DATING IN FRANCE vs. USA! πŸ‡«πŸ‡· (French/English subs)

Hey friends! In today’s video me and my fellow American friend Edwina sat down to talk all about our experiences with dating in France (vs. USA) as Americans!
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This is a French culture video that has been requested for a SUPER long time and I am so happy that I finally got around to filming it! There are a lot of cultural differences with dating in France vs America (and funny stories with French language mistakes + more). I was excited to sit down and do a little story time type video with my friend Edwina because although we have both been in Paris for over 5 years, our journeys are super different (I ended up marrying a French man as some of you know who I met while I was an Au pair in Paris). We go over how to meet people in France (French dating apps, bars) and also some cultural challenges we’ve faced. One of the biggest cultural differences we talk about when dating a French guy is the flow of the relationship (which is much more laid back here.)
Anyway, I hope you will enjoy it and it will give you a laugh! Don’t hesitate to subscribe for more content in French/English (and find all our socials linked down below) xx

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