency. Then of course, you never really know how much Vitamin C is incorporated into the product in the first place. If the concentration of any active anti-aging ingredient isn’t strong enough then your skin simply will not benefit at all.   (It’s kind of like taking a baby aspirin for a migraine- it just doesn’t work.)

This book is an absolute treasure!  Sue Dolan’s knowledge of ingredients to use for rejuvenating the skin is impressive and her recipes for everything from facial masks to moisturizers to facial cleansers with ingredients readily available to anyone is fascinating.  And they work! The recipe ebook is chock full of recipes and natural skin care tips. In addition, the book is charming and delightful to read and occasionally whimsical. A recipe for a facial mask for a special occasion, in this particular case Halloween, is entitled “Witches Brew,” and, among other things, calls for “10 of your best dragon tears, (fresh cranberries can be substituted if necessary”!)   LOL. . .I love it! I find the recipes fun and easy to make and, more importantly, they save a great deal of money: instead of buying expensive products, I make them myself! I’m in love with this natural anti-aging skin care recipe ebook!

(For a limited time only. . .)Receive this free bonus Natural Skin Care eGuide with your purchase.

Follow along with this step-by-step “How to Start Your Own Natural
Skin Care Routine” e Guide with a special chapter featuring DIY natural
treatments for the most frustrating of aging skin conditions:

The Natural Skin Care eGuide is scheduled for its own release very soon so unfortunately it will be available for a limited time only!The eGuide is a stand-alone guide that perfectly complements the Naturally Skinsational ~ Rejuvenating Skin Care Recipes eBook by focusing on helping those new to natural skin care learn the basics of beginning their own routine. . .Use the eGuide to learn the simple steps to start on your own natural skin care routine. (Though, it really isn’t any harder that squeezing an orange!)

That you have all the solutions for all your aging skin  concerns right at your finger tips. . .

Fresh organic ingredients, at the height of their potency, are ready and waiting for you to mix into a fabulous rejuvenating treatment right in your very own kitchen.The Naturally Skinsational Recipe eBook combines these common ingredients into quick, simple to use anti-aging skin care natural recipes that produce great results for getting your skin to look younger and healthier.

There are countless common herbs, flowers, fruits and other natural ingredients full of potent vitamins, minerals and nutrients with powerful rejuvenating properties that benefit and successfully  treat aging skin symptoms.

You’ll be mixing up your own quick and easy natural anti-aging skin care treatments in no time, using natural ingredients you already have in your refrigerator and kitchen cupboards. . .And saving a ton of money in the process!

When you take a look at some of the testimonials, you will find that the Naturally Skinsational Recipe ebook provides a wonderful and effective alternative to commercial facial rejuvenation products for both women and men. In
fact, I am so confident that you will love the effects of these natural
recipes so much that I am inviting you try them out for yourself absolutely free. That’s right.  No catch, no strings, no hidden costs. (No kidding!)

Though, I know that you once you try the natural  recipes you will be totally thrilled with your gorgeous,  younger, skinsational appearance.And you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of successfully  making your own natural recipes for effective  anti-aging skin care treatments for just pennies a day.Ready? For younger looking skin ~ naturally. . . Click Here!

. . . and don’t miss this special treat:If you’re not sure about how to get started on your own natural skin care regime, I’d like to invite you to start you off with a FREE natural skin care e-course.  It’s like having your own personal skin care consultant giving you step-by-step lessons!  After you sign-up, you will receive six weekly instructional emails to help get you started on the basics.  (You will find the sign-up form for the e-course on the “Thank you for your recipe ebook purchase” download page for the Naturally Skinsational ebook.)

Save yourself a ridiculous amount of money!A huge bonus of making your own natural recipes and homemade  facial rejuvenation treatments is the tremendous savings.

Order your copy of the Naturally Skinsational recipe ebook today and receive this special gift designed exclusively for you ~ FREE! This Recipe Card Starter Collection has twelve beautiful downloadable 4X6 recipe cards featuring even more all natural anti-aging skin care recipes. (Psst. . . You can use them as tags for your special homemade gift baskets too!)

