Boyfriend Wants to Use Condoms All of A Sudden (Cheating?)

Has your boyfriend’s sudden desire to use condoms made you suspicious of him? 

Are you struggling to believe his excuses for wanting to do so? 

It’s only natural to worry that he’s been sleeping with someone else, or even picked up a disease from them!?

If you are, the best thing you can do is take action to discover what’s been going on behind the scenes.

There’s little chance that your boyfriend will admit to sleeping with another woman.  

Accusing him of sleeping around will be pointless, unless you have the evidence to back it up.

So, the only remaining option is to dig around for that evidence. 

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It’s quick, it’s discreet and it’s simple to use. You only need a few of your partner’s personal details to hand.Of course, there are other explanations why a man might suddenly be keen to use condoms. We’ve listed the most common reasons in the article below.

He IS cheating on you.

We are going to jump straight in and face the conclusion that you have probably come to first in your head. This is not always the reason, but of course, if your boyfriend wants to use condoms, it could be a sign that he is cheating on you.

He will probably
suddenly want to use condoms with you because he is sleeping with other women
and wants to protect you (how kind of him, huh) from STI’s that you obviously
wouldn’t get if he was monogamous.

However, it’s important to say that if you suspect his is cheating on you, there will be a myriad of other signs you can also look for. For example, is he acting secretive or have you noticed he is spending a lot more time away from you than usual? If he is also showing signs of a cheater, then you can probably conclude that he will be cheating on you.

So, what should you

Communication is so
vital in a successful relationship, so that should be your first response.
Don’t go and accuse him of being unfaithful straight away.

Ask him why he feels
like he needs to use condoms with you suddenly. His response could be any of
the reasons I will mention further on, so you might need to keep reading to
find out how to deal with his answer.

However, if he is
shady and doesn’t give you an exact reason for the fact that he now wants to
use condoms, this is not a good sign. The best thing to do next is to ask for
you both to go and get an STI health check together. You don’t need to tell him
that you want it because you think he is cheating; just say you are worried
about some things. 

The way he responds to
you proposing this will probably give you your answer. If he says he is happy
to go and get checked out, that’s excellent news and shows you that you
probably have nothing to worry about. But if he doesn’t go and have a sexual
health check, ask him why. It could be because he is hiding something from you.

He is worried about
you getting pregnant.

This is a prevalent
reason that men suddenly start using condoms after a while. If you think about
it, has anyone you know recently fallen pregnant or had a baby? This might have
sparked his anxiety around sex without a condom.

Even though you will most likely be using another form of contraception like the pill, he might feel like that is out of his control. However, using a condom is contraception within his power, so he can physically protect himself from having a baby.

He might be so scared
of getting you pregnant, that he wants to make sure you are both one hundred
percent protected from unwanted pregnancy. So, he might want to use double

He might also be
scared that one day, you will forget to take the pill and not tell him.
Obviously, if you are in a healthy relationship, then this wouldn’t happen, but
in some cases, women don’t take their contraceptives on purpose to get pregnant
without their partner’s consent. He could’ve recently become aware of this and
got scared into using condoms again.

So, what should you

Firstly, you should
probably have the contraception talk with him. You should always include your
partner about your contraception methods, so they feel informed too. Men can
feel out of control, and like they are putting a lot of trust in the woman to
take her contraception correctly, so you need to put him at ease.

You could always think
about getting a more permanent form of contraception to ease his mind about
taking oral medication. You could both look into various methods. There are
several reliable methods of contraception that are semi-permanent, like an IUD
or the implant. The important thing is to include him in your contraceptive

Secondly, you should
maybe have the baby talk. How does he feel about having children? How do you
feel about having children? If both of you are on the same page and decide you
don’t want to have children yet, then that should ease his mind.

Finally, if he still feels
like he wants to use condoms, be open to the idea. Don’t accuse him of doing
anything wrong. Tell him that you understand his worries and if he feels more
comfortable having sex with double the protection that is fine with you. At the
end of the day, you still want to have sex with this man, condom or not.

Maybe he has an
underlying STI or is worried he has one.

Men are statistically
less likely to go and get their sexual health checked. This is probably because
they rarely have to get their private parts out as much as us women do. We have
smear tests and feel pretty standard going to our gynecologist. However, for
men, they rarely get checked down there, and it’s not as encouraged.

So he actually might
have never had a sexual health check. He might have recently had some physical
symptoms of an STI and is trying to protect you if he does have one. For
example, things like Herpes and Genital Warts can take a long time to come
through our systems and show physically. So, it doesn’t mean that he has been
cheating on you, but it could mean that someone he has slept with in the past
(before you) could have given him an STI that he is now worried about.

So, what should you

Firstly, it’s a good
idea for both people in a new relationship to get a sexual health check before
they start to have sex. Simply, so they can be informed and make sure that if
they have anything, they get it sorted and don’t spread it to their new
partner. So if you both never did this before hopping into bed together, it’s probably
a good idea to go and do this.

Secondly, try to speak
to him. Ask him if he’s using condoms because he is worried that he might have
an STI. You need to sound like you’re supporting him, not accusing him or being
angry with him. If you have a close and healthy relationship, he will probably
be very open with you and share any worries that he does have. Then, you can
support him when he goes to get a check and deal with the problem if he does
have one.

You need to tell him
that you are aware STI’s can lie dormant for a while, so you have no
accusations that he is cheating on you.

It’s just about clear
and open communication. You are a pair, a team. You need to support him if he
is going through something. You also have to commend him for looking out for
you and wanting to use a condom just in case he did have anything.


If your boyfriend
wants to use condoms, your first instinct may, of course, be that he is
sleeping with other women. However, there can be other explanations for this,
and I hope that with the help of this article, you might have been able to
identify why he suddenly wants to be extra protected. Good luck.

Did this article help
you at all? If it did and you liked what you read, please let us know in the
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