Christian Mingle vs. eHarmony: Best choice for 2020?

At A Glance


Christian Mingle from its name is a faith-based dating network
that allows millions of people from all sorts of denominations and beliefs to
mingle. It is, in fact, one of the most popular Christian dating sites in 2020.
The website was launched in 2001 by Spark Networks and has since bagged over 16
million users. It was founded to give singles a god-centric platform to find
love and commitment. Since its launch, the site has led to many marriages and
relationships. In fact, based on surveys, 29% of all online originated Christian
marriages started on Christian Mingle.

eHarmony is another of the best options, particularly for online dating newbies. With about 5 million new visitors each month and worldwide coverage, the site is less overwhelming and not crowded like other dating sites. There is a thorough personality checking process and an automatic matching depending on your personality and what you’re looking for, which really keeps things fun and simple.

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How to Choose a Dating

love online can be a daunting task, expressly when there are so many dating
sites and modern technology that exist today. However, it doesn’t have to get
that tough if you know what you are looking for and have the right dating site
with you.

Remember it
is never that serious—this is not a business site. With that said, you can hop
from one site to another till you find your perfect fit. Easy right? No!

Moving from
one dating site to another is overwhelming and tiring. With hundreds of sites at
your disposal, you are likely to get frustrated even before you have found a
spouse. Therefore, it is prudent to note down what you are looking for, do some
research, and come up with a list of the sites that carry your interests.

If you’re a
Christian, looking for a Christian partner, then you simply need to read this
review on Christian Mingle. If you are new, eHarmony should be your to-go
site as it is newbie-friendly and less crowded.

These two
dating sites are not only popular and reliable but also full of high chances of
potential dates. You don’t need to worry about the security of your information
as they are well secured. The members are real users, so you don’t have to
worry about spams.

Like I said,
choosing isn’t easy as some sites are free, some are pricey, and some are
available locally while others are not. And that’s why I created a comparison
between Christian Mingle and eHarmony. I made sure to include all the essential
details that you may be looking for when searching.

Read on to
find out the ultimate winner. Sounds interesting? Let’s do this!


Christian Mingle and eHarmony cover a wide range of countries. Christian Mingle
is available in over 25 countries because the parent company Sparks Network
operates many other dating sites with different names in different countries.
eHarmony, on the other hand, covers almost the whole of the western
world—covering more than 190 countries.

Most members in the Christian Mingle site are typically Caucasian—76% who range between 30 to 45years. eHarmony is popular in the US, and the platform is reported to have contributed to roughly 2% of the new marriages in the US.

Winner: eHarmony

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This is not
an easy one as the two sites are both popular in their own way. Christian
mingle is unquestionably very popular due to its faith-oriented focus while
eHarmony has a more prominent coverage in terms of countries. eHarmony takes
14% of the US market.

have rated Christian Mingle and eHarmony 4.4 and 4.6, respectively. So, you
already guessed the winner! Wait!

There is

Well, it’s
not just about the ratings but also the visits that each site receives per
month. eHarmony once again takes the lead with 4.1 million visits per month
while Christian Mingle trail second with 3. 5 million visits per month—a pretty
huge difference there.

So once
again, eHarmony takes the trophy!

Winner: eHarmony

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Sign-up Process

of which site you choose, the sign-up process is lengthy in each as there are a
vast number of details needed to match you with your supposed date. Christian
mingle takes about 15 to 20 minutes to sign up while you will need to set aside
a full hour to sign up on eHarmony.

Both sites
have an easy sign-up process, especially Christian Mingle, because of the
diverse users. Since eHarmony receives all types of members, the sign-up
process is also easy but long due to the vast number of applicants in different
countries. The site has to perform stringent scrutiny to ensure that only human
beings sign up and that they’re of the legal age.

mingle simply gets your details, and your main job will be to set up a
discovery preference for your perfect dates, age, gender, relationship type,
religion, and location. They will then offer you curated lists of daily match
suggestions for you to check compatibility.

personality assessment includes a whopping 150 questions about your hobbies,
goals, likes, dislikes, deal-breakers, and many more. The system will then use
this information to check for ideal matches for you. You can also set match
preferences to narrow down what the site recommends.

This boils
down to preference. If you don’t mind taking your time to sign up, eHarmony
should be your choice. But if you want a quick sign up, Christian mingle offers
you precisely that.

Christian mingle wins in this one. But like I said, it’s all about preference!

Winner: Christian Mingle


Both sites
offer a variety of features to help members find their perfect match. All
features in both sites are easy to navigate through and are flexible on both
free and premium sessions.

however, stays ahead of the game with their three-month membership which allows
members an additional three months if they’re not satisfied by the previous

takes a comfortable lead once again!

Winner: eHarmony

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Quality of Matches

Lack of
quality profiles, fake profiles, and scarce memberships are just some of the
concerns members have when signing up on a dating site.

Christian Mingle and eHarmony have quality matches—you can find your perfect
date on any of the sites. However, there is a distinct difference as eHarmony has more members and gets lots of new members
than Christian mingle. This gives the site higher chances of offering perfect
matches than Christian mingle. If still in doubts, well eHarmony is responsible
for over 500 marriages in the US every day

eHarmony definitely takes the lead here.

Winner: eHarmony

Aesthetics and Interface

 Like already mentioned choosing a dating site
is not straightforward. It is pretty much like selecting a product in the
market. Well, it all boils down to the individual as different people have
different personalities and tastes.

generations are likely to have difficulty using modern and sophisticated sites,
while the younger generation is likely to get bored by the traditional simple
apps. Both sites are pretty basic, but eHarmony has a better site design
creativity. Christian mingle, on the other hand, is simple, fun, and easy to

Thus, I
would give this a tie because it is purely about preference!

Winner: tie


When it
comes to pricing, both sites offer free and premium services. However, the
rates are slightly different based on the package. eHarmony offers three
packages that are ranging from $13 to $36, while Christian mingle offers
packages ranging from $14 to $29 the shortest period being the most expensive
for both sites.

Christian Mingle Subscription length Price/month eHarmony Subscription length Price/month
Read review One month $29.99 Read review Three months $36.95
  Three months $19.99   Six months $29.95
  Six months $14.99   Twelve months $13.95

Winner: eHarmony

Who Is It For? 

Both sites
cater for men and women. Christian Mingle typically is for single Christian
members while eHarmony is for single men and women. Both sites tend to attract
a more mature audience. Although eHarmony allows same-sex partners, most
members of this site are heterosexual, which makes  it difficult for same-sex partners to find

Not all
members are Christians in Christian mingle, but users signing in this site are
usually interested in dating Christians.

depending on your preference, I would give this a tie

Winner: tie

And The Winner Is…

While both
sites have proved to be great dating sites to choose from, it wasn’t that
difficult to find that eHarmony is a winner. 

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However, I would still insist that preference matters as far as these two sites are concerned. If you are looking to date a Christian, you should seriously consider joining Christian Mingle, as it allows you to prioritize what’s important to you and people who share similar values and experiences with you.

If you are looking to date people from diverse countries, eHarmony can provide you with a wide range of choices to choose from. Therefore, I wouldn’t announce any winner but leave it to you to decide. As always, it’s about preference!

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