Dreaming That Your Boyfriend or Husband Cheated On You

Did you have a dream that your boyfriend cheated on you?

Are you wondering what this means? 

Is this perhaps making you trust him less in real life? 

If so, read on because this guide explains what dreaming of a cheating boyfriend could mean. 

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We’re not saying you have to go to these extreme measures because of a dream. 

But, if these fears are driving you crazy, you may want to take these extra steps to find out what’s going on. As they say, the truth will set you free. 

Our guide below explains why you may be having these awful dreams. 

1. Your dream might be
showing your insecurities within yourself.


A lot of the time,
dreams of cheating do not necessarily happen because you are having problems
within your relationship; they can be bringing up underlying insecurities
within yourself. 

So, if you’re having
these dreams, it’s best not to wake up and blame your partner straight

Think of yourself. Why
do you think you had a dream about cheating? Perhaps it points to the fact that
you’re insecure in yourself. 

Do you not feel
entirely happy and secure with what you are doing in your life at the moment?
Are you possibly insecure about your job? Maybe you’re worried that your
friends are not honest with you? Are you just feeling a little uncertain about
your body image? 

Many factors can make
you feel insecure. At some points in our lives, we all feel insecure, so maybe
this is what you are going through at the moment.

If you really think
about yourself and what you are doing in your life at the moment, you might be
able to find a few factors in your life that aren’t making you feel as safe and
secure as you could be. 

This will be having
nothing to do with your relationship, but it could be affecting your
relationship. So, if you work on yourself, you are also going to be benefiting
your relationship indirectly.

What to do next?

If you suspect that this is the reason you might be having dreams of being cheated on, you need to start digging down as to why you feel this way and try to work on it. Change things in your life that you are not happy with. Maybe talk to your partner about the fact you are going to be concentrating on yourself more, assuring them that it will benefit your relationship too.

Once you are feeling
more secure and happy within yourself, you will most likely find that not only
will your relationship go from strength to strength, but these types of dreams
will become much less frequent. 

2. Your dream might
represent that there is a third wheel in your relationship.

Now, when I talk about
the third wheel in your relationship, I don’t mean that there is someone third
wheeling you. In this context, a third wheel could be anything that is
interfering in your relationship. Most likely, it will be to the point where
you no longer feel like there is only the two of you in the relationship. 

It could be anything
from a job that starts taking too much of their time, to your child together.
Anything that makes you feel cheated out how much time you spend together, just
you two.

Things like if your
partner gets a more full-time job starts a business or if you have just had a
baby, might affect you as a couple. For a relationship to work and flourish,
you need to be able to spend quality time just the two of you with no
distractions. So, if something has significantly changed in your lives, it can
be a widespread reason to have this kind of a dream.

Obviously, in the dream, it comes across like it is your partner is physically cheating on you. However, it’s not another woman they’re cheating with; it could be their workload or the fact that a new child has driven you apart slightly.

What to do next?

If you think this is
the reason for your dream, communication is vital. You need to speak to your
partner and express your concerns that the two of you don’t spend enough
quality time together, as a couple.

If they respond well
to your concerns, it might mean that he will ask for a less hectic work
schedule, or possibly you could get a babysitter one night a week for your
child, allowing date night to happen.

3. Your dream might be
telling you that you’re still hurt from someone cheating on you previously.

A lot of people who
have been cheated on in the past, regardless of the amount of time that has
passed since then, will experience dreams of being cheated on. You have been betrayed
before, and your trust was broken. 

Maybe you are not able
to fully trust your current partner because you have anxiety surrounding

If this is the case,
you need to think clearly about your current relationship. Do you have any reason
not to trust this person? Do you suspect that they are cheating on you? 

What to do next?

If the answer to both
of the questions is no, then you need to turn to yourself. You need to try and
heal whatever damage has been done in the past because it is holding you back.

