5 Signs a Libra Man Is Falling In Love With You

Are you wondering whether a Libra is falling in love with you?

Perhaps your boyfriend is a Libra who isn’t showing as much affection as you would like?

Maybe you’re beginning to wonder if he’ll ever declare his love for you? 

If so, you’ll definitely want to read our guide below on the 5 telltale signs that a Libra man is falling in love. 

However, before you do, it’s very important that you read the next few sentences carefully. 

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Of course, it may be that this Libra is already on the cusp of revealing his love for you. Read on for our list of the behavioral hints that this is the case.

The Libra Man Is Giving You Signs


When it comes to Libra men, they are what is known as a cardinal air sign. What this means is that he is an out and out initiator. With a Libra man, you can expect him to initiate things and romance will all come from him and his own initiative. Because he is an air sign, this means he puts a lot if value on the mental side of a relationship. He will be thinking hard about ways to impress you and will be closely guarded until he and he alone has decided if you are right for him. Here are the signs to look for.

1) He’s going to put in effort to see you more

If you consider the symbol of Libra, you will know that this is the scales. This is key to how a Libra man acts! So, what’s going to happen is, in the beginning, when you first start dating this man, you’re not going to know if he’s really into you, or if he’s not. And since he is an air sign, what tends to happen is that he is mentally processing everything. If you could be a fly on the wall or reading his journal, were he to keep one it would probably be endless streams of ‘Do I like her? Or do I not like her? Should I get into a relationship with her not get into a relationship? What do I have to stand here to gain and what I have to lose?”

A Libra man is someone who is going to be processing a whole host of thoughts and ideas and whilst you’ll have to give them a little time in that area, when he is falling in love with you, he’ll start to put in work, once he realizes that there’s a potential for something there between you two. In other words, the scale and the weight of the scale will have shifted!

In terms of being with you, you’ll notice he will start admitting his feelings for you. He’s also going to try to take or pursue any opportunities to see you! If he can’t see you in person, then you’re going to notice him pick up the frequency of texting or calling you or being nearby on social media.

2). He can’t stop thinking about you

It’s a hard sign to tell but you should know that if a Libra man is falling in love with you, he won’t be able to get you off his mind. Libras are very driven by their brain rather than their heart so when the scales weight has shifted in your favor you will also find that he is going to be much more generous and affectionate, putting you first. He’s going to put effort into any type of relationship that he has with you, whatever level it’s at, Once the weight has shifted to being in your favor, he may well be thinking of marriage or further commitments.

It will suddenly be very full un and you can expect trips, romantic outings, anything that he can do to be able to tell that you have become a priority. Once that shift happens, you’re going to know

3) He’s slowly becoming emotionally attached to you.

The reason why is it slowly is because again, the Libra man is not an emotional sign, this is a mental sign. So again, everything that goes has to be run through a real process on the pros and the cons scale. So, when it comes to the signs he is in love, it can be hard to read because his emotions are slow to come.  As well as looking at your positives like another sign might do, the Libra will also start weighing the scale down and he will look at the negative things as well and will be asking should I get into a relationship? Where should I not? You know, and you know, should this go further? Or should we just leave it be…

It can be. Hard time to be a woman in his life! A lot of people that don’t know Libra do think that the only reason why they wait at this time is fear around their social status and how they look and their appearance. But when it comes to their relationship, although Libras do put a lot of focus on their outward appearance and he has a lot of concerns and worries in this area, if he is able to let his guard down and open up and relax with you, turning up to your house in a T-shirt and his favorite old jeans, he is really starting to feel comfortable and loved in your presence!

He may not necessarily shave and you can expect just little things like that will show that right now, the way he feels about you means it just won’t matter as much about what he looks like and being with you will be more important.

4) He’s going to help you solve your problems

Again, you got it, a Libra wants to look at this from the mental aspect. If he is falling in love, he certainly doesn’t want the lady in his life to have any issues or stress. Now, not only is he weighing up and balancing things in his life, but he is also processing things in your life too! He will be probably sat at home, thinking about your own issues. Things like ‘how can I take this out of her life?’ or ‘how can I help her in this area and how can I make things better?’

This is what he’s going to do if he has fallen for you and he literally will try to do anything he can is to make sure that you’re happy. This is a huge sign that he is serious about you. He basically does not want you to be annoyed about anything. Again, it’s not from an emotional aspect. You will find that with a Libra man, they can help you out. It may not necessarily be something he can do anything about specifically, but he’ll at least provide solutions to a lot of things in your life.

5) He’s going to expect you to commit to him

By the time you get to this point, you will probably already be committed in some way together,  but just so you know, again, this Libra man is still processing everything mentally. After all, it’s a classic air sign here! As you may know already, the one thing about air signs is that the air energy can bounce from here to there all over the place which is why Libra men can be huge flirts. If he has stopped flirting with other women, he will also be expecting you to do the same in your life.

A lot of people say that whilst the Libra man started as someone light and airy, as the sign suggests, after he has started to fall in love the pace at which he changes in rapid – declarations of love, moving in together, proposals – they all come thick and fast with Libra men.

This is the key sign, but before you get there you might notice his desire to tie you in to a commitment of some sort and he will be checking there are no other males on the horizon!

He will also be committing in toy your schedule, having regular date nights, locking you down for future events and hopefully this will include times with his family and friends.

Is your Libra man falling in love with you?

If you’re seeing the signs above, the commitment, the problem solving, even the mentioning of your negative and positive faults you’ll hopefully be relieved to know that this is all classic Libra overthinking at play and a great sign that he is on the final leg of his journey to decide if you are the one for him. If you are still waiting for those grand gesture of commitment, just hold on! This logical sign will tell you if things aren’t right, and won’t be playing games, so if you are just waiting for the ultimate request, hold tight and enjoy every moment with the life loving and sociable air sign.

We hope you enjoyed the article – please share this with someone you know who is waiting for that Libra man to commit so you can give them the signs they need to hold on to hope!

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