How to Impress a Boy: 5 Things You Can Do to Impress a Guy You Really Like

If you are divorced with a baby, you have the chance to impress a new guy with your maturity and mothering skills. I don’t know how old you are but if you’re young, don’t fret. Sooner or later every guy gives thought to whether or not a girl he’s interested in will make a good mother to his kids. So there’s definitely going to be guys out there who will love you.

What bothers me a bit about your question is the way you say ‘I like a boy.’ You didn’t say ‘I like a guy’ or ‘a man.’ So if you’re telling me you’re old enough to be married and divorced, and you have a baby, but your romantic target is still a boy, I’m suggesting you move on and look for someone else. (Unless you were a young bride and the guy is actually about your age.)

It seems to me you just have to be friendly and open in the way you speak to the guy …. and don’t hide the fact you have a child. But be sensible about how you approach any new relationship. Obviously you’ve slept with the father of your child, but that shouldn’t mean you are too quick to jump into bed with the next guy. Respect yourself and expect any future partners to respect you as well.

Some guys might be worried you’ll fall pregnant to them as well, so be prepared to have that kind of conversation without being offended. We all know there are some girls/women who have lots of kids to lots of different fathers. If you’re not like that, you need to be prepared to explain it. I do want you to remember that lots of guys respect a girl who has a baby instead of an abortion, even if they’re not married.

My last point is more about your baby than the guy you like. You absolutely must give thought to whether or not any future partner is suitable for your child, just as much as if he is suitable for you. Why? Because your baby is an innocent passenger, who has no choice but to join you on the journey you take in life. There are way too many men in the world who treat babies badly. You don’t want to risk the safety and happiness of your child in your pursuit of finding a new partner. At the first hint that a guy is not patient and caring and responsible towards your baby, dump the guy.

There are plenty more men in the world, but only one beautiful baby who loves you trusts you and needs you to provide a safe and loving home environment. So don’t get caught up worrying about some guy is going to love you. You need a guy who loves you and your baby. It might take you a while to find him, but he’ll be worth the wait.

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