23 First Date Ideas & Fun Things To Do With Him On 1st Date

How to pick the absolute best first date idea for your special day with him


No good ideas yet for your first date with him?

I know it can be hard to come up with great first date ideas and activities.

You want the date to go perfectly…

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But what things are actually good to do on a first date? And where is it nice to go?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not at all against the classic “let’s meet and have a drink together.”

That kind of thing is all fine with me.

But before we get into what to do and where to go for your first date…

There are some activities and places that are just downright terrible to go to when you just met someone.

Here are some ideas and things NOT to do on a first date

1. Going out for dinner

Couple going out for dinner

Simply because it puts you in a situation where you’re always fully focused on each other. There’s a table in between you. And, many times, it’s the most stressful situation for a first date. This is one of those things NOT to do on a first date.

Once you’re in a relationship, it’s fun to go out to dinner together as you’re forced to focus your attention 100 percent on each other.

But on a first date, you’re both a little nervous.

Believe me, that forced focus doesn’t make the atmosphere any better.

2. Going to the cinema

Couple going to the cinema

I don’t know who and why anyone came up with this. But on a first date, you want to get to know each other. And find out if it clicks between you. The movies will come later if everything works out.

So what to do on a first date with a guy

If you’re a little fed up with always going for a drink, then here are the 23 great (maybe even the best) ideas for a first date.

Even though some ideas may sound a little crazy, this social psychology research from the University of Canterbury revealed that it’s precisely the childlike ideas that make him like you quicker.

Here are the 23 great first date ideas and fun things to do with him:

1. Go for a walk

Couple on a walk

My first and favorite date idea: going for a walk.

It may sound a little dull, but it’s a very relaxed way to get to know each other better.

You can take a walk in the park, or if you live close to the beach then strolling on the beach is even better.

When you are with him, you can also try and recognize these 27 signs that he likes you.

This is one of those casual first date ideas and simply a great activity to do because:

  • You’re not obliged to have constant eye contact.
  • You’re on the move, this way you’ll be less affected by any tension.

In short, take a nice walk together. It’s much more fun than sitting in front of each other in a dim-lighted bar.

If you’re unsure of what to talk about on your date, then check out this article with great things to talk about with a guy on a date.

2. Take a cooking class

Take a cooking class

Cooking is an excellent alternative to having a drink together. Now, I understand if you don’t want to meet at someone’s house right away.

The solution?

Take a cooking class together.

The atmosphere is calm and refreshing. And you also get a delicious meal out of it. How easy do you want it to be?

If it’s winter and it’s cold where you live…

This is a great idea for your first day during winter when it’s freezing outside.

Now I understand that cooking lessons can be a little expensive, but I have a solution for this as well:

On Groupon, they occasionally offer cooking classes at a fraction of the regular price. So take a look at their website and see if you can find anything in your city.

A great thing to do on your first date.

3. Do something he likes

Do something he likes

It’s a well-known fact that two individuals like each other quicker when they find out they enjoy the same things.

If you do an activity that he likes, you risk doing something you are not going to enjoy…

But because you show any interest in him and what he likes, he’ll do his utmost to make you feel comfortable during the activity.

And who knows, you might discover a new passion…

In other words, try to find out what he likes. Or better yet, ask him if necessary. This is also a simple way to make him fall in love with you.

The next tip is one of my personal favorites on where to go on a first date.

4. Visit the zoo, petting zoo, or a (sea) aquarium

Couple is visiting the zoo

“Wow, have you seen that over there?”

The great thing about these locations is that there is always something to see.

Now the petting zoo might sound a bit crazy or maybe even a little, childish?

But nothing can be further from the truth; the petting zoo is a very cool idea.

Within half an hour, you can walk through it, and there’s plenty to see. Besides that, there’s one to be found in most cities.

And maybe it’s me, but I love animals. And I really like watching them.

So if you are into this too, it is definitely a good idea.

5. Take a dancing lesson

Couple is taking a dancing lesson

I admit that not every man will be happy about this, just because some men don’t dare to do it.

But if he likes you a bit (or loves to dance), he’ll be happy to go with you.

Dancing together is just a fun way to break the ice on a first date because you focus your attention on the dance moves.

Afterward, you can have an enjoyable chat about how fun it was.

