31 Qualities Of A Good Man (To Marry?)

So often, the question “what women want in a man” is answered in a tongue in a cheeky way as it is often joked that such a man could not possibly exist. 

However, while what some women look for in men is materially different from other women, there are a number of qualities that are commonly admired. They are often seen in good men and we list them below. 

Qualities In A Man To Look For


Qualities In A Man To Look For

1. Kind

Perhaps the most common quality of a good person, let alone a good man, is kindness. So many women will need a boyfriend or husband to be kind as it will make them feel loved and assured of their partner’s affection. Kindness also allows people to be themselves in an important relationship

2. Compassionate

Compassion is such a key quality that may make the world of difference in a successful relationship. The reason being is that compassion allows us to see things from our partner’s point of view which then helps build a relationship based on trust and empathy. 

3. Dedicated

Having a dedicated partner is often what women want in a good man. The reason being is that it is often thought that many men put themselves first, as opposed to putting their relationship at the top of their priority list. If they are dedicated to their partner, they will always be thinking of them and how to ensure the longevity of a relationship.

4. Committed

To many, it will go without saying that for a relationship to last, a quality of a good man that is required is for him to be committed. This means that he is faithful to his partner. There will be some men that are less likely to be able to do this than others. However, if you think you have the one, you are likely to want to be with him because he won’t hurt you by cheating on you with other men or women. 

5. Selfless

Being selfless may be something that some men do more easily than others. In fact, a good man knows how to be selfless without even really trying. But that is not to say that this is not a quality that cannot be learned. If you are with a man who you find to be selfish on occasion, highlight how his actions can hurt you at times, and he may find a way to right his wrongs. 

6. Romantic

Not all women will protest that Mr. Right needs to be romantic, and it can definitely be the case that not everyone needs candlelit dinners or constant flower deliveries. However, women may want on occasion for their boyfriend or husband to be romantic. Romance to some people can be different from other people’s view of it too.

7. Friendly

Along with being kind, being friendly is perhaps one of the most revered characteristics of a quintessential good man. The reason being is that we often need to be with people who can strike up a conversation with anyone they meet and build a rapport with them almost immediately. To be friendly often means to be well-liked which is why so many women find it an attractive quality. 

8. Fun Loving

Most of us need to be in a relationship that makes us happy and brings us joy. One way that many men manage to provide this for their partners is by being fun-loving and never being short of ways to bring happiness to their partner’s life. 

9. Helpful

It may sound terribly practical, but if you have a helpful partner, you will often find that your life is that much easier and therefore that much more enjoyable too. Being helpful will vary from man to man, but as long as their partner finds their help useful, then that is the most important thing. It means they will see this attractive quality, so often seen as a trait in a good man, and feel far more content in their relationship as a result. 

10. Charismatic

Charm and charisma are so often what attract women to men in the first instance. As ever, what some women find charming will be different from what others do, but that first pull of attraction that is felt will often be down to some form of charm on the part of the man. 

11. Passionate

11. Passionate

While some people can have a successful relationship without passion, many women will find it very difficult to sustain a relationship where no passion has ever been present. Passion is often seen as the key driver that will make two people get together in the first place and can be the one thing that sets apart romantic relationships with platonic ones. As a result, passion is often a necessary quality in a good man. 

12. Thoughtful

Thinking of others can so often get forgotten when thinking about what can make a key character trait in a man. It has historically been seen as a trait necessary to be seen in women. However, with the equality of the sexes becoming more balanced, women are more likely to need their partners to be thoughtful.

13. Engaging

For a relationship to last, women commonly need to see the one they are with as so engaging that they can’t stop thinking of them – particularly at the start of a romance. Being engaging can make a person so much more attractive and alluring to another person as it stops them from blending into the background. 

14. Responsible

While bad boys are often seen to have a string of women trailing in their wake, a good quality that can often get a woman to be happy, content and in love in a relationship is if that partner is responsible. This is an important quality as, without it, it means that any of the day-to-day tasks, like paying the bills, that need to be completed are shared, as opposed to shirked by the male

15. Honest

Without a doubt, honesty is a necessity in a man and a relationship as a consequence. Without being honest, a woman can never be sure that the guy they are with is telling the truth and trustworthy. When there is no trust in a partnership, it can get very difficult to sustain as it makes two people act with jealousy or even lash out at each other if and when lies are unfolded. 

16. Loyal

For a man to be a good candidate to be in a couple with, he needs to be loyal to a fault. If he is not loyal, he is also likely to be selfish and only ever thinks of himself. This can make a partnership be very difficult to be part of as it can quickly become very one-sided. Relationships need to be balanced to be healthy. 

17. Generous

A generous guy is a wonderful quality to have in a prospective boyfriend or husband. It does not necessarily mean that he showers you with gifts all the time, but more that he is willing to be giving in emotional ways too. 

18. Patient

One of the many overlooked qualities of a good man is the fact that patience is such a wonderful trait to have in a person, let alone someone that you are part of a couple with. The reason being is that it allows you to be the person you are naturally without the fear that they will get angry with some of your lesser characteristics. 

19. Caring

19. Caring

When you are with someone, you will almost always require them to be caring towards you, yet it is not always the case that all men are caring all of the time. It’s a shame as it’s a great trait to have in life and may make things so much better between the two of you if he is caring towards you as standard. 

20. Attentive

While some women may find that a man who is constantly around as an irksome trait to have within a partner, it is always great to know that you are with an attentive man who will be aware of your moods and needs. If you are with a man who will intuitively know what you need and when, then that can mean you can have confidence that your man knows you well. 

