Dating Apps Are Destroying You

Guys if you still use dating apps I encourage you to DELETE THAT SHIT.

If you are using these apps to get girls you are most likely struggling to get women in your local environment.

There is a reason you are struggling and it’s not because you lack time or places to meet women, it is because you are neglecting certain areas of yourself. Instead of confronting your weak parts, you sweep them under the rug.

Using Tinder as a shortcut, you cut yourself off from the real life experience and satisfaction that comes from the “hunt.”

The anxiety of the approach, closing the deal, getting the number, calling her up, setting a date.

Not to mention how having a profile of yourself on dating apps while not getting matches can put a dent in your confidence.

I want the best for you guys but I see way too many of you using Tinder, trying to game the system.


This video was inspired by a discussion I had with the men in the High Thumos Discord.

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