Dating Damaged Men | 7 dating rules for handling emotionally unavailable men

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How to handle emotionally unavailable men. Tips for dating damaged men.
Dating Damaged Men | 7 dating rules for handling emotionally unavailable men
A damaged man could be a man in crisis going through a lot or a man who’s been hurt before either claiming or exhibiting signs of trauma.

I meet a lot of women who love dating damaged men. Many of them seem to have broken bird syndrome. That means to basically gravitate towards people they have to mother, nurse, and nurture back to into fullness. People who are in crisis. People in need. Those with broken bird syndrome tend to give a lot but not receive alot in return, then grow resentful over time. Feeling used and disregarded.

Many of you will encounter good but damaged men. They may be worth a look. Many more of you will encounter shitty but damaged men. Leave them where they are.

If you you insist of dating damaged men remember these rules to avoid a mother son dynamic that sets you up to fail and stops him from growing past his baggage

If you want to know about dating red flags you’ve come to the right place. Sometimes women wonder if a guy is serious and they make huge dating mistakes trying to secure a relationship. If you want to know if a guy likes you pay attention to these signs and other signs a guy likes you covered on this channel. So many women have a crush on a guy, so they start ignoring red flags and signs a guy doesn’t like them seriously. Please pay attractive ladies. Dating mistakes create so much damage and trauma. Looking for live is hard but it doesn’t have to be that hard.

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