I'm Only 3ft Tall – Will My 6ft Blind Date Mind? | DATING DIFFERENT


JONNA ROSS is a 31-year-old singleton currently living in Kingsburg, California, who was born with a rare form of dwarfism. Jonna told Truly: “I’m only 3 feet and typically (people with) other types of dwarfism are a lot taller than me. I look average size, just smooshed together!” High school was the hardest for Jonna as kids were having crushes but no-one wanted to date a ‘little person’. She said: “Dating with dwarfism is very different. Dating someone that has something physically different about them, you’re learning to understand and there’s a lot of questions to be asked!” Jonna has never been on a blind date and doesn’t have many expectations. “The only expectation I have is that he’s nice and that it goes well! As I get older I realize that if someone that’s genuine and honest and loyal is like a huge checklist!” Will Jonna’s blind date – 6ft 1” Brian – be the guy of her dreams?

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Videographer: Matt Mealer, Joe Roberts
Producers: Dav Rich and Ruby Coote
Editor: Paul Zeller

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