It’s a great added benefit that saves you even more money because you can use these recipe cards as special gifts!    Here’s how. . .Simply
create a beautiful, elegant gift basket with the ingredients for your
favorite facial recipe, use a recipe card as your gift tag, finish it
with a lovely bow and Viola! You have just created the perfect gift for
any occasion.

It’s such a beautiful and special thoughtful gift yet only costs you just a few minutes of your time.

Naturally Skinsational  ~ Rejuvenating Skin Care Recipes ~

Beginning with natural skin care scrub recipes, toners, and facial steams to peels, wraps, under eye treatments and moisturizers there is simply no other anti-aging skin care recipe book that comprehensively addresses the rejuvenating needs of all skin types and aging skin care issues like “Naturally Skinsational” does.

Click the button to get Naturally Skinsational today. . .

Did you happen to notice the Chapter dedicated to Special Occasion recipes?  What kind of natural recipes are those you might be wondering. . .

The Special Occasion skin care recipes are just another way to have fun rejuvenating your skin!

Think Spa Party or imagine yourself on Valentines Day with a bottle of champagne and a luxurious bath ready to be filled with bubbles surrounded by candle light.

Now all you need to do is prepare the “Love Scrub” or the “Passion Peel” recipe to start off your intimate spa night with your beloved. It will give your romantic evening a very special thoughtful touch and a night to remember!

And who wouldn’t love the “Sparkling Irish Eyes”, the “Pumpkin Patch”, the “Birthday Bee Balm” and “Acne Independence Day” natural recipes?

Of course, you could invite the girls over for a very unique Halloween Spa Party and trick or treat them to a “Monster Mash Facial Mask” or a “Ghostly Vapors Facial Steam”.

Why not whip up some skinsational magic for your skin  and for your friends?Who would have thought that the key to youthful, ageless skin is waiting for you right in your fruit bowl? You just gotta try it. . .  Get Naturally Skinsational today!You’ll fall in love with it.

But if you don’t happen to have milk then reach for the cream, yogurt, sour cream or buttermilk. They are excellent substitutes and they are all rich in lactic acid. “Acid”, you say? Well yes, acid. Many dairy products contain lactic acid which are gentle exfoliants with moisturizing properties. The perfect choice for sensitive and  allergic skin types. Combined with a few other natural anti-aging ingredients the skin will respond with that glowing radiance you’d normally see after a professional spa facial. (For just pennies mind you!)

Naturally Skinsational  ~ Rejuvenating Skin Care Recipes ~

“The first ever skin care recipe ebook to focus on homemade anti-aging skin care and  facial rejuvenation treatments that effectively address the symptoms of aging skin.”

Holistic Day Spa says, “Naturally Skinsational is truly an exciting and totally unique  natural skin care recipe ebook. . .  We love it!”

Given the fact that over 80% of current medications are derived from the healing properties of natural ingredients; it only makes sense to take advantage of the power of nature with natural recipes to help improve your aging skin.

Naturally Skinsational is a recipe ebook written for those who are interested in natural organic products and would like to learn, in the simplest and easiest way possible, how to make their own rejuvenating skin care treatments.

It isn’t any big secret that the most popular cosmetic companies use natural ingredients in many of their formulations for anti-aging skin treatments. These companies take advantage of a wide range of natural ingredients such as rose petals. You will learn how the high concentration of vitamin C, nutrients and skin softening properties of rose petals will improve your skin tone and address many your aging skin issues when you begin making your own natural recipes and skin treatments. But, of course, your natural skin care treatments will much more effective because you are making the natural recipes with the freshest of ingredients at their height of potency while products that are purchased have been sitting on the store shelves for goodness knows how long!

“Each and every natural skin care recipe in this unique book is formulated using only those natural ingredients that have the most potent anti-aging attributes that work effectively to restore skin health, rejuvenate and treat aging skin symptoms .”That’s why!

Just think about it for a moment. . .

Then the Naturally Skinsational recipe ebook is just perfect for you!

And It’s Such a Skinsational Deal!

The natural recipes ebook includes an extensive natural skin care ingredient glossary which summarizes the properties and natural anti-aging attributes of each ingredient so that you can easily customize any recipe for your own aging skin concerns.  Whether your skin concerns are age spots, wrinkles, dryness, fine lines, sagging, toning or any combination of aging skin concerns; there are ingredients and natural recipes that will help treat your skin in an effective, natural way.