If you answered yes to
either of the questions, it is best to talk to your partner. If you are feeling
worried, speak to them in a safe and comfortable environment and tell them how
you feel. Make sure you say that you are aware that your previous history is
making it even harder to trust them. Most likely, they will put you at

4. Your dream could
mean that someone close to you (not your partner), is betraying you.

When you dream of your
partner cheating on you, your first instinct is to blame them or your
relationship. Surely it must be a problem to do with them – because you had a
dream with them in. No. This is not the case. 

You will be dreaming
about your partner; however, they could be representing a friend or family member
that you feel is betraying you.

Maybe someone around
you has leaked a secret that you told them in confidence, or perhaps someone at
work has left you feeling let down. It could be anything. If you think about it
and realize there is a situation that you have felt betrayed in, this could be
the reason for your dream.

What to do next?

Firstly, it’s probably
best not to try and find problems that lie within your partner or your
relationship. This is not the problem here, so there’s no point blaming your
partner for your dream.

 If you know why
you are feeling betrayed, and who by, speak to them. Try to resolve the
conflict because it will then fix the internal conflict within you. If you
can’t talk to them, try to work on the issue yourself. You can try to do this
by talking and taking advice from others, or even things like practicing
meditation or self-esteem practises. 

5. The dream could be
showing you that you have insecurities with the relationship.

We have already
covered how the dream can show you that you might be feeling insecure within
yourself, but it could also be a sign that you are uncertain within your
relationship. This could be anything from feeling like your partner might
actually be unfaithful to you, or you don’t feel as supported by them as you
might like to be.

The most important
thing to do is try to disconnect the feelings of anger from waking from a
terrible dream and try to think more logically. What is it about your
relationship that you’re not happy with?

Are you scared that
your partner is going to cheat on you? You might feel like your partner is
going to find someone better for them than you are, or that you’re no longer
attractive to them. 

Perhaps you just feel
like you and your partner aren’t as intimate as you used to be? 

This cheating dream
will most probably keep recurring until you have found the problem. 

What to do next?

Whatever the issue is
that you have realized causing your unhappiness with the relationship, tell
your partner about it. Make sure you don’t come across accusing or blaming
them. You need to ensure they are in a safe space to express; however, they are
feeling too.

If nothing is moving
forward or getting any better within the relationship, you could always turn to
a professional to help you both through the troubles.

6. The dream could be
entirely accurate, and he could be cheating on you.

I know this is the
worst option, and of course, you do not want this to be the reason you are
having these dreams. However, sometimes dreams, where your partner is cheating
on you, could mirror the truth in your waking life. It is essential to say that
this is rarely the case, but it can happen nonetheless. 

It could be the
subconscious mind that picks up on your partner’s behaviors, and then shows it
to you in a dream, or you could be fully conscious and suspicious that he is
cheating on you. In real life, you might not want to confront these feelings,
so you’ve hidden them away. However, repressed emotions will always find a way
to come to the surface and your dreams a straightforward way for them to do
just that.

Do you spend a lot of
time worrying where your man might be or who he’s with? Has he started pulling
away from you emotionally and physically? Does he seem preoccupied or shady
when he is speaking to you? All of these factors will have an impact on what
happens in your dreams.

What to do next?

Although this seems
like the most obvious explanation for cheating dreams, as I said earlier, this
is a rare explanation. So, firstly, you need to ensure that you think your
partner is cheating on you. If you are not one hundred percent that he is
cheating on you, don’t mention your dream to him yet. 

If you are going to
confront him and accuse him of cheating on you, you need to have some strong
evidence or at least a strong reason. You can’t just rely on the fact that
you’ve had a dream, and that’s the truth. 

My advice would be to
spend a little bit of time trying to work out if he is cheating on you before
doing anything. There are lots of ways you can try to work out if he is
cheating on you or if he has feelings for someone else.

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on here which can help you to determine if your partner is cheating on you, so
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I hope that with the
help of this article you have been able to decipher the reasons you are having
this dream, and hopefully, you feel a little more at ease with the reasons for this
dream. Don’t always jump to the worst conclusion, as dreams are true to real

However, dreams do
bring subconscious thoughts to you.

Did this article help
you at all? If it did and you liked what you read, please let us know in the
comments. We would love to hear from you.

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