GIRLFRIEND DATING SENPAI – Friday Night Funkin' Animation

GIRLFRIEND DATING SENPAI – Friday Night Funkin’ Animation | Bunny Games

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As you already know, Friday Night Funkin is a HUGE hit on the rhythm game genre. The original story is around Boyfriend trying to hook up with Girlfriend, but EVERYONE in town seems not to like it. They tried to defeat Boyfriend and separated the young couple. As love is blind, the youngs success passing many WEEKS together, no matter how hard is it.
Base on that, we’re making stories about all the characters in Friday Night Funkin’ and even Fan make ones or crossover characters.

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Producer – Thanh Tan
Director – Vu Linh
Scriptwriter – Lan Anh
Artist – Gia Huy , Anh Phuong
Animator: Quynh Nhu
Voice Actor – To Uyen, Gia Hung
Compositor – Ngoc Quy

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