7 Signs That A Taurus Man Has Lost Interest

Do you feel like your Taurus lover is losing interest in you?

Are you wondering whether he has his eye on someone else? 

Perhaps you’re looking for ways to put the spark back into your relationship? 

Well, this guide will help you with all of this. 

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Even so, my list of signs that a Taurus man is losing interest can also help you out.

Signs A Taurus Man Has Lost Interest


There are a number of signs that are very indicative of a Taurus man losing interest in the person they are dating. While not all of them need to be present for this to be the case, it is likely that more than just one needs to be part of his behavior for you to wonder if things are coming to an end for you both. 

Remember, if you are at all in doubt and it is making you incredibly unhappy, the quickest way to sort the situation out is to ask him directly what his intentions are towards you

1. He seems to be giving you the cold shoulder

When a Taurus man is losing interest in you, one thing that he may make you feel like he is doing is giving you the cold shoulder. This means that he is no longer the attentive person he once was when you first started dating or when he first started chasing you to be his girlfriend. 

This can be a really difficult thing to get your head around when you do finally start a relationship with a Taurus man as it is such a contrast to how he originally was when you first got together. It can be a good idea when your Taurus man is doing this therefore to either ask him about it and tell him how his actions are making you feel, or simply give him some space instead. Hopefully, by giving him some time out, he will realize what he is missing and stop his icy behavior. 

2. He never returns your text messages

A Taurus man is usually a very reliable and stable person with a fairly calm personality. This makes them direct, if not a little opinionated at times, thanks to confidence in their own standing. However, it does also mean that when they want something, they go for it. If you have a Taurus man in your love life, and you are worried he is losing interest, a key way of knowing this before you talk about it with him, is that he never returns your text messages anymore.

Most likely, at the beginning of your relationship, he used to message you all the time and always got back to you when you contacted him. Now that he is losing interest, he no longer feels the need to be as attentive as he once was. 

3. He looks at other women when you are out

Of all the signs, a Taurus man is arguably most likely to be guilty of looking at other women when you are out when he is no longer as invested in the relationship and your love life as you are. This is quite hurtful and very difficult to see given that a Taurus man can be so intense at the start of dating. 

He does it because he can be quite an egotistical and self-indulgent person who, once they are no longer interested in a relationship, will want to have their romantic needs met elsewhere. They will be blind to the hurt they are causing by actively looking for that to be solved when out with the current date or girlfriend. 

As ever, when you are being hurt, it is important to stick up for yourself and call out behavior that you do not think acceptable or respectful. Doing so in a diplomatic and calm way is key to good communication and also a good method of opening up a two-way conversation about the problem areas in your relationship. 

4. He flakes out on plans at the last minute

It is so frustrating, but a Taurus man is one of the most guilty of all zodiac signs of flaking out on plans at the last minute when it suits them. This is thanks to that ever-present materialistic and self-involved nature. It means that they don’t always think of the impact that they have on others and how their actions affect them. 

As a result, their bailing on plans is simply them not realizing that they could be hurting their other half as well as wasting their time. If you are in love with a Taurus man who does this a lot, it can be one of the most frustrating things. So make sure that you bring it up with him or simply don’t rely on him when you make plans instead. It could be a good time for you to focus on other parts of your life such as your career or your friends, which may give him the time out he needs. 

5. He never compliments you

He never compliments you

A Taurus man can be a very constant person when in love. When he first starts dating a woman, that constancy manifests itself in complementing her a lot. If he has started to fall out of love with you or has started to lose any interest in you romantically when dating, you will find that those compliments probably dry up pretty quickly. 

Getting to grips with this sudden change in behavior can be quite hard as getting used to compliments is easily done.

Signs A Taurus Is Man In Love With You

In contrast to a Taurus man who is losing romantic interest in a person he is seeing, a Taurus man in love is usually very ostentatious with his feelings – which is why when they do lose that interest it can be so hurtful. Here we explore what those ostentatious ways are that a Taurus man displays when he is in love with a person in his life. 

1. He asks you to meet his friends and family

For some zodiac signs, introducing a love interest to friends and family is something you do on very rare occasions. A Taurus man is happy to do it, however, but only when he is in love with the person he is seeing. Therefore if your Taurus man has asked you to meet his mom or dad or often asks you along to guys nights with him, you can be pretty sure he is falling in love with you. 

2. He messages you a lot

A Taurean man is happy to be direct when he is in love with someone and not play games. This has the result that he won’t worry about what it looks like to contact you a lot. He will, therefore, send you messages or emails and call you whenever he fancies like asking you how you are or just to have a very superficial conversation – all in the name of getting to know you better or spending time talking with you. 

3. He talks about the future

You can take it as a great sign when your Taurean guy talks about the future with you as a key indicator that he is falling for you. This can mean he talks about little things like going on holiday together to much bigger things, like moving in together or even getting married or starting a family. This may be quite overwhelming to some – particularly if it comes at the beginning of a relationship, but it all stems from this sign’s direct nature.

4. He is very romantic

Taureans aren’t always very romantic as their practical side comes out more often than not. They, therefore, don’t see the need in buying flowers or doing things like taking a woman out for a candlelit dinner as necessary. However, when he is falling for someone, he will naturally want to spoil them so if you are with a Taurus and they are bending over backward to do romantic things for you, you can be sure he is very attracted to you. 

5. He touches you all the time

He touches you all the time

A Taurus guy is a very tactile person at the best of times, but when he has fallen for another person, he will want to touch them all the time. This can be out in public so he will want to hold your hand, put his arm around you, or any other public display of affection. Indoors, this can be kissing or cuddling, or very often lead you to the bedroom


How do I get my Taurus back?

If you think your Taurus man is losing interest in you and no longer wants to be in a relationship with you, a good way of getting him back is to be independent of him. This can appear to be giving the cold shoulder which may feel odd, but it should have the wanted effects. 

Do Taurus move on quickly?

Being an intense character can mean that Taurus men have the ability to move on quite quickly, which is why so often their lovers will complain that they fear their boyfriend is about to lose interest in them. 

Do Taurus hide their feelings?

While Taurus men are dedicated and devoted boyfriends or husbands, they can be prone to hiding their feelings until the last moment. This is down to laziness and also a stubborn streak that can come together to mean that they don’t bring up issues that are causing them to check out of a relationship.

How do you know a Taurus is over you?

Taurus men will display behavior such as not calling girlfriends back or simply ignoring a girlfriend’s attempts at making plans for the future. This means he wants to break up soon, but if you have broken up already, a key sign he is over you is that he has no interest in hearing from you at all. 

Do Taurus go back to their exes?

Because of a very acute stubborn streak, Taurus men tend not to go back to their exes as they like to think that their initial reaction or opinion about the relationship was right the first time. Going back to their exes would be admitting that they were wrong which is too far out of their comfort zone. 

Taurus Man Behavior When He Likes You Or Not – In A Nutshell

If you are going out with a Taurus guy, his star sign will mean that he is most likely one of the most direct boyfriends that you have ever had. This has many different implications for how he behaves when he is both falling in love but also when he is losing interest in the person he is dating. With respect to when he no longer seems that into you, if it is hurting your feelings and making you very upset, remember that you need to ask him about it so that you get the attention you feel you deserve. Talking to your other half is key to a happy and long-lasting relationship, so start communicating with your Taurus as soon as you can – whether it be good or bad. 

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