How to Get Over Him: The 7 Top Tips

You are probably wondering how to get over him, the guy who got you head over heels in love with him only for his interest to start waning not so long after you got hooked. If it is of any comfort to you, know you are probably one of the many ladies out there trying

Do Opposites Attract? (3+ Important Factors)

When deliberating on whether opposites really attract, a proper explanation is needed before you can fully understand. Be aware that there have been psychological notions to back up theories about opposites that attract, while other notions easily pull these theories down.  In order to determine whether opposites attract or not, we would need to consider

Starting A Long Distance Relationship (51 Things To Know)

Starting a long-distance relationship is difficult. It takes trust and discipline to stay connected and retain a healthy partnership.  To make your long-distance relationship work right, you must work together, because long-distance relationships are harder than regular ones.  Really, the best way to make a long-distance relationship work is to have good communication and patience.