Does He Miss Me? 16 Ways To Tell For Sure

Are you pondering over whether your ex-partner misses you?

Are you looking for signs that he might want you back? 

The guide below reveals 16 signs that this is the case – and it works for couples in a long-distance relationship too. 

But, before we get into this, I want to share an important story with you. 

Not long ago, I found out about a strong trigger within male psychology, which has a powerful influence on how men perceive women romantically.  

It’s named The ‘Hero’s Instinct’ – and it appears to be held internally by most men. 

When activated, it releases deep feelings of pride and purpose within a man. These are the feelings that all men want to experience in a relationship. It’s common that they become helplessly drawn to women who can make them experience these emotions. 

It’s amazing how differently men react to you once this line of thinking is triggered within them. 

It can be used to attract men who previously saw you as a friend, to revive stale relationships or to convince an ex-partner back into your life. 

I know because I’ve tried it! Read my account of what happened to discover all you need to know about how the ‘Hero’s Instinct’ works.

Of course, there’s a chance that your ex already misses you and is just hiding it. Scroll down for my list of 16 telltale signs that this is the case.

Keeps Asking Your Friends About You


He most likely runs into your friends sometimes. If he asks them how you’re getting on and appears keen to know if you are seeing someone already then not everything is lost yet. Your friends no doubt share the news, which might be just what he hopes will happen.

Only when one is still attached, he’ll go to such lengths to get updates about you. Otherwise, why would he bother? The very fact he shows interest means he might be missing you already.

He’s candid enough to want to know how you are keeping, doesn’t that tell you how much he misses you? Friends are most likely the only source of information about you he can still use.

Clings onto your stuff

After going separate ways, you probably made several attempts to get your stuff back from him. If he seems reluctant to let go, it might be that he’s still not ready to let you go.

Your belongings are the only thing he still has that belongs to you. Therefore, the fact he does not want to surrender them is quite telling about his attachment to you. If he cared nothing about you, he’d have given them back immediately, right?

Watch out if he sleeps in your shirt as that further proves of the attachment he has. It might be the only item that reminds him of the special times you shared with him. If the stuff is more personal, it tells of the need to keep you closer still. Which means he misses you!

Midnight Calls

Not once does your phone ring in the middle of the night since you went separate ways. You sleepily reach for it, wondering if your mom wants to check up on you again only to see on your screen it’s your ex calling.

He’s back home from some club and accidentally dialed your number, he claims. Why is that, is your number still on quick dial even though you no longer see each other? Most probably he hasn’t deleted it from there yet.

Guys usually act out what’s on their mind when they get drunk. The fact he has called you more than once in such an instance means he is far from done with you yet. Might be when he’s drunk is the only time he finds the courage to place the call.

You’re Still On His Profile Pic On Facebook

Could there be a more obvious sign than this? If he is done with you, why the photo you took together in the restaurant would still not grace his Facebook page? Let alone as the profile pic.

If he has moved on and is seeing other girls the first thing to cancel is your photo. So, if he has you all around means you are very much present in his mind. It’s not that he’s forgotten to remove it but is hopeful of a comeback.

Facebook can be a good tool to use to keep track of your guy. You are likely to stumble on something he writes that will tell you just what is going on with him. He can’t conceal the truth, nor the fact he misses you.

Do His Friends Seek You Out?

You are out shopping in the mall and one of his friends comes up to you, and it’s not just to say hello. He finds a way to update you on your guy and the news are far from pleasing to the ear. It seems he’s on a downhill trend since you went separate ways.

He’s probably trying to let you know your guy is not himself since you parted. More likely he knows more about the reason his friend is unhappy. And it has to do with your absence in his life.

Next time you come across one of his buddies, listen between the lines when he speaks. You might learn from him what turmoil your guy is going through as he misses you. Don’t dismiss them arguing they are just nosy instead regard it as a message in the bottle.

He Doesn’t Look Too Good

Your friend who knows him tells you she’s seen your guy, and he looks like a shadow of his former self. Seems he has given up on himself and either spend endless hours in the bar or often skips going to work. He looked disheveled, she says.

Quite telling about what is going on with him. He’s maybe realized he made a mistake to let you go and is stuck on the way to rectify that. Just can’t seem to find a way to reach out to you to mend things.

One’s appearance says a lot about what’s going on inside. Trust me, if he were happy that too would definitely show. The fact that he doesn’t look like himself should shout out loud you are the missing piece in his life puzzle.

He Says He’s Sorry

That must come from deep inside, and if your guy gets the guts to apologize, you can be sure he has realized how much you mean to him. An apology does not come randomly, so he must have planned on it way ahead. It doesn’t matter if he calls to relay the message or sends a text on the phone.

Don’t disregard his apology text but think of it as something that must have taken him so much courage to do. For a guy stooping down to apologize does not come naturally, therefore, consider it a sign he misses you.

Your guy may not come out straight, but any attempt to own up to something he did translates to a desire to patch things up with you. Which is a sure way for you to know that he misses you!

Still Follows You On Social Media

More often than not, both of you were connected on social media accounts to keep up to date. If after the split the guy has not stopped following you and still gets to see your updates on social media it means he still has an interest in you.

