Breastfeeding Your Breastmilk To Your Husband: Is It Normal?

Breastmilk is naturally made for baby’s consumption, but when an adult man requests for it, eyebrows of people watching this happening are raised. The reason for this is: getting to see a man sucking breastmilk of a woman for some reasons which might be moral related, have been considered wrong. And aside from that, some folks are of the view that when an adult sucks out the breastmilk of a mother, he might end up leaving nothing for the baby whose sole purpose the breastmilk was made in the first place.

You have always wondered what it is like breastfeeding your breastmilk to the husband?  besides that, the society doesn’t really support this idea, you don’t know if doing it could as well have some bad health implications. According to Murray, breastfeeding your breastmilk to your husband has been confirmed to be fine, and several other health experts have corroborated this position.

Concerns About Breastfeeding Your Husband


Feeling worried about breastfeeding your husband is normal. For instance, you may get worried if there will be enough breastmilk to satisfy both your baby and your husband. This is more likely to happen when you are struggling with breastmilk production to your baby already. However, in the opinion of Verywellfamily, consistent stimulation of a nursing mother’s breast could lead to an increase in breastmilk generation in her breast. Nonetheless, if you don’t feel secure with this assertion, you can get to start the breastfeeding from your baby before asking your husband to suckle the breast for his own share of the milk.

Whatever feeling it is you have in mind with respect to breastfeeding your breastmilk to your husband, make it mandatory to disclose it to him. By opening up to him, you would realize that whichever experience you have chosen, it will be to the interest of you, your husband and the baby.

Why Would A Wife Want Her Husband To Breastfeed?

Why Would A Wife Want Her Husband To Breastfeed

If the thought of asking your husband to breastfeed runs through your mind all the time, this is nothing to feel worried about as it’s totally normal. Several other nursing mothers are having this feeling too. Some women want this because they simply want to feel the experience; while others love to continue creating that sexual intimacy between them and their husbands.

The following reasons have been said to be accountable for why some nursing mothers would like to breastfeed their husband:

  • It increases intimacy: When a woman breastfeeds her husband, it increases their level of intimacy; therefore, by sharing this part of you with your husband and at that period, it could bring about satisfying experience.
  • ​It is no longer a news that some women get easily aroused when their breast, particularly the nipple, is fiddled with. However, breastfeeding your husband could provide for unprecedented and interesting aspect to your relationship.
  • ​When a man suckles the breast of his wife, it has been said that the stimulation alone derived from this could lead to a substantial increase in breastmilk production of the mother.
  • ​Breastfeeding your husband could help in draining the breastmilk. The benefit of this could range from removal or prevention of plugged milk duct and blebs. it could relieve subtle breast engorgement.
  • ​It can also help in balancing out uneven breasts. Sometimes your baby might focus on one of the breasts than the other and this might cause
  • ​Your husband might feel obligated to support you more than he would have done if you breastfeed him.

Instances Breastfeeding Your Husband Would Are Not Recommended

​Although, to breastfeed your breastmilk to your husband has been said to be unharmful, whether you or your husband; nonetheless, there still some certain cases that you are advise to not attempt doing this.

  • ​If you do not feel convenient breastfeeding your breastmilk to your husband, it’s better to respect that feeling. Let your husband know about this and seek for health experts advise.
  • There is no point in subjecting yourself to pain. When you have sores in your nipple the best is to steer clear of breastfeeding your breastmilk to your husband.
  • When your breast is engorged, even though breastfeeding your breastmilk to your husband might feel good at this time, but the degree of fiddling he you get may stimulate the breast to cause more production of milk to the overabundant milk supply.
  • If you have contracted any infectious diseases, it will be the best to avoid breastfeeding your breastmilk to your husband. However, if your partner is the one suffering from such decease, particular if the infectious decease can be contracted through mouth. If this happens, avoid breastfeeding your husband at all cost.
  • When you are pregnant with multiples, or you have once had a miscarriage, best is to avoid breastfeeding your breast milk to your husband in any of these situations.


You must have learned that to breastfeed your breastmilk to your husband has some health benefits. And just like every other thing in life, there are some conditions that you need to avoid doing this, apart from these conditions being blacklisted by the health experts to be inappropriate, reasons for not recommending them for breastfeeding your breastmilk to your husband is also, logic wise, accurate.

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