5 Signs That A Leo Man Is In Love With You

Are you wondering whether a Leo man is falling in love with you? 

Perhaps you’re in a relationship with one who is no good at showing his feelings…

Maybe you’ve been together a while and are starting to wonder if the relationship is going anywhere…

If so read on, because the guide below reveals the telltale signs that a Leo is falling in love with you. You’ll also discover what you can do to make him want you even more. 

But first, it’s important that you read the following story carefully. 

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Then, once you’d done that, read on for our Leo-specific tips. 

How Do You Know When A Leo Man Is In Love?


How Do You Know When A Leo Man Is In Love?

Here are the signs that show a Leo man is in love. It is likely that he won’t display every single one of them, but even if he shows at least one or two then there is a very high chance that your Leo man loves you and can look forward to a very happy relationship together. That’s because a Leo man is a wonderful boyfriend who is kind and caring – he’s definitely a keeper!

He Bends Over Backwards To Help You

A Leo man likes to help his girlfriend whenever he can. He is naturally a very supportive guy who wants to please the woman in his life as best he can. So look forward to him always being on hand when you need him to be. Whether that is for practical tasks or for things more on the cerebral side, a Leo man will make sure that he is always on hand to make life that bit easier for you.

This can be incredibly romantic at times as it means putting you first above all else. He sees giving help as trying to make you happy at every occasion. Leo men love to see their girlfriends smile, so get used to their helpful way!

He Prioritizes Seeing You

One of the biggest bug bears that women tend to have about a relationship with a boyfriend is that they never feel like number one in a boyfriend’s life. With a Leo man, this is not the case as he will prioritize seeing you over all possible concerns in his life.

He Asks You About Your Day

While so many women want their boyfriends to be a bit more romantic, they also would like their boyfriends to have a bit more of a natural interest in their lives. Leo men are very rarely guilty of such things. Not only are they naturally quite romantic people, they also have an insatiable appetite for knowledge about what their loved ones are up to and what interests them.

If you’re his girlfriend, you can expect your Leo to almost grill you on a daily basis about what you have got up to that day.

He Lets You In On His Life

Going hand in hand with a Leo always wanting to know what’s going on in his girlfriend’s day, a Leo man has a way of letting you in on his life too if he loves you. He will simply want to chat to you about what has been going on during his day and it is one of the key signs a Leo man is into his girlfriend in a serious way.

If he does let you in on his life, the best thing to do if you want this relationship to go somewhere is have respect for him and his wishes. Take the time to listen to him and take an interest in what he has to say.

He Introduces You To The Important People In His Life

It’s always nice to be introduced to the friends and family of your boyfriend, but with a Leo man it is particularly important. That is because it is another of the signs a Leo likes and loves the woman he is with. So if you think your relationship is going well, get ready to be introduced to the important people in his life and remember to try to impress – a Leo man likes to have buy in from the significant persons in his network.

How Do You Know When A Leo Man Is Playing You?

How Do You Know When A Leo Man Is Playing You?

It can be really frustrating when you think you have finally got the attention of a Leo man you have a crush on, only to start to feel like he is not being straight with you. Look at our signs below that can help you make sure if your Leo man likes you or if he is playing you.

He Avoids Your Calls

A Leo man can be guilty of hiding behind call screening when he is mucking a girl around. Signs a Leo man is playing you can be hurtful when you have been used to a very different type of behavior from him – and him avoiding your calls is perhaps the most hurtful as it can make you feel out of control. Make sure that you tackle behavior like this head on therefore to readdress the balance in your relationship.

He Makes Excuses

If your Leo man is constantly making excuses not to see you then you could be seeing more commons signs a Leo man is playing games. Again, this can be very hurtful particularly as they will have been so present and keen when you first starting dating.

As ever with a Leo man, communication is key. If you don’t love being mucked around in this way – call him out on it.