This wonderful new 130 page recipe ebook “Naturally Skinsational ~ Rejuvenating Skin Care Recipes” is jammed packed with anti-aging skin care recipes that effectively treat, prevent and help to reverse the signs of aging while making your skin look more healthy and vibrant than ever.It provides an amazing collection of over 150 skin rejuvenating natural  recipes that are not only simple but quick and easy to make. Every featured anti-aging natural skin care recipe is made with common  ingredients right from your own kitchen.

PLUS TWO MORE VERY SPECIAL FREEBIES. . .Special Note: * Limited time only

When you order today you also receive the  Starter Collection of twelve downloadable  4X6 Recipe Cards FREE! AND, on the download page you are invited to sign-up for the FREE e-course on starting your natural skin care routine.

The Naturally Skinsational recipe ebook is just the ticket to complete a holistic approach to caring for yourself and your aging skin.

Imagine knowing exactly which natural ingredients work best to effectively address aging skin issues!  For example, natural herbs with astringent properties such as rosemary and dandelions are simply terrific for treating oily and acne prone skin. You will learn which herbs and combinations work best for your skin type and your skin’s particular needs. Not to mention that you will be saving hundreds of dollars every year just by making your own natural recipes and skin treatments that really work.

Belle said it best when she wrote in her testimony of the Naturally Skinsational recipe ebook:

The entire recipe ebook not only includes natural recipes galore but is also liberally sprinkled with all types of exciting “Skinsational Natural Skin Care Tips” too!For example, did you know that rose petals are used commercially by the cosmetic industry as a skin softening agent in high end skin care products?Well, why not can give yourself a boutique of beautiful roses to enjoy then use the petals to whip up a rejuvenating facial recipe. How high end is that?

Zoe wrote to say:

“What a fun, simple and straight-forward skin care recipe ebook! I love that none of the recipes are complicated or require some obscure ingredient.  I am really enjoying making my own spa quality skin treatments for myself.What a steal too!  Other natural recipe books only have a handful of recipes, this one is jammed pack with one recipe right after the other… more than 150! I love that! It is a great recipe ebook for natural recipes for any skin type at any age! (It doesn’t hurt to start taking care of your skin the right and natural way early on and reap the rewards later in life!)””And by the way, my skin looks just marvelous!”

There really aren’t any hidden secrets or mysteries with the rejuvenating properties of natural ingredients used in skin care recipes…. just good old fashioned herbal lore that has proven to be effective for centuries formulated into homemade natural anti-aging skin care treatments!

Using a mixer, whip the egg white until stiff peaks form then continue to whip while gradually sprinkling in the unflavored gelatin. Finely mince the peppermint leaves, mash 1/2 of the grapefruit or passion fruit completely and add both ingredients gradually to the egg whites, whipping until thoroughly combined.Apply to warm, freshly washed facial skin for 20 minutes. Rinse well with warm water.

Followed by one of a plethora of skin rejuvenating “Skinsational Natural Skin Care Tips” like this one:

fruit is considered to be among one of the most powerful of the fruit
acids with strong antioxidant, exfoliant, and antibacterial properties
to heal and protect the skin.

Now it’s your turn to enjoy whipping up your own rejuvenating skin care treatments to  nourish your skin with all natural  anti-aging treatments for gorgeous, younger, healthier looking skin.

Trina broadened her holistic focus on health by adding the Naturally Skinsational recipe ebook to her growing collection wrote:

“This is all new to me but I love the natural, organic lifestyle and this recipe ebook gives me an opportunity to extend my natural focus to my skin as well.  My skin just loves the pampering I’ve been giving it with these natural recipes.My skin is more vibrant and healthy looking than it has been in years. With 50ish menopausal skin, battling dryness has been challenging but I’ve found that several of the moisturizing treatments have made an amazing difference.What I have found extremely interesting are all the Skinsational Tips that are included in the recipe ebook.  Who knew or would have guessed that common herbs have such a long legacy of medicinal properties.Naturally Skinsational is fabulous, absolutely fabulous!”Thank you so much,  Trina

So how will you know which natural ingredients work the best?The recipe ebook includes an extensive natural skin care ingredient glossary which summarizes the properties and natural attributes of each ingredient so that you can easily customize any recipe for your own aging skin concerns.Whether your skin concerns are age spots, wrinkles, dryness, fine lines, sagging, toning or any combination of aging skin concerns; there are ingredients and recipes that will help treat your skin in an effective, natural way.

