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Running a background check on your new date or partner sounds natural in today’s world. There are many people search sites to consider but one of the most noteworthy is Read my review to find out more about this service. is a people search site similar to Truth Finder. Both sites draw information from the public records to put together comprehensive reports about one’s past and users tend to choose one site over the other based on preference.

However, Been Verified seems a tad more complex and easier to use than its truth finder counterpart. This tech-savvy platform allows for multiple types of searches and even suggests what you can or can’t use the service for.

Like most sites, is not for everyone. Here are a few things to consider before subscribing.

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Like most people search services, uses the public records to gather information about the US residents and delivers a report containing all available details of one’s past. These reports contain general information like age, sex, address, and phone number, but also more sensitive data regarding someone’s criminal records and eventual convictions.

Due to the amount of sensitive data included in each report, the service is dedicated exclusively to honest people who mean no harm. However, the site does little to monitor its members, therefore everyone can access the data for whatever purpose.

Yet, I discourage using the service if you want to stalk someone or to bring any moral or physical harm.

Another thing you should know is that Been Verified is not a free service. This is a logical consequence of the effort put by the platform into scouring all databases in search for the information you need and luckily, membership plans come at affordable prices.

Regarding payment and pricing, another thing to know is that a membership plan only gives you access to basic reports that usually contain information you can easily find by yourself via free search engines. Certainly, the process is time-consuming and I’d much rather pay a small fee and receive everything in minutes instead of searching for that data myself.

However, if you’re unwilling to pay for something that’s already out there, this service might not be for you.

Furthermore, if you want to find out the slightest details of someone’s past, you’ll have to pay a small supplementary fee for a Premium report. This is where I strongly disagree with the service even if this is common practice for most people search platforms.

Lastly, you must also know that Been Verified monitors exclusively the US residents. You won’t be able, for example, to track down your Irish uncle if he’s never lived in the States.


Been Verified is a people search platform committed to scrapping down the internet for the most personal details included in the public records of everyone who lives or has lived in the US. The service was launched in New York in 2007 and their owners have a tech-savvy approach that makes the platform ridiculously easy to use.

Accessing a report on someone requires literally minutes. You will have to simply fill in the form on the homepage and click on the search button.

The platform needs a few minutes to collect the information and put it together into a comprehensive file, then it prompts you to create an account and subscribe to a membership plan to access the data. Payment is quick and once your query has been processed, you’ll get the basic report including bountiful information about the searched person.

Accessing more sensitive data requires a supplementary fee, which luckily is affordable.

The membership includes unlimited searches and the service is ideal for a wide range of purposes. For example, you can use it to check on a date, to monitor your kid, to search for lost relatives or friends, and the list could go on and on.

Like anything else, the platform comes with pluses and minuses. Let’s have a more in-depth look at them.


  • Fast verification service: just type in the name and state where the person lives and you’ll get your results in minutes.
  • Multiple search options: if you don’t know the name but have a phone number or email address, you can use those to find out who the person is.
  • Consumer tools: the site is designed with the users in mind and includes a series of resources intended to help subscribers make the best use of their membership.


  • The basic report is comprehensive but incomplete and you’ll have to pay extra to access all details. Although there are various membership plans, they are rather expensive.

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By now you should have a clear understanding of what is and how it must be used. Yet, if you’re not yet sure the service is for you, have a look at the following features to decide.


While all people search services do the same thing, the amount of information included in the reports vary from platform to platform.

Been Verified includes a wealth of information if the basic report which contains details of a person’s personal details including name, knows aliases, address, and phone number, any criminal convictions or civil law issues.

Up to this point, the platform offers the same amount of information like all people search sites.

But this platform takes things one step further and also includes details about one’s relatives, neighbors, and even imposters.

This report also includes information and links to associated social media accounts.


If you’re still not happy with the amount of information included, you can pay for a Premium report which includes further details such as education and bankruptcies. Other things included in the Premium report are any judgments, permits, or licenses someone may possess.

Now, if you really want to find out everything about someone, getting a full report may be a great idea. But in most cases, I feel a basic report suffices.

Also, remember that is not FCRA approved, therefore you can’t use the service to conduct background checks on future employees or tenants, or for credit and loan purposes.


This feature is similar to Truth Finder’s reverse phone search feature and works in the same way. It is ideal to use if you’re receiving suspect phone calls or if you want to check who’s contacting your partner.  The search allows you to insert a phone number and it will return fast results.

My testing revealed these details were majorly accurate but some details, such as the carrier or the associated email address could be inaccurate.


A function present on only a few people search sites that allows you to conduct a reverse search using the email instead of the phone number.

Using this feature allows you to find out the name of someone you’ve met online if they refuse to disclose their full name and is particularly important if you want to find out more about a potential online dating partner.


The benefits of go beyond personal monitoring of people; you can use the advanced search features in your dashboard to find out details about a property you’re interested in.

This is one of the features I like best and that I used when searching for a new home after getting married.

Property Search is very easy to use. Just fill in the details of the property, aka the address, and the software will return a comprehensive report including past owners and tenants, tax problems, information about the neighborhood, and other interesting details that can make or break your deal.


Another nice feature, especially if you’re a parent of teens, is the possibility to monitor other people’s social media accounts. The platform simply warns you when someone brought changes to the public information included in these accounts.


Using the platform even on the go is possible thanks to the intuitive app available for Android and Apple devices, including Apple smart watches.

Admittedly I enjoyed the app much more than the platform when it comes to actually search but preferred the desktop version to access the report.

The best part of the app is that you can use it anywhere, and that’s particularly useful if you want to run a background check on someone you’ve just met at a party.


If you encounter any problems while using the service, a friendly customer service team available 7 days a week will answer all your questions and concerns.

As a side note, you’ll have to contact the customer service if you want to cancel your subscription. Sadly, there is no option to manage this online and the membership plan will renew automatically unless you cancel before the renewal date.

FINAL THOUGHTS is a great people search service that is truly worth every dime. It provides comprehensive reports on most people and is only limited by the geographical area and amount of information available in the public records.

Most trial tests I run returned results with a decent level of accuracy. From my experience, I can say Been Verified is perfect for checking on your new date, to monitor your husband and kids, and even to conduct personal background checks to make sure there are no mistakes in your records.

Certainly, this platform has its limits and won’t give you a report if there is no data available. But in general lines, the service is satisfactory and noteworthy if you want to stay safer in the violent world we live in.

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