6. Work out together

23 Great First Date Ideas & Fun Things To Do With Him On Your 1st Date 1

Suppose you have a busy life and therefore little time to date, then going to the gym together is ideal.

Because look:

You’ve got to work out anyway.

At least, I hope for your sake that you work out. If not, just start.

The cool thing about working out together is that you’re active and not just sitting still. In other words, take your date to the gym.

Since you’re already healthy and actively going to the gym, you’re probably looking for an active guy too. This is a perfect way to find out how physically fit or healthy he really is.

Working out together has many advantages, but the most significant benefit is that you feel great afterward. And it saves you. After all, you bring him to an activity that you would normally do.

7. Dance with a local band for a night

Couple on a concert

If you both love music and don’t mind the nightlife, then live music is a great idea.

Forget long queues and expensive concerts. Chances are there’s a band playing in the pub around the corner every week.

In other words, no excuse to postpone that date with him any longer.

You can easily switch between talking and listening to music. So, if it happens that you don’t know what to say, don’t panic:

Turn your head a quarter turn and enjoy the music; no one will notice. Not even him.

Another advantage is the atmosphere, which is fantastic nine out of ten times.

And for the real daredevils, seize this opportunity to dance together for the first time.

That way, you know right away if you have a guy who can move his hips or not.

8. Be a tourist in your own country

The funny thing about travelers is that they often tell you how boring their own country is.

But obviously, that’s just plain nonsense.

A good idea for a first date is to visit a city you haven’t been to.

I’m not talking about any distant destinations. I mean a city trip in your own country.

Pick a city close to home that’s only a couple of hours away and just go there together.

Your own country is probably not so bad.

9. Build a snowman

Build a snowman

OK, I admit that for this one you need a bit of luck with the weather.

However, if it happens to be snowing, take this opportunity and invite a guy to build a snowman together.

For some reason, this is always fun, and you also wake up your “inner child.” This is guaranteed to give you a lot of fun and excitement. It’s simply a fantastic activity to do together on your first date in winter.

And it also has something very romantic to it. I mean…

You’re wearing your gloves and a hat in the cold… And afterward, you can share a nice cup of hot chocolate or coffee together.

It’s just great fun, and I don’t know any man who secretly doesn’t like to build a snowman.

10. Take a roller coaster ride

Take a roller coaster ride

By this I obviously mean:

Go to an amusement park together.

The ideal place to take someone you’ve had a crush on for a while.

That’s because you have plenty of time to get to know each other in a relaxed and enjoyable way.

Besides, it’s also a good idea to take a ride on a scary roller coaster together. Research has shown that doing an activity together that releases adrenaline will strengthen the mutual connection between you.

So if you’re up for it, this is an awesome idea.

11. Look for a present

Couple is looking for a present

But something as simple as a gift?

We don’t have a problem with that at all. We often even like it.

There’s plenty to see and talk about when you are going through stores looking for the perfect present.

It’s simply a very easygoing way to get to know each other.

Bonus tip: A guy wants to feel important, so if you want to leave a fantastic impression on him, ask him for advice.

That’s actually one of the keys to make him fall in love with you, which i describe in more detail here.

12. Fly a kite

Fly a kite

It’s just fun.

Flying a kite is nice because it’s a relaxed way to learn more about each other. Besides, there’s more than enough distraction to avoid a potentially awkward silence.

You’re busy with the kite, and there’s always something to laugh about. Before you know it, half an hour has passed.

Another additional benefit is that it’s much easier to present to him than a “first date.”

You just say:

“Hey, I feel like flying a kite, care to join me?”

13. Play a board game

Play a board game

Childish? Uh, no.

Boring? Uh, no.

Fun for a first date? Uh, YES.

People often underestimate the most straightforward and casual ideas for a first date. Playing a board game together is one of them.

It’s fun to compete against each other; men just love a challenge. And in the heat of battle, you’ll find out right away if he’s a good loser or not.

Now, I can imagine you’re thinking:

“Gee, what a nice idea, I just don’t want to meet him at his house on a first date.”

There’s no need for that, in many bars, there’s a bunch of board games waiting for you. Connect Four is a great game that’s quick to learn and fast to play. I can really recommend it.

14. Get ice cream

Couple going for a walk

I hardly know anyone who doesn’t like ice cream. Even many serious athletes I know can sometimes not resist the temptation of ice cream on a sunny day.

