6 Undeniable Signs He’s Not Cheating And Faithful To You

Do you struggle with trust issues?

Does your paranoia cause unnecessary arguments in your relationship? 

Do you constantly fear that your partner is cheating on you?

If so, the best thing to do might be to find proof that he’s been faithful to you. 

Many people who suffer from paranoia can recover when they see solid evidence of the truth. 

Without this, they tend to ruin perfectly good relationships.

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If he’s been engaging in shady behaviour, this tool will make it immediately obvious. 

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For further assistance, we have listed the telltale behavioural signs that your partner is remaining faithful to you. 

If he’s not showing these, it might be time to dig a little deeper…

He’s Open With You


One of the most obvious ways you can tell
that your boyfriend is completely faithful to you is that he’s open and honest
with you.

One of the most clear signs that your boyfriend
is cheating on you
is secrecy, so a boyfriend who constantly communicates with you should
put your mind at ease that he’s being faithful and is only interested in you.

Often, men who are cheating on their
partners can act suspiciously, such as hiding their phone screen when they’re
with you, being jumpy when they receive a text or call, or refusing to keep you
updated as to where they are or who they’re out with.

However, a faithful boyfriend won’t give
you any reason to become suspicious, as he’ll always be completely open and
straightforward with you. From telling you that his ex texted him out of the
blue, to sending you texts when he’s on a night out with his friends –
transparency is one of the most clear-cut signs that your boyfriend is completely
loyal and committed to you – and only you.

He’s Invested in Your Relationship

A true sign of a loyal man is that he’s
completely and utterly invested in his relationship with you. From coming up
with cute ideas for your next date night, to being fully engaged and present
with you when you’re together – if he’s invested in the relationship, chances
are, he’s not cheating.

Additionally, one sure sign that your
boyfriend is completely faithful and devoted to your relationship is that he
goes out of his way to fix any problems the two of you may have, no matter how
trivial they may be.

Whether you’ve been nagging him about
leaving the toilet seat up again, or
you’ve been arguing a lot about money recently – an unfaithful boyfriend would
use any excuse to leave a relationship they’re not invested in. So if your
boyfriend works hard to fix any problems and keep you happy no matter what –
he’s probably a keeper.

He Makes Time For You

Whether you live together, you’re a new
couple, or you’ve been together for a couple of years – a loyal, committed
boyfriend will always make time for you.

But not just sitting next to each other on
the sofa, scrolling through your phones – a faithful boyfriend will go out of
his way to spend quality time with you, asking you about your day, or how
you’re getting on with that tight deadline at work. If he’s taking time out of
his life to spend uninterrupted quality time with you, then it’s clear you’ve
got nothing to worry about when it comes to him being faithful.

However, if your boyfriend starts being
more difficult to get hold of and his diary becomes jam-packed before you’ve
even had a chance to make plans with him, then this should raise a red flag and
urge you to have a conversation with him about it.

It might be that he’s genuinely busy, but
it might also indicate that he’s avoiding making time for you, so it’s
important to find out why as soon as possible in order to put your mind at

He Completely Trusts You

One of the biggest red flags in a
relationship is when your boyfriend stops trusting you and starts accusing
you of cheating on him with other men
. This form of gaslighting is known as ‘projection’,
when someone projects their own feelings of guilt and dishonesty onto another

People subconsciously start projecting onto
those closest to them when they’ve got something to hide. For example, an
unfaithful boyfriend may be worried that he’s been able to easily hide his
infidelity from you, so you might have been able to do the same to him without
him knowing.

So If your boyfriend has suddenly stopped
trusting you and has started accusing you of flirting – or worse –  with other men – chances are, he’s the one
doing the cheating.

However, if your boyfriend puts his
complete trust in you, no matter what you’re doing, then you can rest assured
that he’s probably not cheating on you.

 Whether you’re going on a night out with a
group of friends – including other men – or heading on a girls’ holiday to
Ibiza, if your boyfriend has complete and utter trust in you, then you can rest
assured you can do the same for him. After all, the key to a healthy
relationship is trust.

He’s Deleted His Dating Apps

If you’re a fairly new couple, the first
few months can be uneasy times, leaving you feeling anxious about his feelings
and commitment towards you. However, one true sign that he is completely
faithful to you and invested in the relationship is if he deletes all of the
dating apps on his phone.

When it comes to new relationships, dating
apps can feel like a safety net for some people, acting as something to fall
back on if their blossoming new relationship doesn’t work out.

However, if your boyfriend is willing to
remove his safety net and put all of his eggs in your basket, then this is a
clear cut sign that he is one hundred percent invested in your relationship and
that he might
well be falling in love

So whether he suggests that both of you
delete your apps at the same time, or simply does it of his own accord – if
your new beau is willing to take that next step in your relationship, you can
rest assured that you’ve got nothing to worry about when it comes to his

He Tells People About You

A fully-committed man will have no qualms
about telling his friends, family and even strangers about you, showing he’s
proud to have you by his side.

Whether he finds a way to work you into the
conversation when another girl is being a little over-friendly at a bar, or
simply can’t stop gushing about you to all of his friends – if he’s talking
about you to other people, you can conclude that he is fully invested in the
relationship and completely faithful to you.

The only time you should doubt your
boyfriend’s fidelity is if he never talks about you to his friends or shows you
off. If he’s shifty about putting pictures of the two of you up on social
media, or you can’t even remember the last time you saw his friends – these red
flags could be a sign that you’re not the only woman on his mind and that he
might well be cheating on you.

If you think this might be the case, you
should bring it up with him – ask him why he’s not comfortable showing you off
on his social media channels, or why his closest friends have suddenly
disappeared out of your life – even though he claims to be seeing them more
often than he was before.

Although there’s probably a valid
explanation for his behavior, it’s important to bring up any insecurities or
worries you have with your other half in order to maintain a strong, honest

So whether you’ve just started having these
crippling fears of doubt that your boyfriend isn’t being faithful to you, or
you find it hard to trust people when you’re in a relationship – if your
boyfriend shows any of the signs of loyalty above, then you can rest assured
that he’s completely committed to you.

However, if you still can’t seem to shake
those awful feelings of doubt, then it’s important to be open with your
boyfriend about it and tell him how you’re feeling. Not only will this help to
put your mind at rest, but it will also make sure you’re both able to be open
and honest within the relationship, making you a stronger couple at the same

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