7 Red Flags In Dating You Should Never Ignore

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90 Day Fiance videos have been making the rounds on YouTube recently, and wow, there are some amazingly toxic relationships in that show.

Unfortunately it can be hard to recognize when your own relationship is headed towards trouble until it’s too late, so today we’re going to cover 7 red flags that are early signs of a toxic relationship.


0:48 – #1: Prioritizing being attractive over being honest.
1:50 – #2: Makes it a headache to not give them what they want.
3:46 – #3: Their actions don’t match their words.
4:56 – #4: Your friends and family don’t like your relationship.
6:15 – #5: Toxic people will try to distance you from other people.
7:44 – #6: We see our significant other as we want them to be.
9:15 – #7: Your relationship is a roller coaster with extreme highs and lows.

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