Bad Dreams About My Boyfriend: What Does It Mean?

Are you having bad dreams about your boyfriend that make you worry about your relationship? 

Is he cheating on you, starting arguments or leaving you for someone else in your dreams?

And is this having broader effects on your mental health?  

If so, it might be in your best interests to get to the bottom of what is causing these dreams.

Suspicions and fears that you experience in real life – even if they are subconscious – can manifest themselves as dreams.

Indeed, if you fear that these bad dreams could come true, they can have lasting effects on your thoughts and actions in the real world. 

Yet, if you can logically prove that these dreams will only ever prove to be fantasy, they stop holding as much power over you. 

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Below, we have produced a definitive guide on bad dreams and what they tend to mean. This can help you decide whether you need to dig deeper into what your boyfriend is doing behind your back. 

Common Bad Dreams About Boyfriends


​When girls have bad dreams about their boyfriends, the dreams usually fall into one of a few categories. Let’s take a look at the most popular types of bad dreams that girls have. Then, we’ll go into more detail.

  • ​Cheating: Girls sometimes have bad dreams about their boyfriends cheating on them.
  • ​Fighting: Girls sometimes have bad dreams about major arguments with their boyfriends.
  • ​Breaking up: Many girls are particularly concerned about dreams about breaking up with their boyfriends.

With each of these types of dreams, there are specific meanings. These meanings can tell you a lot about your relationship and about which areas might need to be improved.

Dreams are unpredictable sometimes, so if you didn’t see your specific dream listed, that’s okay. Some of this advice will still apply to you!

What Do Dreams About Cheating Mean?

​Perhaps you just had a nightmare about your boyfriend cheating on you. Usually, if you dream about your boyfriend cheating on you, it’s a sign that you don’t trust him. Another possibility is that you were cheated on in the past, so it’s hard for you to trust people in general.

​Some triggers for dreams about your boyfriend cheating might include:

  • ​Your boyfriend texting other girls
  • ​Your boyfriend hanging out with other girls
  • ​Your boyfriend trying to hide something from you

​Just because you have a dream about your boyfriend cheating doesn’t mean he actually is cheating. It’s important to realize that so that you do not accuse him of doing something wrong when he’s innocent.

What to Do When You Have Dreams About Your Boyfriend Cheating?

Since dreams about cheating have to do with how much you trust your boyfriend, you should start there. You need to either find a way to build trust or talk to him about why you may not trust him.

If you’ve been cheated on before, it makes sense that you are having trouble trusting your boyfriend. You haven’t been respected before, so you’re fearful of what could happen this time around.

In this situation, it’s important to talk to your boyfriend about these concerns. He should be willing to talk through them with you. He might even have ideas about how to help you through these worries.

You can work on building trust through different exercises or talking through scenarios. Sometimes even just talking about your feelings can improve the situation. You and your boyfriend could even try to be more open with each other in your everyday conversations.

What Do Dreams About Fighting Mean?


If you have a dream about fighting with your boyfriend, you should consider when the dream occurred. Was it right after an argument? Did you do something that he’s going to be upset about?

You can learn a lot about your dreams by thinking about the clues that surround them.

You could be having these dreams because you’re afraid of getting into a fight with your boyfriend. This could be because of something that one of you did. It could also just be a general argument that you think might escalate.

If you fight with your boyfriend often, it makes sense that those arguments would appear in your dreams. They can sometimes be based on your real life experiences with your boyfriend.

These dreams mean that there is something to be done in your relationship. Maybe you need to communicate with him more clearly so that you fight less. Look into your common conflicts and work together to tackle these issues.

What to Do When You Have Dreams About Fighting with Your Boyfriend?

If you’re having these bad dreams because you’re afraid of fighting with your boyfriend, consider how you fight. Are you worried about losing an argument? Are you worried about losing your boyfriend to an argument?

Think about the reasons that your fights are particularly scary. Then, you can work on your communication skills to make arguments less intimidating.

If you did something wrong that you are worried about fighting over, it’s a good idea to be upfront with your boyfriend. I know that confrontation is scary, but it’s necessary in this case. You don’t want to make things worse by hiding it from your boyfriend.

If you need to tell your boyfriend what you did wrong, make sure you have all of your facts straight. Speak calmly and confidently. Be sure to apologize if you really are sorry. Finally, be ready to work together with your boyfriend to improve the situation.

What Do Dreams About Breakups Mean?

If you have a dream about your boyfriend breaking up with you, it might be because you had a bad breakup before. It could also be because of a fight or another major issue that you think could tear you two apart.

This dream is hard to deal with because girls often think it’s a sign that their boyfriend will break up with them. This isn’t usually the case.

If you have a bad dream about your boyfriend breaking up with you, try to think about what could have prompted that dream. For example, maybe you had a disagreement and you think it is a lot worse than it actually is.

What to Do When You Have Dreams About Your Boyfriend Breaking Up with You?

You should talk to your boyfriend about the dream. This is especially necessary if the dream scared you badly or if you think it could happen in real life. Your boyfriend needs to know about your worries so that he can help you to relax.

If you tell your boyfriend about your bad dreams, he can reassure you. He can show you that he still wants to be in a relationship with you.

You can also tell him about your concerns in the relationship that potentially led to the dream in the first place. It may be extra work for you two, but you will be happier once it’s all sorted out.

Should You Tell Your Boyfriend About Your Bad Dreams?


This depends on how close you are with your boyfriend. Many girls are on the fence about talking to their boyfriends about their bad dreams about them. Some guys could definitely take these dreams the wrong way.

It’s important to be open with your boyfriend. If you’re having these dreams, it’s likely because there are issues in your relationship. By talking to your boyfriend about it, you are making him aware of the issues so that you can fix it.

It’s extremely necessary to avoid accusing your boyfriend. We’ve all been accused of something we haven’t done before. It generally makes the situation much worse.

Try to stay neutral when you bring up the problem. Explain these concerns to him and try to remain calm. What happened in your dreams isn’t necessarily going to happen in real life. Getting upset will not help you to resolve any issues.

What Should You Do If You and Your Boyfriend Can’t Work Out Your Dreams?

Keep in mind that not all dreams mean something. Additionally, one or two random dreams isn’t a huge concern. It’s best to be on the lookout for patterns.

Though you may be prepared to work with your boyfriend to figure out what’s going on with your dreams, it can be a good idea to talk to a professional. You can find a counselor to talk to you about your concerns.

You may choose to visit a counselor on your own or with your boyfriend. From there, the counselor can give you advice on what to do about your relationship concerns.

If you don’t want to work with a counselor right away, talk to a trusted friend. Try to find a way to tell them about the issue at hand without giving them too many details about your relationship. You still want to respect your boyfriend.

Having an extra person, such as a friend or a therapist, can be helpful in a number of ways. You will get an outsider’s perspective, you will have support, and you can release some of your emotions this way.


Your dreams can tell you a lot about your relationship and where it’s going. This can help you to know if your relationship is in trouble or if it’s going smoothly. It can also help you to start talking to your boyfriend and make improvements in your relationship.

Be sure to leave any comments or questions in the comments section down below.

If you have bad dreams about your boyfriend, you should:

  • ​Consider the possibilities.
  • ​Talk to your boyfriend about your concerns.
  • ​Figure out what you should improve.
  • ​Seek additional help from friends or a professional, if needed.

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