Is the 5G Radiation From Your Phone Killing You?

With the advent of 5G technology, concerns have been raised about the potential health risks of exposure to its electromagnetic radiation. Many people are worried that the radiation emitted by their cell phones could be causing harm to their bodies, leading to questions about the safety of 5G technology.

To investigate this issue, a recent YouTube video has emerged where the host tests the strength of radiation that comes from their cell phone using a GQ EMF-390 EMF Meter. The video begins by explaining that the term “radiation” is often used in a broad sense and that not all types of radiation are harmful. Electromagnetic waves come in various ranges, from radio waves to gamma rays, and it’s the electromagnetic waves with short wavelengths that we need to be concerned about as they have more energy.

The host then tests the strength of radiation coming from their cell phone, Wi-Fi, and cell phone towers using the EMF meter. They find that there is no ionizing radiation coming from their phone, which is the type of radiation that can cause damage to DNA and lead to cancer or acute radiation sickness. They also test the strength of radiation near a 5G cell phone tower and find that even standing close to the tower doesn’t result in significant levels of radiation exposure.

However, when the host tests the strength of the 5G signal coming directly off their phone, they find significantly higher levels of radiation, up to 1089 milliwatts per meter squared when making a FaceTime call. This is much higher than the radiation detected near the cell phone tower.

The host explains that the packets of signal sent out by the phone are more choppy than the continuous signal from other sources, making it difficult to determine the precise level of radiation exposure. However, the video suggests that it’s possible that the radiation from the 5G signal emitted by phones could be of concern, especially when making phone calls.

Overall, while the video doesn’t provide conclusive evidence that 5G radiation is harmful, it does suggest that there may be cause for concern. As with any new technology, it’s essential to monitor its impact on human health and take precautions if necessary. The video highlights the need for further research into the potential risks of 5G radiation and encourages individuals to take measures to limit their exposure, such as using hands-free devices when making phone calls or limiting cell phone use in general.

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