Ep#9: OAKLEY HAS A DATE! – (Cute & Funny Dachshund Dogs Dating)

In this episode, Oakley the #Dachshund uses the #dating app Dogr to find a cute match for himself from an array of all different types of #dogs and hey, even a pet pig! He swipes through a Great Dane, Bulldog, pig, before finally swiping left on the adorable little Yorkie named Mila!

He then asks Mila to go on a non-electronic date with him, after she clarifies that he has been vaccinated of course.

Oakley picks up Mila from her house and they drive back to his house, where Oakley prepares a romantic dinner for her of microwaved dog food. Then they watch a movie together where things get romantic and Oakley ALMOST has his first kiss.

This video is in celebration of Oakley’s 10th birthday!

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