How To Tell If A Guy Likes You At Work

Are you thinking about whether a work colleague is romantically interested in you? 

Are you terribly confused as to whether he’s flirting or just being nice? 

It can be tough to take that first step in the workplace, especially in modern society.

That’s why I created this guide revealing 16 clear signs that a male colleague is attracted to you. These tips will help you realise when it’s a good idea to flirt back with him.

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It can be really
difficult to figure out if someone at work does actually like you because you
can’t openly flirt with each other like you would if you were elsewhere.
However, there are a few signs that you should be able to pick up on to figure
out if your co-worker does like you or not. 

1. He smiles at you
across the room.


If one of your colleagues likes you, you will notice that he smiles at you a lot. He will look around to see where you are in the room, just to flash a smile your way. Of course, he could just be a really happy person, but if he likes you, you will be able to notice that he smiles at you a lot more than anyone else in the office. You might want to look at the way he smiles at you, and when. For example, it’s normal for people in your office to give you a quick smile when you walk in the room. But, if this guy likes you he will look at you and smile at you throughout the day, not just when you come in. The type of smile will also be different. He will look at you in a cheeky and genuinely happy way, not the same way as he smiles at the boss.

2. He makes an effort
to speak to you.

This could just be a
sign that he is being nice, but if he speaks to you more than anyone else, it’s
probably because he really likes you and wants to focus on you. To confirm
this, you need to start noticing how he speaks to you. Is he being particularly
flirty with you, asking about your life or touching you gently on the arm while
he speaks to you? If so, these are all signs that this man likes you and wants
to know more about you or take you out. One of the biggest signs that he makes
an effort to speak to you is if he tries to speak to you alone a lot of the
time. For example, if you walk into the kitchen, he might follow you shortly
after so that you can chat while you both make coffee, without interruption.

3. He asks you about
your life outside of work.

A guy that likes you at work, won’t want to know you just at work. He will want to know everything about your life outside of work because he wants to be a part of it. Therefore, if you notice that this man is always asking you what you are doing after work or about your personal life and loved ones, it’s because he likes you. If you take time off work when you return you can be guaranteed that he will be the first person to ask you what you were doing and how your time off was.

Another obvious way to
tell that he likes you is if he asks you if you are in a relationship. This
isn’t very subtle, but he might try to find it out in a subtle way, so whenever
he tries to pry a little more than normal, pay attention to it. He might be
trying to figure out if he has a chance with you. 

4. He connects with
you on social media.

Sometimes you might
have a work Facebook group, but you will rarely connect with a lot of your
colleagues over social media. This is because there simply isn’t any need to
see what the people you work with are doing in their private life, and vice
versa. However, if this guy wants to be apart of your life outside work, he
will ask if he can connect with you on social media. He takes an interest in
seeing what you’re up to and wants to establish another kind of relationship
with you in the real world. Having each other on social media also opens up the
opportunity of the two of you to talk when you aren’t in person. If this person
does follow you or have you as a friend, you might want to pay attention to
what they are doing on your social media. For example, he might like your
photos, comment on your posts or message you whenever you put up a story. This
is a clear sign that this is no longer just business between the two of you.

5. He asks you for

You will be able to
tell if this guy likes you if he is always asking what your plans are on your
lunch break. He might not be confident enough to ask you on a proper date
outside of work, but he might want to grab lunch with you. It’s also a lot less
daunting for him to ask you out for lunch if other people at your work eat
lunch together. He will see going for lunch with you as a date, and it allows
him time outside of the office to speak to you openly, and not about work. If
you are too busy to go for lunch, you might notice that he will bring lunch to
you or bring you a snack from the supermarket. He might also bring coffee to
your desk in the morning. These are all strong signs that he likes you because
he is giving you special attention at work.

6. He will always come
to the rescue if you are having a problem with your work.

If you are having some
issues with your work, or you don’t understand something, then it’s guaranteed
that this is the man that will come to your rescue. Even if he works in a
completely different department, he will be ready and eager to help you with
any problems you have, even if he can’t understand it fully he will give it a
good shot. He will want to help you to make your life easier of course, but he
is also doing it so that you can both spend more time together and it allows
him to hang around your desk for a little longer than he should. While he is
fixing your computer or trying to show you how something works, you will notice
that he starts to talk about things that aren’t work-related. He will probably
hope that you find it attractive that he’s come and helped you too, so maybe
you will start to reciprocate the feelings he has towards you.

7. He will offer to
drive you home.

Clearly, this one will
only apply to you if you don’t drive, but if this man is offering to give you a
ride home from work, he isn’t only trying to be helpful, but he is figuring out
a way to spend more time with you. You might have never thought about it
before, but a car is also actually quite a personal space. You will be sitting
very close to each other and you might be able to feel the spark between you.
In addition to this, he might be hoping that he will be invited into your place
when you get there. He will be hoping to become more than just a work friend to
you and is trying to establish a relationship outside of work. 

8. He looks at you a

If this man likes you,
he will show it through the amount of eye contact he has with you, or how often
he looks at you and in what kind of way. When a man likes a woman, he will look
at her, a lot. He will follow her with his eyes as she walks, he will check her
out from behind and when he does make eye contact with her, he will hold it for
just a little too long.

We normally all notice
when someone is looking at us, even if we can’t see them. So, if you think that
he is looking at you, this is your chance to see if you’re right and just
quickly turn and face him. If he looks away quickly or blushes, you can confirm
that he was looking at you. If you can see him from your desk, you might be
able to see how many times he looks at you during the day. He might be taking
glances throughout the day, to try and make it not obvious that he is looking
at you. However, you’re on to him now and he can’t hide his glances. If the two
of you do make eye contact, he will probably hold it with you for a little too
long. He won’t look at you with the same kind of eyes that he does with
everyone else. He will be looking at you in an intense, sensual and sultry way.
If you notice these things, it’s a sure sign that he is into you.

