How To Attract A Scorpio Man (13 Ways To Seduce Him)

A Scorpio man will instantly catch your eyes. His mesmerizing gaze and dashing good looks combined with a sprinkle of mystery that any girl stops in their tracks. Not only are Scorpio men known for the hypnotizing look they give you, but they’re also known for making a woman feel like they’re the only ones in the world. They make a girl feel like someone special. 

A Scorpio does this with the perfect balance of possessiveness and independence. They are also known for always being a bit strong-willed, intensely passionate, and have the potential of becoming the man of your dreams. 

If you want to attract a Scorpio, though, you have to know how to attract a Scorpio man. Scorpios are known for being hard to get. This sign always seems to know things, so manipulating them is not the way you should go about things. Being fake will get you kicked to the curb and never given a chance. Instead, follow these tips to attract a Scorpio. 

How To Attract Him


1. Be Mysterious

If there is one thing you need to remember about a Scorpio man, it’s that this man loves a little bit of mystery. Instead of trying to attract Scorpio by telling him everything, leave certain things to the imagination. If he has to take some time to figure you out, he will always make time for long conversations with you. Not only does he love trying to solve puzzles, but Scorpio also needs to delve into a mystery to stay interested in a new flame. 

2. Send Subtle Signals

Scorpio likes to flirt, and they like to chase women. This man needs to feel like he’s in control of the situation, though. Instead of chasing him, send subtle signals that you’re interested, and then let him take control. Never be the one pursuing a Scorpio, or you’ll be left disappointed. 

If you’re not the best at flirting, it’s time to tune your skills a bit. These tips require little effort and will show him you’re interested. 

3. Confidence Is Key

3. Confidence Is Key

Being sure of yourself is one of the easiest ways to attract a Scorpio man. These guys tend to slowly migrate towards confident women. Fake confidence will not work, though. You need to be someone that knows what they want and is truly confident in yourself. Scorpio will pick up on this from a mile away, and you won’t have to be the one to initiate conversation. Instead, you’ll instantly become his prey. 

4. Play Hard To Get

You don’t want to come off as too easy to the Scorpio, but not disinterested either. Instead, playing it coy is the perfect way to let Scorpio know that you like him. Make sure that he knows you are sexually attracted to him and able to satisfy his voracious needs in the bedroom without giving him all the goods too soon. Make him work for it. Scorpio is a very sexual sign,  and the Scorpio man loves a challenge. 

5. Always Tell The Truth

It might make sense to not be too blunt when getting to know a man, but that is not the case when it comes to a Scorpio man. Instead, Scorpio appreciates honesty more than anything. If they ask something, it is because they want to know the truth. They can also tell when someone is lying or intentionally hiding something as though it is the sixth sense. Make sure to tell them the truth, but if it’s embarrassing, simply laugh it off. Scorpio has a sense of humor, and they like it when someone will not let the little things get to them, so laughing it off is the best answer. 

6. Don’t Pressure Him To Open Up

Scorpio usually seems like he has secrets, and he may be full of mysteries that you find intriguing, but it’s important to allow him to open up in his own time. This man will take his time getting to know you, flirting with you, and deciding you are the one before he’ll take the leap of opening. Don’t forget, he also prefers to be the one in control, so you’ll kill two birds with one stone if you sit back and give him the time he will need. 

7. Dress Attractively, But Not Provocative

When considering how to attract a Scorpio man, looks do come into the equation. Scorpio is not shallow, but they do appreciate someone that looks sensual. Take time with your appearance, paying attention to the details. Choose a dress or outfit that will show off your curves without revealing too much. Scorpio needs to be able to chase you, and those plunging necklines don’t leave much to fantasize about. 

8. Don’t Be Bossy

8. Don’t Be Bossy

One of the main things to remember when considering how to attract a Scorpio man is that it is important not to tell them what to do. This man prefers to be in charge, and is often the boss or working towards a promotion to achieve that. If you want this sign to like you, let them know that they are in control. Give Scorpio their way, but simultaneously not everything that they want at the same time. If you find the balance, this sign will never be able to get enough of you

9. Astound Him With Your Ambition

A Scorpio man will fall in love with ambition. Bragging will not be perceived as rude with this zodiac sign. Instead, he’ll enjoy hearing about all your accomplishments, and would love to listen to your dreams. This man will push you to do your best, and he’ll appreciate your independence. If you have your own goals, it’s a great indicator that he’ll have the freedom he desires in a relationship. If you want him to be your man, be as ambitious as possible. 

10. Have Patience

The Scorpio man is known for being hard to convince to let go and fall in love. If you’re going after this zodiac, be prepared for it to last quite a while before he’s ready to fall in love. Scorpio man isn’t trying to be difficult, but he likes to be the one to analyze you, get to know you, and he wants to guarantee that he likes you. 

11. A Gentle, Kind Nature Will Win This Man Over

Scorpio man is known for being intense, so a woman with a kind, gentle nature will help him relax. This will also help him feel comfortable opening up, something that he will only do with a woman that he sees a future with. Ensure that you show your most gentle side with this man to attract him. 

12. He Will Love Being Your Protector

A Scorpio man will want to protect you. He values independence and ambition because it gives him a certain amount of freedom, but too much independence and he will feel as though you do not need him. This is a sure-fire method to push away a Scorpio man. 

Instead, allow yourself to be a little bit vulnerable with him. Tell him about your ambitions, but include your fears in the conversation too. When a Scorpio man can protect you, he will want to stick around a little bit longer. 

13. Don’t Be Hot-Headed

13. Don’t Be Hot-Headed

A Scorpio man more than likely spent a significant amount of time fine-tuning his personality to control his passionate nature and how intense he is, two key traits that a Scorpio man is known for. This will result in him being very emotionally balanced, and he won’t want to be in love with someone that throws temper tantrums or reacts quickly to their emotions. 


How Do You Make A Scorpio Man Fall In Love With You?

To get a Scorpio man to fall in love with you, love yourself first. Be confident enough to show you’re confident, reveal your insecurities, and have patience. Let him see the real you to discover how loyal this zodiac is. 

How Do You Win A Scorpio Man’s Heart?

To win the heart of a Scorpio man, be honest, vulnerable, and don’t sleep with them too soon. It doesn’t matter how high their sex drive is, hold out on heading to the bedroom or you can turn into a casual sex partner instead. 

How Do You Know If A Scorpio Man Likes You?

A Scorpio man will stare at you intensely when they like you. They will listen to every word, pay attention to details and they will flirt a lot. These are the flirts of the zodiac, and they are not shy about showing interest. 

How Do You Get A Scorpio’s Attention?

Subtly flirt with these guys by making direct eye contact, showing off your curves and then play it cool to encourage them to come to you. Don’t be the one to chase them or they can lose interest quickly. 

How Do Scorpios Flirt?

These men don’t flirt at first. Instead, they stare at you, analyzing you to decide if they want to chase you or not. Then, they will pay more attention to you, have longer conversations with you, and compliment you. 

On A Final Note…

Snagging a Scorpio man takes a certain amount of confidence and skill, but once these guys are in your life you will realize that they are well worth the extra time and effort. Have you ever been in a relationship with this zodiac sign? What advice would you give to women?

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