21. Sexually attractive

While some people may say otherwise if you want to be with a guy, you will most likely need that guy to be sexually attractive. However, being sexually attractive will vary from person to person. The reason being is that not only do some people like appearances to be a certain way which will be different from how other people perceive being attractive to be, but personality also plays a large part in how attractive we find a person. We, therefore, can find some men sexually attractive simply because we like their personality so much. 

22. Interesting

A guy who is not interesting is a difficult man to have an attraction to and it is an important quality to have in a good guy. Men so often believe that if they look great or they earn enough money that they will be able to strike up a partnership with any woman that they meet. However, this is not always what women want in a man. Instead, a good guy to a lot of women is one that is interesting and can talk well at length over a variety of topics. 

23. Courteous

Being courteous is one of those qualities that has slowly been forgotten about over time as a trait that should be seen in both men and women. However, when it comes to men it is a really good quality to see as it shows that they have respect for all people if they are courteous through their lives and in all situations. 

24. Chivalrous

To some, chivalry may be outdated and unnecessary. While equality of the sexes is most definitely needed in society and more work still needs to go towards ensuring that true balance is there, chivalry is still a good quality to be seen in the right guy. The reason being is that shows that they simply want to treat the women in their lives in a civilized and loving manner. 

25. Polite

Being polite at all times is key for anyone to have – be it for women or men. However, with respect to men it is great to see that men know how to behave politely as so often men can be too brusque and direct without realizing it. If you see a guy being polite, you know that he has good manners and knows how to behave kindly around people. 

26. Supportive

If you are looking at qualities in a guy and want to make sure that a guy you are interested in is the right one for you, make sure that he can act in a supportive manner. Having a supportive partner is key to a happy and healthy long-lasting partnership as it means that you will know that your partner will be there no matter how. Everyone needs support at some point in their lives – be it right at the start of seeing each other or much later on in their life together. 

27. Integrity

Having integrity is another one of those qualities that does not immediately spring to mind when thinking about the qualities that make up a good man. However, it is immediately something that a person misses when it is not there. Being with a man with integrity is key to knowing he is the right one for you as it means you will be able to trust him in future and know that he knows his right from wrong

28. Optimistic

28. Optimistic

While it is not necessary to be with a guy who is overly peppy all of the time, it is still a good idea to list optimism as a characteristic you want to see in a guy. The reason being is that if he is optimistic he is so much easier to be around a lot of the time. If he is constantly down or pessimistic about life, this may rub off on you and have a detrimental effect on your mood too.

It can be so tiring being with someone who has an overly negative view on everything going on around you that instead, being with someone who always likes to see the best in things can have a positive effect on your all-round perspective. 

29. Emotionally Mature

Being emotionally mature is something that women just assume all men will be. However, that is simply not the case. So many men and women are not emotionally mature. Instead, they are selfish and self-interested so that they consistently put themselves first in all situations. If you are in a couple with someone like this, it can be hard therefore for your partnership to have balance and have your needs met as a result. Instead, if you look for a guy that is emotionally mature, it means that you may be able to have a long-lasting partnership with him where you do have those needs met. 

30. Devoted

Devotion manifests itself in many ways. However it manifests itself in the guy you think may be right for you, it is essential for it to be present. The reason being that if he is not devoted to you and your partnership, you can never be sure that his attention will not wander elsewhere. This does not mean that if he is not devoted he will automatically cheat on you, but it does mean that he has the propensity to put himself first in other areas of his life, that may well have an effect on you in the future. 

Think about how he approaches his career and being your boyfriend or husband has a bearing on that. Or even, his attitude to how he makes friends. If he constantly chooses his friends over you, he is not putting you first and that can have negative implications for the rest of your time together. 

31. Humorous

Perhaps the most commonly wanted quality in a guy is for him to be humorous and funny. This is because people naturally want to laugh and so if they are with a person who manages to make them chuckle or a lot, it makes so much of their life a lot easier. When you laugh with your boyfriend or husband, it makes you both happy and makes your bond that much closer. 


What Are The Qualities Of A Good Man To Marry?

There are so many important qualities of a good man suitable to marry. However, the ones that are important to you will depend greatly on what type of person you are. A man can’t just have good qualities either – you have to be prepared for his bad points too. 

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Person?

The qualities of a good person can vary from individual to individual. But in the main, qualities that are most often admired in a person are honesty, kindness, and a good moral compass. Additionally, people often like others to be trustworthy and hardworking. 

What Defines A Great Man?

The definition of a great man will vary upon who is doing the defining. Some people will think a great man is one who is chivalrous, dedicated, and attentive. However, others will want a man to be charismatic, interesting, and humorous. 

What Qualities Should A Life Partner Have?

As ever when it comes to relationships, what you need from your partner will vary from person to person. Some will need a partner to be confident and independent, whilst others will need characteristics such as patience and optimism. 

What Qualities Should A Good Man Have?

Good qualities in a man change as time goes on – both from what the man himself is like but also what society demands of him. For example, at the moment, people are more likely to value being a good father than they would have done just 20 to 30 years ago. 

The Bottom line

Some of the traits listed above may seem obvious to some that are necessary to see in a good guy, however, some may overlook them. The reason being is that people often want to make a partnership work even in the face of the fact that they are not suited. If you have a list of characteristics you need in a guy before you embark on a romantic connection with them, it can save you some heartache in the future. 

However lists, to a certain extent, should be used with caution. A guy can’t possibly be all these things at once, and you need to be flexible with that fact. This is because if you put them up on such a high pedestal all of the time, there is no other option for them but to fall short of the impossibly high standard that you have set them. This means that both of you will end up unhappy as he will know he is not pleasing you and you will feel like he is not what you want your ideal man to be. 

While no one should settle for a guy that does not meet their needs, it is important to understand that everyone has their foibles and will make mistakes. 

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