How Hypnosis Can Help You Lose Weight And Improve Your Relationships

Everyone has negative habits, but most lack the willpower to conquer them. Hypnosis is an excellent way to channel the subconscious mind to treat your physical and psychological issues. Being in this altered state can help you relax and change your thoughts, perceptions, and behavior.

Did you know that you can remember a past life or even details about what happened to you while in this trance-like state? This process opens you to the power of suggestion, and it will help you to relax, ease your fears, and empower you for happiness.

Some people are wary of being hypnotized because they’ve seen people perform these acts on television or at a fair. While you can put someone in a trance and make them hop like a bunny, it’s not how this altered state should be used.

The Historical Significance of Hypnosis


History dates hypnotherapy back to Egypt’s Old Kingdom, which is more than 5,000 years ago.

A German physician, Franz Mesmer, found that he could treat his patient by altering their state of consciousness and retraining their thought processes. It was the 18th century, and many physicians were skeptical of such an act; however, they couldn’t help but notice how effectively it worked in treating ailments.

There was no name for the treatment until James Braid took an interest in it. He found that the people in this entranced state were sleeping peacefully yet still had some awareness. Shocked and enthralled by this phenomenon, he called it hypnosis. He used the Greek term “Hypnos,” used to refer to the sleep of the Gods, to dub this radical treatment.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and this altered state is still being used to treat people today. However, people are less open to alternative therapies these days than they were back then, but things are progressing.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Some practitioners call hypnosis hypnotherapy as they are put into a trance-like state to increase focus. Mental imagery is used as well as verbal repetition. Many people say that the feelings during this altered state are calm and relaxed. However, it helps them to gain control over the things in life that trouble them.

The interesting fact about being in this altered state is that you don’t lose control over yourself, but rather you are more open to the power of suggestion. However, these acts cannot be practiced by just anyone as the person should be trained clinically.

Here are ways to support someone who is trying to quit smoking.

The Fifteen Benefits of Trying Hypnosis

Some people have mastered the art of self-hypnosis, especially after a complicated thing like chemotherapy treatments. There are many benefits to the subconscious from being in this hypnotic state, and they are just as fascinating as the process itself. Here are just a few things that hypnotherapy can do for you.

1. Weight Loss

Are you tired of fighting your weight? No matter what you do, the numbers on the scale don’t reflect your efforts. There may be hope for you through hypnosis. A study was conducted by the American University of Beirut Medical Center.

They used participants from ages 18-64 years of age. They found that by adding hypnotherapy to a diet and exercise plan that people lost weight faster. This study shows that weight loss first begins in the mind and gaining control over your thought processes.

2. Lowering Anxiety and Relieving Stress

There is a profound effect on stress and anxiety when you’re in a hypnotic state. People don’t realize the levels of tension and fear that they feel until they watch their worries melt away in this trance-like state. Many have found that this process helps them to let go of thoughts and feelings that cause tension, and it helps to relax the nerves and the mind.

3. Stop Smoking

Smoking is a problem that takes more than 443,000 people’s lives each year. There are all kinds of tools and gadgets on the market for those who want to quit smoking. However, they work for some and not for others.

However, the alternative medical community has found that by using hypnotic therapy on people, they can reduce or quit smoking.

4. Change Habits

While smoking is one bad habit, there are plenty of other ones that need to be addressed. Things as typical as chronic nail-biting can be a real problem. Again, hypnotherapy seems to work wonders for these overwhelming issues.

5. Overcoming Fears

Many fears are irrationally based. For instance, some folks are afraid of the craziest things like aluminum foil or mayonnaise. When fears dictate stuff in your life, it’s called a phobia.

Phobias are easy to resolve in therapy. From the fear of snakes and spiders to crippled in panic and unable to drive, hypnotherapy is often the answer. During this altered state, the practitioner and speak to the fears that control your mind.

6. Improves Focus

In this trance-like state, you can focus and make better decisions. Do you have problems with mental clarity and concentrate on the task at hand? Some people can forgo ADHD medications and treat their issues naturally.

Doing this process regularly will help you increase your concentration and productivity, and it’s so easy that you can even learn to use self-hypnosis to gain a new perspective on old problems.

7. Increases Empathic Ability

Who would think that your emotional intelligence needs tweaking as well as your empathic nature? When you open yourself up and explore your emotional energy, you will begin to understand how they work. You can develop new perspectives on life and delve into the functional state of your personality.

One of the beautiful things about letting go of old perspectives is that you gain new ones to replace them. When you open yourself full, you can channel new energies and use this energy to help others, which is the key to honing your empathic abilities.

8. Assists in Goal Achievement

Since this state works on the subconscious mind, it helps you to think better. Many folks find that it’s a great way to boost their self-esteem, increase their confidence, and develop a more positive nature. When you reduce all your fears and worries, you can be free to be who you are without holding back.

9.Strengthens the Immune System

You’ve heard that stress kills, but did you know how damaging all the anxiety and panic you have is to your immune system? When you are under pressure, your immune system is compromised and loses its healing capabilities. You can reverse these situations by controlling your stress through hypnotherapy.

10. Control Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Your brain and gut are connected, but did you know that there is some correlation to IBS and anxiety? When you get your stress under control, many find that the symptoms of irritable bowel resolve. There was a study done in 2003 that showed that using hypnotherapy on IBS showed an improvement of more than 70 percent.

11. Helps with Loneliness and Helplessness

There are times when you feel lonely or helpless, but you must realize that you’re not alone. Everyone feels this way on occasion. In a hypnotic state, you can control your higher self.

When you tap into this power, you can erase negative energies and mindsets that cripple you. So even depression can be eased when you learn how to control the power of your mind.

12. Increases Self-Esteem

Taping into that higher self can do miraculous things, and increasing your self-esteem is one of them. Since you are delving into your subconscious, you are directly attacking the forces that are held in this part of your mind. You take authority over things, like poor self-esteem, when you learn how to access this information.

13. Maintain Balance and Serenity

Do you long to have serenity and inner peace? When you are aware of how suppressed your emotions are by the cares of life, you can start freeing them. You will learn how to move away from the pain and suffering as you lay down your emotional baggage. Once the heavy load is gone, you will feel an overwhelming sense of balance and tranquility.

14. Improve Relationships

Do you have personality traits and behaviors that some find offensive? Do you do things that make others mad without even trying? You can take control of these personality flaws through hypnotherapy.

When you increase your emotional intelligence, you also improve your empathy. Additionally, it gives you power over negative emotions like jealousy, anger, shyness, and pain from past failures.

15. Improves Sleep

Did you know that 30 percent of the American population suffers from insomnia? Thankfully, one of the most important aspects of hypnosis is that when you release the stress, anxiety, and bad habits that hold you back, you can rest easy at night.

Final Thoughts on Trying Hypnosis to Improve Better Health

Do you have any emotional baggage you want to get rid of, or do you have a bad habit that seems to cause you much grief? You can take control of your emotions, health, and all those pesky emotional issues using a hypnotic state.

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