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Stubborn areas like your thighs, hips, and waist, require a bit more work to get rid of the fat. While there is no food that Mother Nature has created that can melt fat away magically, there are amazing superfoods that can speed up the process.

You may be surprised by making a few simple alterations to your diet. Additionally, adding some healthy foods daily can make a world of difference. Here are 15 foods that everyone should be eating to unleash your body’s fat-melting power.

15 Foods That Help Trim Your Waist


Try these fifteen foods to keep a trimmer waistline. By replacing higher fat content foods with these healthier options, you’ll be on your way to improved fitness.

1. Hazelnuts

Everyone has go-to snacks that they like to keep on hand. Hazelnuts should be one snack that you keep close by. First, they are loaded with anti-inflammatory properties as well as monounsaturated fats. Second, they are high in antioxidants that can help with your heart health.

If you’re enamored with Nutella, skip this sugar-laden treat, and make a natural version. It will help fill your stomach, melt the fat away, and keep you fuller for longer. Plus, with a lower sugar option, you won’t need to feel guilty when eating it.

2. Sweet Potatoes

If you’re sad about giving up regular potatoes to lose weight, you might want to try the sweet variety. Sweet potatoes are full of fiber that helps to keep you fuller for a longer period. When you’re full, you are less likely to snack.

One of the best things about these spuds is that they are full of carotenoids, which is a big help to weight loss. You will be thrilled to know that they have the highest level of carotenoids of all vegetables, which means that you can eat these sweet potatoes and lose more weight.

3. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is all the rage these days. It’s a thicker version of traditional yogurt, but the health benefits don’t go unnoticed. First, this yogurt is packed with protein.

Additionally, the amino acids in this dairy product trigger the hormones in your body that help burn fat and reduce your appetite. It’s one of the products that prove the gut-brain connection exists, which only helps your waist.

4. Dark Chocolate

Why is milk chocolate and dark chocolate so different? Well, the sugar content in the darker version is drastically reduced. Plus, the dark chocolate can create a fatty acid that reduces your inflammation. When the inflammation is gone, your body will naturally start burning fat.

5. Cinnamon

Research is just coming to light about the amazing properties of cinnamon. It’s a great spice that can be mixed in with your morning coffee, oats, pancakes, or anything else you can think of. Did you know that some people even put this flavor in their chili?

Cinnamon is a spice that can heat the body. When you increase the core temperature a tiny bit, it speeds up your metabolism. If you want to burn those stubborn fat cells and jumpstart your weight loss, you can begin by looking in your spice rack.

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6. Spinach

There was a reason why Popeye ate so much spinach. He knew the dark, leafy greens were high in protein and low in calories, but he had no clue it was high in thylakoids.

What are thylakoids? Well, they are a mineral compound that helps to keep you satisfied and avoid binge eating. Plus, it can help you lose weight because you will be fuller for longer periods. Say goodbye to your love handles and that horrible “spare tire” around your waist.

7. Tomatoes

Can tomatoes affect your waist? You can use tomatoes to make a sauce, on sandwiches, and even eat them like an apple. However, a Japanese research program found that these red beauties activate DNA in your body that is responsible for weight loss and fat burning.

The next time you make tacos, scrambled eggs, or just about anything, why not add a heaping, helping of tomatoes to the mix?

8. Red Wine

Just like red grapes, drinking red wines have many body benefits. If you drink a glass of wine every night, not only are you helping your heart, but you’re also increasing your body’s fat-burning abilities. Who doesn’t like a nice glass of red wine anyway?

9. Avocados

What is it about these green fruits that seem to ramp your weight loss? Researchers say it’s the monosaturated fats that kick your body’s fat-burning abilities into high gear. One of the other benefits of eating avocados is that they are very filling due to their high fiber content.

If you eat a whole one, you probably won’t feel the need to snack or eat another meal for several hours. The avocado is very versatile and can be used to make many things, including desserts.

10. Beans

Remember the old song “Beans, beans, good for your heart?” Well, they are good for your heart, but they are great for that stubborn fat too. The key factor of beans that helps with weight loss is the protein and fiber content.

Another positive thing about these legumes is that they have been a significant part of free radical research worldwide. A study conducted found that they have a nutritional intervention that is much needed during the weight loss process. The study showed that you need to eat at least four servings a week to boost your fat-burning abilities.

11. Blueberries

The blueberry is one of the smallest fruits around. However, this little blue wonder is packed with antioxidants. A study was done that found that people who want to melt fat should turn to the blueberry.

These fruits can help you reduce your total cholesterol levels, melt away abdominal fat, and decrease your entire body weight. It’s easy to find ways to incorporate blueberries into your day. They go great in some yogurt, a smoothie, a dish of oatmeal, or a snack.

12. Green Tea

The fat-melting properties of green tea have long been known. A study showed that drinking green tea or taking an extract before a workout session will burn weight faster than a session without the tea.

What makes this tea such a fat-melting wonder? The EGCG is the compound in this elixir that helps increase the oxidation process of your fat. So, drink up and watch the weight melt away.

13. Hot Peppers

Latin communities enjoy spice in their foods. Shockingly, you don’t see a bunch of overweight people in these regions of the world. The reason is that the spice helps to burn fat and improve your waist.

One of the foods that can help you in your weight loss quest is spicy hot peppers. You can burn not only excess calories but also your fat storage. Just make sure you keep some antacids on hand if you’re not used to eating spicy dishes.

14. Pomegranate

Pomegranates weren’t prevalent in the states until about a decade ago. Their popularity has exploded as people see they have amazing taste and fat-burning properties. The International Journal of Obesity did a study on this fruit to see how it affected fat.

Using mice, they found that those who had a diet rich in these fruits had a lower risk of cardiovascular issues and decreased obesity.

15. Red Grapes

You’ve always heard that red grapes are good for your heart health, but did you know that these little gems have resveratrol in them that can help to melt fat away? It’s easy to add grapes to your diet as they can be in chicken or an iceberg salad, eaten as a snack, or put in a smoothie.

The more you eat, the more assistance you will have in breaking down fatty deposits. Who would think a sweet treat could have so many benefits for your body?

Final Thoughts on Eating Foods That Help You Shed Fat From the Waist

You’ve probably heard over the years that you are what you eat. When you eat a poor diet that is unhealthy and full of fat and carbohydrates, you can expect to have a larger waist and an unflattering figure.

Then, some people aren’t eating a horrible diet, but they are eating all the wrong things. They need to find foods that will heal the body and move it into the fat-burning mode. Almost everyone has some fat storage that they need to get rid of, but it’s not always an easy task.

These 15 foods are just a few of the superfoods that you need to add to your diet. Some people approach dieting all wrong. They want to change everything and eat foods that they don’t like. The only problem with this method is that people don’t stick with these alterations long term.

If you genuinely want to reduce your waist, lose weight, and feel great, you need to find healthy foods that you love, and that can easily be incorporated into your daily meal plan.

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