9. He makes an obvious
effort with his appearance.

This man might just be
a fashionable kind of guy, but it’s pretty unusual for someone to make such an
effort with their appearance to go to work. If he likes you, he will want to
look good for you. You might be able to notice that he has a lot of cologne on,
his hair is perfect, and shirt is perfectly ironed. Of course, this could be a
sign that he likes someone else in the office, so be careful that you don’t go
off just this sign when you’re trying to find out if he likes you. He might
make it obvious that he’s looking good for you though. For example, he might
ask you if you like his new shirt or shoes. If he does this, he is trying to
show you that he has made an effort to look good for you, and he is probably
trying to get some kind of compliment from you, so he can see if you think he
looks attractive.

10. He compliments

If this guy likes you,
he might actually make it quite obvious, but you might think that he is just
being friendly. If he wants to be subtle, he will compliment you on a recent
project you have done or the way you handled yourself in a meeting. If he wants
to be more obvious, he will compliment the way you look or say something
personal, like telling you he likes it when you smile. As long as he isn’t the
office charmer and acts this way with everyone, this is a strong sign that he
is into you and he wants you to know that. He might also compliment you to other
people. If he is speaking highly of you to your other colleagues, this can be
really sweet, and he may or may not want you to find out that he’s been saying
these things.

11. You have jokes

If this man likes you,
he will have made an effort to make you laugh. This is because laughter is one
of the main reasons we get turned on, and it’s very important if we are to see
a future with anyone. So, at some point, he might have made a joke about
someone or something at work with you. He has started an inside joke between
the two of you, and you might realize that the two of you are always giggling
about it when you are together. He has been really clever there because he’s
created something for just the two of you to laugh about. He is already making
your relationship together change from strictly business to a fun friendship.

12. Your other
colleagues tell you that he likes you.

When we like someone,
we definitely all give off certain energy and people around you will notice
this. People around you will also notice it more if it’s reciprocated and
someone feels the same way towards you. We can all feel if there is sexual
tension between two people. Therefore, your other colleagues might have spoken
to you and told you that this guy likes you, or that you should just go on a
date already because it’s so obvious that the two of you like each other. Your
colleagues might openly tease the two of you and try to wind you up. It might
even be a well known and well talked about fact in the office. Everyone just
wants you to both get it on. If other people can notice that he likes you, or
that you like each other, then this is a pretty clear sign that he does.

13. He opens up to

If this man likes you,
he won’t only want you to open up to him about your life, but he will do the
same. He will probably spill a little too much information about his personal
life to you, while you’re grabbing a coffee in the kitchen together or he is
giving you a hand with something. You would never speak like that with anyone
else at your work, so why is this happening? This is happening because he likes
you and he wants to show you that. He is opening up about his personal life so
that you can see him as an actual person, rather than just a work colleague. He
might also hope that if he opens up to you, that you will do the same. He is
trying to show you that he’s willing to tell you things about his life and
himself that he wouldn’t tell anyone else. He’s showing you that you are
special to him.

14. He shows that he
likes you through his body language.

There are so many body language signs that show if someone is attracted to someone else, but we are just going to talk about a few. If you want to read about more then please feel free to head over to, “Body Language of Men Falling In Love (12 Signs to Look Out For)”.

One of the most
obvious ways body language can show us that a person likes us is if they are
always facing their body towards us. They are trying to show us that they are
focused on us and it also makes sure that their body is always right in view
for us, possibly trying to get us turned on. Another one might be that he acts
particularly nervous when he is around you, so he sweats a little or messes up
his words. You make him feel out of control, so his body will be too. The last
body language sign that we will talk about is the fact that he will mirror your
movements. For example, if you are sitting or standing in a certain way, he
will do the same. These are all signs that he can’t control himself when he’s with
you because he likes you so much.

15. He flirts with

If this man flirts
with you, he is clearly not wanting to keep the relationship between the two of
you only business-related. He might compliment you or tease you, or maybe he
will even ask you out. He might go as far as to wink at you while you are at
your desk or send you little cheeky messages while he can see you, to see your
reaction. Depending on how confident he is will depend on the level of flirting
he does with you. However, this is an obvious and clear sign that he likes and
wants you. More obvious than this, if he asks you on a date or wants to go for
an after-work drink, he wants it.

16. You can feel it.

Like I mentioned
earlier, there is a certain energy that you can feel when someone is into you.
The majority of the time, your gut instincts are correct. So, if you really
think that he has feelings for you and wants to move your relationship into the
real world, that’s probably the truth.

A brief warning…

Even though having a crush
at work can be really fun, and it makes going into work every day feel a lot
more exhilarating, you have to understand that it might be difficult or
complicated if the two of you are going to become something more serious. The
company that you work for might not be happy for the two of you if they find
out, and that might create problems going forward. Also, it can actually be
difficult to work with someone every day that you date and you might get sick
of seeing them, even if it seems romantic at first. 

You might also feel
like you never really take a break from work, because you speak about work with
this guy, even when you have time away from the office. It can also get really
awkward if you both break up. Do you really want to have to sit in a room with
your ex for eight hours a day?


I really hope that
this article has helped you if you are trying to work out if a certain guy at
work likes you. If you figure out that he does, that’s great and you should
enjoy getting to know him. Just be careful of the risks associated with dating
someone that you work with.

Did this article help
you at all? If it did and you liked what you read, please let us know in the
comments. We would love to hear from you.

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