8 Critical Steps To Kiss Erotically

Kissing is such a
vital part of being sensual with someone, but we tend to all push it to the
back of our minds. Instead, we focus on the big things like how we can perform
better in bed or how to really turn our man on by giving him the perfect oral

Kissing is an intimate
and exciting thing to do and focus on before sex, and if you know how to kiss
erotically you will really impress your man. So, in this article, I am going to
show you eight critical steps you need to take to be able to kiss erotically.

How to Prepare


Before we jump
straight in with the eight steps, let’s talk about preparation first. You are
planning on kissing your man erotically, so you need to make sure that you are
prepared and feeling erotic. You are as important as he is in this situation
and you need to feel into it. If you follow these four small tips, then I’m
sure you will be feeling ready to go and pounce on your man.

Have an indulgent
shower or bath.

Having a nice long
shower or a hot bubble bath can make you feel great about yourself. It’s also a
good time to shave if that makes you feel sexier. When you get out of the
shower or bath it might be a nice idea to add some nice smelling body lotion to
your skin. In addition to this, you could pop a few sprays of your favorite
perfume on to leave yourself smelling good.

Wear something that
makes you feel erotic.

Of course, if you are going to be out in public, you might not want to show the world you are feeling sexual. However, you should choose an underwear set that makes you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. If you know that your man is coming to your place, why not just put a sexy nighty on or be wearing just a robe with nothing underneath?

Make sure your breath
smells and tastes great.

You are going to be
kissing your man, so it’s probably a good idea to make sure you have nice
smelling breath. You want to entice him into your mouth, not scare him away
with bad odors.

Turn yourself on.

If you are going to
try and make your man feel erotic towards you, you need to be feeling sexual in
the first place. So, it might be time to turn yourself on. Imagine what the two
of you are going to get up to later, put some sensual music on and you can even
touch yourself if you feel like that would help.

General dos and don’ts
to stick by when kissing erotically.

  • Do be confident and kiss your man in a way that also arouses you. Do experiment with pace, intenseness, and strength.
  • Do use your hands and your body to intensify the kiss.
  • Do kiss him when he least expects it. The surprise is one of the biggest factors that lead to men being turned on.
  • Don’t forget to have minty-fresh breath.
  • Don’t talk too much while you are kissing. Whatever you say, do not let it be mundane. You are trying to make him feel erotic, not find out what he is having for dinner.
  • Don’t keep your eyes open. Unless you really have to and you think that eye contact is going to make things sexier.

1. Build up to the
kiss before you do it.

You want your man to feel uncontrollable sexual excitement for you before you have even started kissing him. So, you might want to start off by letting him know that you want to lock lips with him. You can do this by using your body language. Stand or sit close to him. Look at him and give him sexual eye contact – stare at him in a way that is alluring and lustful.

You can also use your
hands too, to show him you want to get it on. Maybe you want to take one of
your hands and rub the inside of his thigh. Alternatively, if your faces are
already close together, you can take your fingers and trace his lips with them.
You can gently circle around his lips, or brush his cheek with your hand.

A more obvious way to
show your man that you want to get it on with him is to simply tell him.
Communication with a dirty twist is a great way to do this. You can whisper in
his ear, tell him everything you want him to do to you or what you want to do
to him. You can tell him how badly you want your lips on his. Withhold from
kissing him until you have talked dirty to him. If you are in a public place,
this can also really turn your man on and you could be about to rush home

Doing any of these things will increase the sexual tension between the two of you and will get him hot under the collar. He will want you so badly that he might even try to initiate the kiss. During your make-out session, you should still communicate with each other, but in a different way. I will be discussing this later on in the article.

2. Start slow and
build the pressure and speed.

Now you have your man
begging for your kiss, it’s time to put your lips on his. Gently place your
lips on his and take it slow. Don’t be too aggressive your kiss, be gentle with
him. Start to build him up slowly. You can put a little more pressure on his
lips and see if he responds to it. I’m sure he will be very grateful that you
have decided to speed things up.

You can then slowly
and gently slide the tip of your tongue into his mouth. Do not be heavy with
your tongue movements, and whatever you do, do not act like a washing machine.
Kissing with tongues is a real turn on, but not if it goes badly. Change it up
between open-mouth kissing with tongue and closed mouth. You can also change the
speed of the kiss and tease him with it.

3. Kiss him in other

Once you have given
his mouth the attention that it deserves, it’s time to start giving other areas
of his body some pleasure. You can start by bringing your mouth away from his
and moving across gently to his neck. Just under his ear is a great place to kiss,
because both the neck and the ears are erogenous zones. Erogenous zones are
areas on the body that are particularly sensitive to sexual stimulation.

You can start by
kissing gently on his neck. After a while, change it up. You always want to
keep him guessing where your mouth is going to wander next. You can go slightly
up and gently nibble the bottom of his ear. While you’re in the ear area, you
can also whisper something dirty into his ear. For example, you could say
something like, “Wow you are making me so wet.” This will make him want to take
you there and then, but he has to wait.

