How Dating Apps Affect Us

Internet Analysis: dating apps!! finally! this video is an overview of the history of online dating, why we use dating apps, and how they affect our behavior and self-esteem. Enjoy!
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We have to deal with so much, dating online! so many different apps and websites: okcupid, PoF, christianmingle, tinder, match, happn, bumble??? We have to make our profiles, judge other people on their photos, reply to too many messages. Plus the worst: bad pick up lines, ghosting, breadcrumbing ??? I’M OVERWHELMED – thank god I have a boyfriend

0:00 – intro & quick history of online dating
1:16 – the three main types of online dating, according to me: traditional dating websites, dating & hookup apps, and meeting “organically” online
2:12 – online dating has become common and normalized. due to technology and people moving to new cities, it’s easiest to meet people online
4:07 – why else do people use dating apps?
4:36 – PSA: meeting your partner online is valid!! congrats on finding love! don’t let the online dating stigma bother you
5:39 – this vid is a bit heteronormative. the next vid in this series will include how race and sexuality can impact your experience online dating
6:22 – photos and profiles can be misleading. dating sites like or okcupid calculate your compatibility based on how you answer SURVEYS and questionnaires (I love them ok sorry)
7:52 – apps like Tinder are photo-centric. people judge others based on their photos / how photogenic they are. Is it fair to overly edit / Facetune your online dating photos?
10:35 – people judge you based on your profile or photos, but those are not YOU! not the real you, you know??
11:28 – SWIPING. it’s addictive. it’s dehumanizing. it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to dating apps tbh
12:18 – dating apps give us TOO MANY OPTIONS
12:59 – a generalization of the behavior of straight people on dating apps AND A CLIP FROM CONTRAPOINTSSS BLESS HER
14:44 – how do dating apps affect our self-esteem? do people use dating apps for validation? how can we have a healthy relationship with these apps?
16:37 – people behave terribly on dating apps and they’re pretty bad at communication. having so many other options at your fingertips can cause people to be careless or disrespectful
19:40 – many people get trapped in the online dating cycle, with endless swiping, chats, meetups, then back to swiping. What happens when we distract ourselves from rejection?
20:23 – more inconsiderate, unhealthy behaviors, such as ghosting and breadcrumbing
22:45 – are there any ways for us to make online dating better?

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