It can also be combined with a walk. And it’s a childishly simple way to find out how much fun he is.

In addition, you can always do the classic ice cream on his nose joke. And then carefully wipe it off with a napkin.

This guarantees a lot of laughter and good times.

15. Play minigolf

Play minigolf

Minigolf is cool, and it can take as long as you want it to.

You can end it after one round and count the scores. Or, if you’re having a great time, you can just play another one.

I recently went to play minigolf, and I realized how much fun it is. Even a complete beginner can sometimes hit a hole in one and completely dominate the game.

Another thing. If you have ‘glow in the dark minigolf’ close to where you live… And you want to hear a guy say ‘whoooow‘; then I recommend you do this.

This will bring out the “little boy” in him and make it even more pleasant for you.

16. Go into nature

Travel and holidays

I don’t mean you have to be dropped in the middle of the jungle (respect if you do though.)

What I mean is a nice bike ride through the forest or somewhere out of town. That way, you can find out who he is in a very relaxed and non-committal way.

…And you can also take a walk through nature too, of course.

17. Take a canoe trip

Couple is taking a canoe trip

Again, the weather must be OK for this one.

However, in any case, it’s always fun to go canoeing as a couple.

So if you trust the guy enough (you know he doesn’t want to drown you 😉), then I can easily recommend this to you.

Just try it – and if you don’t like it at all, you’ll know for next time.

18. Visit a museum

Visit a museum

If you find out that you both love art and museums, then visit a museum together.

That way, you can check out the new art you wanted to see. And, at the same time, you spend time with someone who has a common interest.

So if you’re lucky to have found a man who likes art just as much as you do – go to a museum together.

19. Take a trip to the (local) market

Take a trip to the (local) market

This idea is great in so many ways that it would be a shame not to do it.


  • First of all, you’re walking there (tip #1).
  • Secondly, the date can last as long as you’d like.
  • Thirdly, you’ll save a lot of time if you take advantage of this opportunity to get vegetables, fruit, and whatever it is you need.

In short, if you don’t have that much time to date? Then this is a great solution.

20. Have a picnic

Couple is having picnic

Having a picnic is fun, and you can combine it with the first tip I gave you: taking a walk.

Sit down together, open up a bottle of wine, and have a few snacks.

It’s much nicer to sit outdoors and this way you can enjoy the sun too.

Again, you can do this as long as you feel like it, which relieves you from all pressure.

Because at any given moment you can say:

“Hey, I finished my sandwich. This was fun, but I have to go.”

In other words, you have full control over the situation.

21. Go painting

Go painting

Again, this may sound a little crazy. But actually, everyone still likes this kind of childlike stuff as an adult.

And making a painting together is like being a kid again. You can, for instance, start at the top right, and he can start at the bottom left.

That way, you’re just messing around with the paint (I mean on the canvas), and it’s also just a very laidback activity to do together.

22. Do an escape room

Do an escape room

This is something I discovered recently. And it’s super cool.

It’s quite simple, actually. And it works like this:

You’re locked in a room, and in that room, you must solve all kinds of riddles and games to get out. It may sound dull, but it’s a lot more exciting and adventurous than you might think.

It’s becoming increasingly popular nowadays, and every big city has one or more places where you can do it.

Search for “trap room” or “escape room,” and you’ll undoubtedly have an amazing time.

And if you want to go one step further, you can always choose a “Prison Escape“:

One subtle additional benefit of this activity is that you will immediately find out how smart he is. 😉

23. Do something forbidden

Do something that's not allowed

For this one, you need some guts, but it’s absolutely worth it:

Organize a date where you break the rules together.

By that, I don’t mean to commit a real crime. It’s not a good idea to suggest that you two should kill your annoying neighbor.

I’m referring to more innocent things.

It can be something funny, like drinking wine in the evening in a children’s playground, or secretly using a swimming pool that’s closed.

It’s also a lot easier than you might think to walk straight into hotels and just use the spa or the pool.

Doing something together that isn’t allowed automatically creates a bond.

It’s secretly romantic when you do something you are not supposed to, and “conspire” in a plan that’s a bit naughty.

This was my list with 23 great first date ideas and fun things to do with him

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Let me know in the comments below what you ended up doing together.



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