I’m so confident that you’ll be thrilled with how much younger and  healthier your skin looks and feels, I guarantee it.  I want you to be completely happy with the Naturally Skinsational  recipe ebook so I offer you a full 8 week guarantee!If you’re not completely thrilled with your skin, and with how much  money you’ve saved we’ll give you a full 100% refund.  Simply send me an email in the first  8 weeks for a full refund. No questions asked!You just can’t lose on a deal like this!

The Naturally Skinsational recipe ebook is a 130 page, approximately 1.03MB PDF file which is quick and easy to download to your computer.Please note: Depending on your computer’s internet connection, download times may vary. In order to read PDF files, you also need the Adobe Acrobat Reader if you don’t already have it. You can download for free using this link: Download Adobe Acrobat ReaderClickBank is used as a secure authorized billing agent for your safety. Your order is placed with ClickBank who validates your credit card, PayPal, or echeck.

Download now for a younger more vibrant  Naturally Skinsational  appearance. . .

When you order today – for a limited time only- you will not only receive the Naturally Skinsational eBook but you will also get:

You are just going to love making your own natural skin care treatments. How do I know?   For the very best reason of all. . . natural skin care WORKS Great! You
will just love how much younger and beautiful your will skin look.
Wishing you a lifetime of healthy, beautiful and youthful skin,
naturally.  Enjoy! Skinsationally Yours, Sue

P.S. It really doesn’t get any better than making your own rejuvenating skin care products. I
know that you will truly enjoy all the skinsational tips, learning how
to best treat all the symptoms of aging skin with natural ingredients
and making the  easy yet effective rejuvenating natural recipes that
promote healthier, younger looking skin. . .All simply by making
your own homemade anti-aging skin care treatments with ingredients that
you already have right in your refrigerator and kitchen cabinets.  (You did buy the recipe ebook didn’t you?)

I wanted to add just one more unsolicited testimonial that I think you might like to read: Here’s Talia’s opinion of the  Naturally Skinsational Recipe eBook. . .

Dear Skin Care Resource Center, What a Skinsational Recipe eBook! I work at an upscale holistic spa which uses only natural, certified organic ingredients for our treatments. We know that most people can’t get fresh coconut milk flown to them overnight so it is at the peak of freshness or special varieties of seaweed imported from around the world or even the special, dark rich cocoa powder that is so wonderfully nourishing for the skin but we do love that the Naturally Skinsational recipe ebook focuses on the rejuvenating properties of common and easy to get ingredients. For those clients who want to continue an all natural anti-aging skin care regimen after their visit to our spa, we are happy to recommend such a well researched and well written book for them to learn how to prepare their own natural recipes for their own homemade natural skin care products. We all wholeheartedly agree. . . Naturally Skinsational is truly a skinsation! It is absolutely a “must have” for everyone interested in a natural approach to their aging skin care needs.  (Love all the natural skin care tips too!  They truly are “Skinsational Tips, that’s for sure.)Thank you from all of us at the Holistic Day Spa, Talia Senior Spa Clinician

P.S.S. Your skin deserves to be Naturally Skinsational too!

“The Naturally Skinsational ~ Rejuvenating Skin Care Recipe eBook Shows  You How To Harness The Power Of Nature For Beautiful, Younger Looking  Skin Simply By Using Common Ingredients Already In Your Refrigerator and Kitchen Cupboards. . .”

The Naturally Skinsational ~ Rejuvenating Skin Care Recipe eBook is written by Sue Dolan, the researcher and instructor for The Skin Care Resource Center’s anti-aging skin care and facial rejuvenation website. Sue is nationally recognized for her non-invasive, educational approach to the treatment of aging skin symptoms.  She has been featured along with her anti-aging skin care strategies in Real Simple Magazine and on the FOXNEWS Morning Show.

As Featured on the FOXNEWS Morning Show and in. . .

Get your copy today!EBOOK or PAPERBACK

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