We only follow those we are interested in on social media therefore if he still does it, then he still has a place for you in his mind. Better still if he actively comments on your posts, then you can be sure the guy misses you.

He likes your posts and reads most of them. A case of old habits you say? I don’t think so, more like he still has interest in you. And is missing being with you despite what happened to cause you to split.

Bump, You Meet Again

It’s quite obvious that two people who no longer have an interest in each other would want to keep a distance between them. In which case, should it not strike you as strange you keep seeing each other every so often? Like he just happens to be in places that you frequent.

Who knows, the poor guy might have to lay in wait hoping you show up in the usual place. Then has to go to lengths to make it seem it meeting you was by chance. Or perhaps he shows up in places he knows you frequent a lot.

Those are no accidents and should signal to you he still thinks of you. Despite the fact you are apart he can’t hide his concern and keeps showing up to see if you are fine. If only he had guts to ask you in the face but appreciate that he still does it albeit in a roundabout manner.

He’s Still Solo

If months down the line he’s not seeing someone new then you know he has you on his mind. If he didn’t, why has he not found someone yet to get cozy with? Guys rarely pretend, and the moment you are out of his mind he soon replaces you.

Getting a new girl is as easy as ABC so if he doesn’t have one yet could be he misses you still. Meaning he’s not ready to replace you yet.

The fact he has not done it so far means that he entertains thoughts of you still. Most probably misses you, which is why he can’t seem to bring himself to see anyone else. But can’t seem to have the guts to let you know how he feels.

Suddenly He’s Become Reckless In Behavior

One of the ways a guy deals with heartbreak is to go out there, do anything to try to get the girl out of his mind. This could include regularly drinking himself silly or taking up a carefree hobby.

Not only is he reckless in behavior, but he it shows in the way he carries himself these days. You might have a hard time recognizing the guy who not so long ago cared about the little details.

What some guys do is try to conquer memories of a girl by sleeping around a lot. It is as if by doing, so he hopes to somehow delete the memory of you from his mind. Not that it helps anyhow as the poor guy needs to face up to what really bothers him. Being away from you.

Acts Jealous About You

You are apart, but your guy checks your every move. A guy can be jealous if he thinks his girl is having fun without him. Don’t get it wrong, it all goes back to protecting his turf, a habit that did not start yesterday.

Confirmation he misses you if he wants you to himself even though you at times need some time to be with friends. Only you have to be careful not to give him the wrong impression you don’t need him anymore.

Jealousy is common among two people who care genuinely about each other. You might feel like he’s trying to control you but take it as his way of showing you he cares and misses being with you. As crazy as that might sound to you.

Often Calls To Rant

The guy misses you so bad and is unable to process the fact you are not together anymore. That’s his way to show frustration at what he’s unable to handle but on the other hand, should give you a reason to keep hope alive.

It might sound like he blames you for what happened but in actual fact is only trying to express frustration at the state of things. That being the only way he can think of at of now.

The only way for him to cope with the fact is calling you to try to push away the fear that is clearly trying to take him over. You wonder why he bothers to call if he’s so mad at you, so there is the answer to the puzzle.

Talks About You

Do you notice that your name keeps popping up in conversations with common friends? You seem woven into his mind that is why it’s so difficult to keep off talking about you. Doesn’t matter that he’s doing it with someone else and not directly to you.

It may not be easy for him to deal with being apart and so tries to keep you alive in his mind by mentioning you now and then.

He’s projecting his longing through talking about you to those who know you. Could be the only way he tries to stay connected to a person he can no longer reach. Perhaps with time, he will muster the courage to come out open with the fact he’s missing you.

Shares Photos Of You Together On Social Media

Taking a peek into the past may be the sign that he misses you. The easiest way is to share moments together with you on social media so as to relive what you had together.

If he does it often and still has you for a friend, he might be sending a silent message that way. It is clear he has you on his mind and is perhaps trying all he can to hold on to you that way.

Don’t you just love the fact he still has something about you? A photo with you could be his link to what you had together. He definitely misses you!

Asks For Your Pictures

Now that he’s far away he keeps asking you to send him pictures of you. Might seem unusual especially as he no doubt has a record of you together in his phone gallery. He misses you and wants to keep up with photos of the way you look now.

Your face could be motivation enough for him that you still have something special going between you two. Being able to take out his phone to see a picture of you is a sure sign he wants to have you in his pocket, quite literally so.

Since he can’t see you having a virtual connection could be what he uses to deal with the fact he misses you. He’s not acting weird, therefore, when he asks for you to send him photos of you every so often.


It is not so difficult to know if he misses you. Most definitely he will be sending signals in all manner of ways, and you only need to be on the lookout for their meaning. Even though guys don’t usually communicate with words, you can be sure to catch his drift somehow.

Having been in a relationship with you makes it all the more possible to miss your absence. An emotional attachment does not simply go away just because you no longer see each other. It is more complex than that.

He might try very hard to hide the way he feels or might be the kind that shows little feeling, but one thing for sure is that you’ll be able to tell a lot from the way he acts. That is if you look close enough.

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