He Cancels At The Last Minute

Whenever anyone cancels on you at the last minute it can be frustrating, when it is the Leo man that you are seeing in a romantic way, it can be very stressful and painful. Especially if he keeps doing it time and time again. It is a clear sign that Leo men make however when they are no longer interested in a relationship as they once were.

How Do You Get A Leo Man To Miss You?

How Do You Get A Leo Man To Miss You?

If you feel like things are getting a bit dry in your relationship and you want to reignite the fire by getting your Leo to miss you – here are the best three ways you can do so. They all tap into a Leo’s personality to ensure that you get back to your initial romantic ways when you first started dating.

Flirt With Him

A good way to get your Leo man to miss you is to flirt with him a bit more. You probably did it a lot more when you were first falling in love. Now, you both could be very guilty of letting flirting fall down your list of priorities when you are a bit more established as a couple.

Flirting with him is a great way of encouraging the passionate side of his personality and make him miss you both physically and mentally. So remember to flirt when in person and when away from him via email or text messages.

Don’t Be Immediately Available

It can be so easy when you are in a relationship with a Leo that you love to drop everything and run to him whenever he asks. However, if you are not immediately available to him you will soon find that he will miss you and be asking to see you more and more.

Play The Field

This may not be for everyone, but a Leo man that you are not dating exclusively may be encouraged to make you the only woman in his life, if you date other guys. It will make him want you more as you are a much lusted after entity. He’ll soon start to miss you too when you can’t see him as you’re out with other men.

What Does A Leo Man Want In A Relationship?

What Does A Leo Man Want In A Relationship?

If you are in a relationship with a Leo man, or thinking about entering into a partnership with him, there are a number of qualities that he wants to be present. Give them some thought and think about whether they are right for you and whether they will work for you in the long term.

Will they make you happy? If not, it may be a good idea to look elsewhere at other signs of the zodiac that will bring your joy and love.


One thing that is often seen as a very strong characteristic in the Lion, is the fact that they are so incredibly honest. He will want his partner to be honest with him too therefore and will appreciate his girlfriend being upfront and truthful about all aspects of their partnership.

It can be quite intimidating from time to time as his honesty is also mixed with his confidence and so this can make his words seem a little blunt every so often, if not a little insensitive. However, his intentions are always honourable – his honesty is often just communicating openly about how he is feeling. You will therefore always know where you stand with him.


As a natural extension of his honest ways, a Leo man will want his girlfriend to be loyal when in a relationship with him. While this means that he will expect fidelity as standard, it does also mean that he wants to see loyalty to friends and family as well.

This is a particularly admirable trait – though it does mean that he can sometimes be taken advantage of by less well meaning people. You may, at times, therefore have to help pick up the pieces when your Leo has had his feelings hurt by a disloyal action of a friend.

Sexual Passion

A Leo man is one of the most passionate signs of the zodiac. If you are in a relationship with him, you can expect lots of fantastic romantic action between the sheets as he will always want to fool around with you in the bedroom at any given opportunity.

To a Leo man, no relationship is complete without a healthy dose of passion and he will take the time to get to know what you want in the bedroom to please you. So look forward to being given a lot of attention behind closed doors – as well as lots of open affection when around others in public.


Alongside passion, a Leo man will not see a future in a romantic relationship if he does not believe there is a mutual friendship present. He wants his girlfriend not only to be a sexual partner, but a partner too in many other activities outside the bedroom. He will want someone that he can share life with and will not continue dating someone if he cannot do that.

Signs A Leo Man Is In Love With You – The Bottom Line

Signs A Leo Man Is In Love With You - The Bottom Line

If you are looking for signs that a Leo man is in love with you – you are in luck as they tend to be very open in both their words and actions when they are totally besotted with a woman. The ones we have listed above are key to learn so that you can take confidence in the fact that your Leo is in love with you and, as they are such loyal boyfriends, that they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Have you ever been in love with a Leo? What did he do if he reciprocated that love? Or did he start playing you and abusing the love that you put into your relationship? Let us know by leaving your story in the comments below. Plus, share this article with anyone you know who needs to learn about whether the Leo they want is interested back.

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