Another great idea to
get him really turned on would be to take off his shirt if he is wearing one
and start to kiss him on his chest. Slowly lower yourself down and continue
kissing down his torso. Once you get to the area just above his groin, let your
kiss go back up his body. You have just given him a “no-job”. This will make
him want you so much, and his penis will be going crazy under his pants.

4. Use your hands.

Even though you are
kissing him, it shouldn’t just be your mouth that you are using to turn your
man on. You need to touch him too. Once again, you should go along the lines of
trying to tease your man. You can put your hands wherever you feel is most comfortable.

If you are standing up
while you’re making out with your man, you can wrap your arms around his neck
and even run your hands up and down his back. You could also touch his face and
almost grab him and pull him in to your kiss. He will like it that you are
taking control. If you are sitting or lying down with your man, you can run
your hands all the way down the front of his chest slowly. You can end up at
his groin area. 

You might be able to
feel his hardness underneath his pants, and if you do, it might be a good idea
to brush over it or rub gently around it with your hands. While you do this,
you could also touch the inner side of his thighs. If he isn’t wearing a shirt,
you can always try to run your hand down his chest while grazing your nails
gently over him.

5. Get your body

If you really want to
kiss erotically, you need to get your body involved. There are so many ways
that you can use your body, and they will all work to get him turned on. If you
are not standing up, you can push him on to the bed/floor/sofa and straddle
him. You can then slowly start grinding on him while you continue to kiss him.
Dry humping might be something that you think only teenagers do, but you
shouldn’t underestimate the power of it. While you are grinding on him, you
will be leaning down to kiss him on his face or his neck and therefore he will
probably see a glimpse of your bra or breasts under your top.

If you don’t feel like
dominating your man, you could pull him on top of you and let him do all the
work. He will love the fact that you want him to please you, and of course, he
will live up to this role because he feels like you need him to fulfill all of
your desires. Even if you know that you don’t, let him think you do. Surrender
to him and tell him how much you want him.

No matter if he is on
top or you are, you can tell him where to touch you, and tell him to express
the same. It will quickly make the process of making out, a beautiful
experience of you both telling each other what makes you feel the best and
speaking about your desires and fantasies.

6. Pull away and tease
him from time to time.

Men like to be teased
and feel like you are a challenge. So, challenge him and make him work for you.
Don’t let him have you all at once. There are many ways you can tease your man,
and one of the best ways is something I have already mentioned – the “no-job”.
This will get him so hard for you that he will practically start begging for
you to sit on him.

Another way to tease
him that is a little more subtle is to pull away from the kiss every so often.
You need to make it fun and playful for him. So, every so often you could pull
away and giggle a little bit. You could even fall forwards and do a cute giggle
into his chest.

You can also take your
lips away from theirs for a few seconds, but still, stay close. Breathe heavily
while you are this close to them, and they will be able to feel your hot breath
on their lips. If they go in to kiss you, pull away slightly and flash a cheeky
smile. You can also put your lips on his lips but not actually kiss him. You
could also rub your finger gently over their lips or bite their lips gently.

It’s pretty much
certain that as soon as you start to tease your man, he will play along with
your game and it can make for a really playful and hot make-out session.

7. Make noise.

It’s important to note
that I am not telling you that you should be screaming or making excess noise –
your neighbors will probably not appreciate that, and it could turn your man

However, if you feel
like moaning or making a little bit of noise from the pleasure you are
receiving, do it. Don’t hold anything in – you should feel completely sexually
liberated while you are in this moment, and your man needs to know this.Moaning
can turn your partner on even more because he can not only see how much
pleasure he is giving you, but he can hear it too.

Another good idea is
to tell him how great he is making you feel – only if he really is, of course.
But, anything you can do to boost his ego while he is kissing you will make him
feel on top of the world and he will only want to please you further. If you
are complimenting him and being open about how orgasmic it all feels to you,
the chances are that your man will do the same, and it can be really nice to
feel like you have sparked so much passion in him – you are doing something

8. Be confident and
have fun.

To give your man the
most pleasure, you need to be confident in what you are doing. Even if you
haven’t, you should act like you have done this hundreds of times before. You
need to carry the persona of a badass woman who is ready to rip his clothes off
and show him the time of his life. Confidence is sexy. As well as this, you are
not only doing this to please him, you need to be enjoying it too.

You still need to have
fun with it. Don’t take yourself too seriously and if you mess up slightly by
biting his ear a little too hard or bumping heads, roll with it. If you start
to feel self-conscious or worry too much, the confidence will disappear, and
your man might feel like you don’t know what you are doing. Embrace the erotic
goddess inside of you and show him what you are capable of.


I hope that these
eight steps will make you feel confident about how to kiss your man erotically.
I’m sure you already knew what to do, but these tips will just take your
passion to the next level. 

Now go and turn him
on, girl. Most of all, go and enjoy it.

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