Masked Singer Meets Blind Dating – NEW TV Show – Sexy Beasts

On Wednesday, Netflix dropped a trailer for a new dating show titled “Sexy Beasts.” Just by reading the name of the title you don’t quite understand what the show is about.

You would assume that this show would be featuring Attractive people just looking for love. Well… you would be horribly mistaken.

Imagine if blind dating got set up with the Masked Singer. Now I think you understand where they are going with the title “Sexy Beasts”

Let me read you the show’s description;

“The daters are all transformed into animals and other creatures through the use of prosthetics and remain in those costumes throughout the dates. After the featured dater makes his or her selection, the costumes are finally removed. It’s at that point that the dater gets to see whether the choice they made based on personality matches up with the choice they would have made based on looks if they were able to see the others during the dates.’

Let’s talk about this show!!

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