Dating In The Kitchen 我,喜欢你 EP19: Don't challenge a guy's limit when he gets jealous!

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【Synopsis】The poisonous and arrogant foodie Lu Jin and the talented chef Gu Sheng Nan met with each other and had “according to each other” accident, but he was often attracted by her exquisite craftsmanship. In the process of getting along with chickens and dogs, the two get closer and closer.
Finally, one day, the overbearing president Lu Jin removed the elite high-cold mask and turned into a loyal dog boyfriend. The two found simple happiness in the food. God occasionally dozes off, and Cupid sometimes shakes his hands, but the destined person will eventually walk through thousands of mountains and rivers to meet you. Finally waiting for you, the rest of your life is you.
【Starring】Zhao Lu Si、Lin Shen

Dating In The Kitchen 我,喜欢你 EP19: Don’t challenge a guy’s limit when he gets jealous!

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