Reacting To "STOP Giving Women FREE ATTENTION! (RED PILL)" By The33Secrets

In this video, I react to “STOP Giving Women FREE ATTENTION! ( RED PILL )” by The33Secrets. Similar to the other red pill coaches I’ve reacted to, I don’t necessarily agree with a lot of it but there are a couple good points in this video nonetheless. If I’m being honest, I’m really not a fan of the manipulative advice or tactics that so many of these PUA’s discuss. Thank you all for watching and let me know what you want me to react to next!

5 MAJOR Signs That You’re Being A SIMP! (STOP DOING THIS!):

Reacting To “How To Get A Woman To Think About You Nonstop | 3 Powerful Ways!” By Apollonia Ponti:

4 Tips On How To Approach Women (WITHOUT BEING CREEPY!):

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