ASMR Speed Dating: 100+ Channels Showcase!

AHHH Welcome to ASMR Speed Dating! AKA – I asked ASMRtists to give me 60 seconds of footage for them to introduce themselves and showcase their skills and style! I don’t know how many of you were around in the ASMR community even just 3 or so years ago, let alone 9-10 years ago, but the community has EXPLODED with content creators and I know the struggle of trying to get yourself seen and out there!

I wanted to make this video for people who want to check out some more channels– I am so proud of everyone who submitted because I know it’s not easy to put yourself out there! I am so sorry we couldn’t add everyone to the video; my poor editor had to do 400 videos once and it was WAY too much to ask a person to do, so I told him to stick to 100. We got an insane number of submissions, and my editor (Shawn!!!) said he did his best to add in as many as he could, so this is over 100!!! Thank you so much Shawn for all your hard work!
All the channels’ names can be found on screen, or if you’re an artist in the video, feel free to drop a comment saying hi and your timestamp 🙂

Iiiii personally cannot wait to watch this video myself. I’m a serial ASMR watcher – I know some people’s style is to stick with one creator (and I do find myself watching one person exclusively for a while, then moving to another, then another, etc), but I also really love varying who and what I’m watching for maximum tingles!
So I can’t wait to hit the subscribe button on new channels and check out some awesome artists!!
Honestly real talk I see a lot of cynical posts and comments (especially on reddit LOL) of people claiming that all ASMR is is the same thing, overs*xualized, boring, etc…and I just KNOW that’s not true and these people aren’t looking very hard!

So enjoy, thank you again everyone who submitted, thank YOU for watching, and have a grand time watching this awesome compilation of awesome people!!!! 😀

Love Gibi ~

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