ENG SUB《我,喜欢你 Dating in the Kitchen》EP01——主演:林雨申,赵露思 | 腾讯视频-青春剧场

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【Synopsis】The drama tells the girl Gu Shengnan, after suffering the double blow of broken love and unemployment, she waits for the prince riding a white horse to rescue her. But unexpectedly this prince turns to be a picky and arrogant man, Lu Jin. Once he meets with the talented chef Gu Shengnan, constant accidents show up, but he is always attracted by Shengnan’s superb cooking skill. During this period of getting along with each other, the two fatefully move closer and closer. Finally, one day, the overbearing president Lu Jin turns into a gentle boyfriend. The little witch begins to learn how to love, and the two finally find simple happiness in food.
【Starring】Lin Yu Shen, Zhao Lu Si

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